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January 13, 2022

Stay Out After Dark

The shortest day of the year is December 21st. A day where the Northern Hemisphere receives a scant 8 hours and 46 minutes of daylight. While the winter solstice promises to add a little more daylight to our life with every new day, the winter months can feel dark and dreary. They also remind us of the importance of well-placed exterior lighting—which allows us to extend our productive days beyond the ever-changing availability of daylight. This issue of AP ProductWire shares a few of the exterior lighting products that won our 2022 Product Innovation Awards (PIAs) and offers architects and lighting designers beautiful and high-performance solutions to keep people in the outside world after dark.

New & Noteworthy


Fire-Rated Aluminum Windows and Door Systems

Aluflam’s arched window frame capabilities and butt-joint glazing, fit perfectly within the arch-shaped openings of a critical historical renovation, giving you a barrier to fire, not inspiration. Fire-rated for up to 120 minutes and built to blend effortlessly with non-rated storefront and curtain wall systems, our portfolio is virtually limitless. Aluflam North America, a recognized leader in fire-rated aluminum/glass construction, has become known for its top-of-the-line true aluminum vision doors, windows and glazed wall systems.

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Metal Panels Offer a Value Solution

With the introduction of EN-V by Dri-Design, the company aims to restore the true meaning of “value" in value engineering. Without cheapening the metal panel system, the company has optimized its processes to deliver cost savings without sacrificing performance or longevity. EN-V is a surprisingly economical and tested, architectural, dry-joint, pressure-equalized rainscreen system. The product doesn’t compromise on aesthetics either, as it is available in dozens of standard colors as well as custom color-matching capabilities that make the possibilities nearly endless.

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An Inspired Retrofit

This commercial property in New York City, aptly named The Warehouse, is an adaptive reuse project made possible with ALPOLIC metal composite materials. Over 14,000 square feet of custom ALPOLIC/fr adorn the modern addition while maintaining the foundation of the original industrial structure. ALPOLIC MCM is the choice for modernizing the look of building facades. Lightweight, easy to fabricate and install, and offered in the widest variety of finishes, this sustainable cladding material provides design flexibility and trailblazing solutions to projects across the world.

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Drainable Louvers Offer Superior Water Resistance

Airolite Louver Types K6744 and K6746 are designed to provide high volume air flow and superior resistance to water penetration. These drainable louvers feature gutters incorporated at the front edge of each blade to prevent water droplets from cascading blade-to-blade and becoming entrained in the intake air flow. Vertical gutters located in the jamb frames carry the water to the sill frame where it exits from the louver assembly. The K6744 and K6746 are AMCA Licensed for Water Penetration and Air Performance.

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