Wood Aesthetic That Absorbs Sound

Aug. 10, 2021

When Plunkett Raysich Architects designed the new building for the Madison Area Technical College’s Goodman South Campus, they selected a linear metal ceiling system that offered a biophilic design-friendly wooden aesthetic and effectively managed sound in the bustling corridors and common areas. The Planar linear metal ceiling from Rockfon has the look of a wooden ceiling, without the weight and maintenance issues associated with an actual wood ceiling. The design team at Plunkett Raysich specified the ceiling system in its oak woodgrain finish. Beyond beauty, this ceiling system is also adept at absorbing soundwaves and can satisfy design requirements that necessitate an NRC value of up to 0.90. In total, over 4,000-sq.-ft. of this metal ceiling system was installed down long stretches of the classroom-facing corridors and hung as suspended ceiling clouds above an upper loft area.

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