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November 24, 2021

Well Being Requires Peace, Sleep, Daylight

Artful daylight can not only illuminate surfaces, it can appear to originate and exist vibrantly in the architectural space itself. One of the lasting casualties of COVID has been sound sleep, as many of us will attest. Its impact ranges from exhaustion and fatigue to an inability to focus—to outright depression. According to the University of California Davis, it’s called “coronasomnia.” “It’s a problem everywhere, across all age groups,” said Angela Drake, a UC Davis Health clinical professor in the Dept. of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. Her recommendations include keeping a daily routine, and laying off alcohol and sleep aids; instead, she says, exercise, meditate and get plenty of sunlight. Daylight plays a powerful role in our collective wellbeing, below are a few unique examples of how to "let the sunshine in."

New & Noteworthy

Finding Daylight

Architect Donald G. Copper LEED AP, of G|R|E|C Architects’ design for a residential tower in a dense urban neighborhood in Chicago brings unexpected daylight into the building. The 15-story, 199-unit apartment building is in a dense area of Chicago with very little green space, guiding the desire for incorporating daylight as a design priority.

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The Daylighting You Need, the Options You Want

Kalwall isn’t like other daylighting products. Our panel technology delivers diffuse, full-spectrum visible light deep into spaces, creating beautiful, comfortable environments people want to be in. Colors are saturated and bold. People are productive and healthy. We call it museum-quality daylighting. But daylighting with Kalwall offers more than beautiful interiors and healthy spaces. Kalwall exteriors entice the eye, as well, with endless options for customization, from different grid patterns to colored face sheets or inserts and unitized options. Explore the possibilities!

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Human Impact Resistant Window for Hospitals

The S6300 Human Impact Resistant Window, from Graham Architectural Products, provides the therapeutic benefits of daylighting to hospital and psychiatric care settings while maintaining strict control over unwanted egress.

Instead of archaic-looking window openings with bars, the S6300 features: modern, discreet design that meets AAMA A501.8-1 testing criteria; tamper-resistant, concealed lock mechanism with captured-key operation for custodial-only access; superior U-values; and an option for internal blinds behind an access panel.

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Lobby? No, It’s Your Washroom.
Welcome to the New Standard for Basis of Design in Washrooms

Whoever said the washroom (the most frequented room in any building) shouldn’t be as nice as the lobby? ASI just gave the washroom a makeover—you can too.

The world's leading manufacturer of commercial washrooms, which includes our exclusive Velare and Piatto Collection of washroom accessories and our Alpaco Partition Collection, embraces a marriage of simplicity and functionality that creates a collection that has ASI’s exclusive Ultimate Privacy at its heart.

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Storm Class Louvers Perform in Extreme Conditions

Airolite’s SCH7 Storm Class combination louver is designed and rated to provide high volume intake and exhaust ventilation and prevent water penetration under the most severe wind-driven rain conditions. Featuring 7-inch-deep horizontal blades, the SCH7 incorporates exterior and interior louver modules for optimum flexibility in aesthetic, economic and performance considerations. Airolite Storm Class Louvers are AMCA Licensed for Water Penetration, Air Performance and Wind Driven Rain. Airolite—The Look that Works

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Functional Shade, Fanciful Design

The schoolyard has been reimagined for students at James R. Watson Elementary School in Auburn, IN. The school required maintenance-free shade fixtures and took the opportunity to add to the children’s imaginations with a playful concept. TFC Canopy was hired to help make these shade trees a reality with versatile ALPOLIC MCM. Over 500 square feet of ALPOLIC in GRV, TDR and BGN Green panels were fabricated into canopy leaves, supported by a structural steel frame. The project, a singular success, was a part of a remodel of the courtyard to improve functionality and cut down on maintenance.

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