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October 13, 2021

The Truth About Sun Exposure

Today it’s commonly stated that, “Bringing sunlight into the built environment creates incredible benefits. The health and wellbeing of building occupants improve. The building can function more efficiently. It’s good for the business bottom line.” But…that’s not the whole story, is it? The truth is that bringing CONTROLLED sunlight into a building can create incredible benefits. Anything else opens the interior (and the people in it) up to the threat of unrelenting glare bombs that move throughout the day and insufferable solar heat gain. The secret to harnessing the magic of those solar rays is shading. This issue of ProductWire is dedicated to a few notable shading products that will enable architects to bring the sunlight into a building, without bringing the pain that can come with it.

New & Noteworthy


New Ways to See

Designed in collaboration with award-winning lighting designer Linnaea Tillett and Tillett Lighting Design Associates, the Profile family of lights creates beautiful and intentional light emanating from a refined, minimalist design. Illuminated I-beam channels and modular design build a light experience like no other, creating poetry between the sculptural form and the play of light upon the object and its surroundings. One product family, composed of an area light, accent light, column light, and performance, wayfinding, and unlit perimeter bollard, appropriately lights an array of spaces, from large, open areas and narrow pathways to landscape beds and building entrances.

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Matching Verge Soap Dispenser and Faucet Sets

Express your design vision, unify washroom aesthetics and enhance touch-free handwashing with Bradley’s matching Verge soap dispenser and faucet sets. Choose from a stunning selection of four touchless styles – from graceful arcs to bold angles – and six beautiful PVD finishes. Optimized sensing eliminates false activations and thoughtful spout designs increase space for handwashing and cleaning, providing reliability and durability. Its convenient top-fill multi-feed soap system supplies soap to up to six dispensers at one time, making soap refills easier and more efficient than ever.

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Conforming to Your Vision

When your inspiration for a dramatically curved ceiling-to-floor design is a nautilus shell and pearls, Armstrong Drywall Grid Systems are flexible enough to rise to the creative challenge. Add a teamwork approach, years of design expertise, and top notch detail drawings, and see how design conforms to your unique vision at

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Bold Visual Effects with New Box Rib Wall Panels

The four new Precision Series Box Rib panels are 1-3/8 in. deep with a nominal 12-in. width and feature 87- degree rib angles and a variety of rib spacing patterns. These ribbed wall panels create attractive lines and shadows for the exterior of any building with cost-effective installation. Each profile is offered in a no-clip or clip-fastened panel to accommodate expansion and contraction. Panels may be installed both vertically and horizontally. Additionally, these panels may be perforated in aluminum for use in screen applications, over graphics or for a layer of texture.

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BIM is only a Piece of the Design Puzzle

While the importance of BIM in the architecture office grows every year, it can lead to issues in the design flow. For example, a real product’s BIM file may be out of date or uncoordinated with the manufacturer’s specification. To reduce these issues, it’s important to use a single source, where available, to get product details and technical data so the entire office is on the same page. offers supporting data for 95% of their manufacturer BIM files, making them a prime candidate to use throughout the project process.

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Impress Big Time

Big goals meet their match with Guardian Glass Super Jumbo glass. Experience greater possibilities in every 130" x 240" lite. Push the boundaries with expansive views and enlightened interiors. Pair with your favorite Guardian SunGuard coatings for the performance you want and need. And get it on UltraClear low-iron substrate, with several thickness options. There’s no better time to go big.

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