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June 12, 2019

Privacy in the Age of Nomads

The future workplace requires tools that equip nomadic work-forces for success in shared spaces, where productivity can rely heavily on comfort levels, including quiet and privacy. Now that people can pretty much work where they want, it’s time to pay attention to partitions and, at least, semi-enclosed public spaces.

With the open office becoming a rampant trend, it’s especially critical to account for areas where people can put their heads down, so to speak, in concentration. Carefully considered partitions offer one strategy. That said, there are three reasons getting partitions right pays off: 1) First is light: you may illuminate a partition with LEDs or natural light, or perforate it for a play of light and shadow; 2) Partitions deliver a sense of unity, even transparency, in design while still providing a level of privacy determined by its materiality—which can range from felt to glass, metal or even stone; 3) Partitions easily adapt to the rapidly changing nature of our tech-based existences: when organizations change, merge or restructure, partitions can form new departments quickly and efficiently.

With NeoCon in full gear, expect to see the next phase of co-working solutions on display. Below are a few examples of particularly effective partitions.

New & Noteworthy

Me Time

The Cove lounge chair, manufactured by Poltrona Frau, and designed by Foster + Partners, is suitable for public lounges, even reception areas, and has been designed to function as part of a cloud-like cluster of chairs. The ribs of cushion at the back of the chair extend in places to form ridges, which can be used as armrests.

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String Pattern

Recently, 3form launched a new addition to the Full Circle collection with a team of textile artisans in Magelang, Indonesia. Inspired by long-lasting global relationships created by Full Circle, string was used throughout the new patterns to represent the connections and intersections the program fosters between people and communities.

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Perpetual Movement

San Francisco-based Axelrod Design/Axelrod Architects designed the interiors for the Basix office headquarters in Tel Aviv. The design team translated these company values into a flexible, dynamic office design, which incorporates a major element—three-dimensional striped glass—in order to transform a narrow, medium-sized office space into an open, subtle and expansive one. The office has been divided by fixed and moving glass partitions to provide for the perpetual movement and changing combinations of today’s flexible office spaces.

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Klutch Mobile Device Holder by Bobrick

Studies suggest that as many as 75 percent of Americans admit to using their phones while in the bathroom. To help design professionals address modern patron behaviors, Bobrick’s new B-635 Klutch Mobile Device Holder keeps devices safe and secure within toilet cubicles and throughout the restroom environment.

Klutch has a sleek, compact design that fits with any décor and is easily installed in toilet compartments, common spaces and private areas. Its integrated bag hook holds up to 300 lbs. and can accommodate multiple items, from smartphones to tablets to bags.

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WashBar Cuts Clutter in Washrooms

Tidy up restroom designs with Bradley’s streamlined WashBar, which keeps clean+rinse+dry elements all in one touch-free and easy-to-use fixture. Say goodbye to the bulky and convoluted washroom clutter associated with having separate faucets, soap dispensers and dryers in and around hand washing areas. The WashBar’s smart sensor technology features LED lighting and easy-to-read icons that guide the user through effortless washing. The award-winning WashBar may be paired with Bradley’s Verge wash basins, as well as its line of prefabricated OmniDecks.

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VT Industries Architectural Wood Doors -Durability

When you source a high-impact resistance door from VT, you can be confident it’s built to the highest of standards. Palladium Doors are constructed to withstand the most demanding environments including; healthcare, educational, hospitality, and other high-traffic facilities while maintaining an attractive decor. Available in more styles and finishes so you can find the perfect match for your facility. More durable. More Beautiful. There’s more to a VT door.

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PAC-CLAD Striking Tri-toned Exterior Cladding

PAC-CLAD Flush Panels played a prominent role in cladding the vertical rooftop extension of the AISD Performing Arts Center auditorium and stage. The 24 gauge panels were finished in Burgundy, Colonial Red and Terra Cotta, all rich colors that complement extensive use of wood in the auditorium. “We thought the metal would give us the ‘wow’ factor from a distance,” Jessica Molter of Pfluger Architects, said. “That’s why we went with the nice three-color combination.”

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Freedom to Add Power Anywhere

Connectrac’s Flex systems provide robust floor-based power distribution throughout any space via an invisible ultra-low-profile assembly that easily installs any time during the life of a space. Flex is simple and quick to install; provides the agility to rapidly change any space and offers all the power and data capacity needed for interior environments. Changes to furniture, power and data are easily accommodated. Any space. Any building. Any time.

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Structural Thermal Barriers Save Energy

While Azon does not make windows, the company does offer turnkey technology for the manufacture of polyurethane polymer thermal barrier aluminum fenestration. Using thermal barriers to improve energy savings in the window assembly helps manufacturers meet strict energy codes and standards worldwide, ranging from monumental architectural to residential aluminum window classes. The newest ultra-performance Azo-Core high-density foam thermal barrier by Azon contains the best combination of energy efficiency and the highest shear strength of all thermal barriers used in the most demanding climates and conditions.

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