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September 15, 2021

The Wonder of Wood-Covered Walls

The wood aesthetic is often incorporated into a space in the floors or in ornate coffered ceilings or exposed beams, but it can also make an impact as an accent wall or wall covering. As biophilic design trends remain strong, architects and designers continue their search for solutions to deliver the sought-after wood look and feel into interiors in new and exciting ways. This issue of AP ProductWire has gathered a few products that will help to do just that—from seamless wood-looking surfaces to beautiful panels rich with tone and texture, and a more modern and artistic vibe, there are plenty of options available to help create very different wood-accented worlds.

New & Noteworthy

Pywood Panels

Available in a broad selection of rich woodgrains, SkyPly Hardwood Plywood offers a wide variety of options, including hand-graded hardwood veneer faces sorted into a range of species, types of veneer cuts and matches. They can be paired with a wide range of core options engineered for different applications.

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Lighting Provides Modern Luxury and Relaxation at Resort & Spa

JW Marriott Orlando Bonnet Creek Resort & Spa brings modern luxury to Central Florida. The lighting designers specified Williams’ adaptable portfolio of luminaires, complimenting the design style to give spa guests a relaxing getaway. This is a destination people go to feel rejuvenated, with luxurious accommodations. Williams’ diverse collection of luminaires are tailored to suit even the most refined hospitality style. 

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Moisture Mitigation Solution with No Epoxy

Maxxon offers a Moisture Mitigation solution without the issues of sourcing an epoxy coating. Maxxon Commercial is a single component, zero VOC, E96-compliant, moisture blocking primer. Moisture vapor emissions through a concrete slab can contribute to costly flooring failures and significant delays in construction schedules. With no shotblast requirement on a clean, open slab and a dry time of less than an hour per coat, MVP One Primer is designed to provide a rapid turnaround over new or renovated concrete slabs. 

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Metal Panels Offer a Value Solution

With the introduction of EN-V by Dri-Design, the company aims to restore the true meaning of “value" in value engineering. Without cheapening the metal panel system, the company has optimized its processes to deliver cost savings without sacrificing performance or longevity. EN-V is a surprisingly economical and tested, architectural, dry-joint, pressure-equalized rainscreen system. The product doesn’t compromise on aesthetics either, as it is available in dozens of standard colors as well as custom color-matching capabilities that make the possibilities nearly endless.

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The World’s Biggest HSS Are Ready to Roll

We’re just weeks away from the opening of our new mill, where we’ll be rolling the world’s largest HSS in sizes up to 22" square, with walls up to 1" thick. State-of-the-art mill technology like quick-change rollers and a fully automated inventory warehouse will help give us the shortest lead times in the industry, and the new jumbo sizes will give builders the tools to go bigger, wider and taller than ever before with strong, efficient HSS. Initial orders are already booked, but you can check out our site to learn more and start planning big things today.

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Air on the Side of Comfort

Let guests and residents find their comfort zone. LG Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems offer installation choices and performance for modern comfort. And when paired with the LG MultiSITE Connectivity Suite, you get easy-to-use system control and information for multi-unit buildings. 

The Suite also works with top occupancy-based energy management systems, and can be installed wired or wirelessly. Plus, we offer the simplicity of integrating into your existing IP infrastructure without information or capacity loss. 

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Bobrick’s Touchless SureFlo Automatic Soap Dispenser

When hygiene is top of mind, Bobrick’s touch-free SureFlo Automatic Soap Dispenser delivers. For a safe restroom where patrons always have access to soap, SureFlo is easily top-filled with bulk soap—instead of costly, labor-intensive proprietary cartridges that increase risk of stockouts. Meanwhile, the dispenser’s Electronic Activation System eliminates contact between the patron and dispenser, preventing cross-contamination. Support hygiene and save.

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