ProductWire New and Noteworthy Item

Powerful Beam

The SAF family of architectural floodlights from Hydrel uses powerful beam spreads with a minimalist design to provide more illumination from less luminaire. Features include IP68 ingress protection rating, 3G vibration rating, G0 BUG rating, optional IK10 impact rating, and a 2:1 field to beam distribution ratio.


Glass Parking Façade

Designed and engineered for parking garage applications, Bendheim introduces its parking façade system for a beautiful glass aesthetic. Glass panels, 30 sq. ft. or larger, offer generous built-in tolerances—up to 2-in. in all directions—to compensate for the typical unevenness in floor slabs and walls.


Stone-Faced Glass

Antolini's new Stratospherica collection is a collaboration between the Italian stone company and Mutaforma, an Italian brand that operates in the field of augmented materials. It starts with glass and involves the application of nanotechnology to produce bold, fascinating patterns using the diverse materials.