ProductWire - Nov 15th, 2023
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November 15, 2023
3 Wood- and Stone-Look Surfaces

Stone and wood are two materials in high demand today. However, the beauty of these elements can be undercut by some of their inherent weaknesses. Wood, for example, can be susceptible to water exposure, harsh weather, and pests like termites. Stone is heavy, a quality that often goes hand in hand with high priced. This issue of AP ProductWire shares a few product solutions giving architects options for incorporating the look of wood and stone, without the well-known pain points.


Jeanie Fitzgerald-Pitts, Editor in Chief

Incorporating the beauty and design spark offered by authentic stone, this veneer combines large and medium stones in three different color palettes: Greystone, Trailhead, and...

EQUITONE’s high-density façade panels are so versatile, you are limited only by your imagination. The 4’x10’ panels are through-colored and can be cut, engraved, routed, or perforated to achieve your vision without sacrificing performance. With no building height limitations, no harmful emissions, and a non-combustible fire rating, EQUITONE facades are safe, durable, and beautiful.

During the recent renovation of the Sahara Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, Innovativo Design and Doug Walton Architects custom-designed 18 columns for the porte-cochere. These custom...

CUPACLAD natural slate façades are the perfect choice for architects. Natural slate timeless appeal adds elegance to any façade, ensuring stunning designs that stand-out. Once installed, natural slate guarantees durability, reducing the need for replacements and ongoing maintenance. Let your creations tell a story of lasting beauty and eco-conscious architecture.

This Product Innovation Award (PIA) 2022 winner emulates the natural beauty of organic material with this stone-looking porcelain tile collection. Available with a grip finish...

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