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September 30, 2019

What It Takes to Make a Roof Resilient

“Resilience” is a word we hear a lot about today in the world of commercial building design and construction. In general, it’s defined as the ability to stand up to a range of possibly severe weather conditions, and, when failure occurs, an ability to bounce back quickly. For a building to perform resiliently, as a whole, each of its systems also must embody these characteristics. Certainly, roofing is critical in this regard—after all, a roofing failure can make an entire building uninhabitable.

So, what, then, are the design factors behind a commercial roof’s resilience—and how does this relate to today’s other primary design goal, sustainability? “Sustainability is about thinking for the future, resilience is about resisting the current onslaught,” says James Kirby, AIA, building and roofing science architect with roofing manufacturer GAF. “So, resilience is the ability to stay in place, or being able to be repaired and replaced quickly.” For Kirby and other roofing experts, ensuring that ability to stay in place is dependent on the details— and detailing—of how that roof is designed. Kirby says this list begins with wind resistance, and the choice to design to a region’s wind code or go beyond those requirements.

Below you’ll find a few solutions we uncovered that specifically address the challenge of wind resistance.

New & Noteworthy

Metal Makeover

The stainless-steel roof topping historic Austin Hall on the campus of Sam Houston University in Huntsville, Texas, was only 10 years old when it began to fail, due to a seaming plan not appropriate to its low-slope design. So, though it was less than a decade old, it was recently replaced with a more appropriately engineered standing seam copper roof. The 238T and 138T symmetrical standing seam panels enable watertight performance because there is now interruption of sealant in the seam at clip locations.

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Get Fleeced

EPDM roofing systems can be specified with a 55-mil fleece layer adhered as a backing for long-term protection against high winds, hail and punctures. These FleeceBack membranes are also well-suited for roof gardens and solar applications and can be installed with Flexible FAST adhesive, which reinforces the fleece for increased protection.

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It's got Stick-To-It-Iveness

StealthBond metal roofing is attached using a proprietary adhesive, rather than mechanical attachment devices, and has received Miami-Dade County Building Code approval. The three-part system incorporates a base level of metal strapping that’s secured to the roof deck, the adhesive that’s applied to that strapping and, finally, metal roofing panels that are laid into the adhesive for penetration-free attachment.

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A Newsworthy Roof-Raising

A 22-year renovation of Christ Church Cathedral in Vancouver, British Columbia, was completed recently as workers finished their efforts replacing the 1894 structure’s massive roof. Designers with Vancouver’s Proscenium Architecture & Interiors, Inc., opted for standing-seam zinc for the complicated project, which required extensive detailing to address a large number of pitch changes and other transitions.

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Fire-Rated Aluminum Windows and Door Systems

Aluflam’s arched window frame capabilities and butt-joint glazing, fit perfectly within the arch-shaped openings of a critical historical renovation, giving you a barrier to fire, not inspiration.

Fire-rated for up to 120 minutes and built to blend effortlessly with non-rated storefront and curtain wall systems, our portfolio is virtually limitless.

Aluflam North America, a recognized leader in fire-rated aluminum/glass construction, has become known for its top-of-the-line true aluminum vision doors, windows and glazed wall systems.

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New Downlight Collection Provides Tailored Solution

The all-new LED downlight collection from Williams provides a tailored solution for sleek and modern architectural lighting. With 2, 4, 6 and 8-inch apertures available in round, square, fixed, adjustable and shallow plenum styles, the downlights help create ambiance in every environment. Featuring a variety of trims and beam angles, each LED downlight guarantees flawless illumination. The innovative TrimLock reflection retention system ensures the trim remains flush with ceiling plane. Engineered with demanding environments in mind, Williams downlights are IP65 rated, CCEA Chicago Plenum approved and Energy Star certified, with industry-leading efficacies as high as 120 lumens/watts.

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The Beauty of Custom Railing Design with the Ease of a Kit

Feeney’s DesignRail Railing Kits offer the finest in modern, standout design. A component-based kit system lets you customize your railing to meet your indoor or outdoor needs. Yet assembly and installation is fast and simple, using the tools and knowledge you already have, keeping your project on schedule and on budget. You’ll appreciate the weatherproof durability of DesignRail’s powder-coated, 6000 series aluminum and stainless steel CableRail infill. The end result is a strong and striking accent to any work or home environment, all in an installer-friendly package.

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Doug Mockett & Company

Doug Mockett & Company specializes in providing “Fine Architectural Hardware for Your Fine Furniture”. A timeless blend of classic and contemporary style, creating beautiful complementary accents that add function and value to your furniture. Enjoy our collection of Power Grommets and Wire Management solutions, Drawer Pulls, Table Legs, Shelf Brackets, and more! Architectural Hardware plays a vital role in the design process by providing the finishing touches that define and enhance your overall design. You do what you do best – take care of your customer. Let us worry about the details.

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Roof Hatch Replacement Made Easy

The VersaMount replacement hatch allows you to replace a damaged roof hatch without re-roofing. Simply remove the cover from the damaged hatch and place the Versamount hatch on top of the existing curb. The low-profile VersaMount curb features a built-in flange and apron and innovative anchor clip system to ensure a fast, secure, and weathertight installation. Products are available in a number of standard sizes and are equipped with standard roof hatch features for ease of operation, energy efficiency, and security.

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