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November 30, 2020

In an Octopus’ Garden with You

Perhaps it’s the streak of cold, combined with the fear of winter really settling in, but the frightful weather outside has me thinking of something more delightful—the beach, and more specifically Malaga, Spain, where on a gloriously hot day a couple years back, I dined on fried Octopus and eggplant. I must confess, I’m thinking about food a lot, and “Somebody Feed Phil” on Netflix, has become my favorite new show, including his visit to another fond vacation memory—Lisbon, a city covered in fantastic tile. Anyway, following are a few recent products we’ve run that remind me of the ocean—and fantastic meals.

New & Noteworthy

Surfaces Makes Waves at Spanish Hotel

For award-winning architect Pau Llimona, the Mediterranean Sea has always possessed a romantic mystique. When Llimona was commissioned by Hotel Llevant, located in Llafranc on the Costa Brava, Spain, to redesign and redecorate the whole building’s interiors, he saw the perfect opportunity to incorporate the intrinsic link between the local area and the sea into his design concept.

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Tasty Waves

Surfrider, part of the Point Dume collection, designed by Jeffrey Alan Marks, was inspired by a traditional English look, with tiers of metal curves reminiscent of louvered shutters found in an English country homes. Marks interpreted these details into a modern-minded pendant and sconce grouping that is versatile enough to go anywhere.

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Rock Solid

The Biomimicry Institute and the Ray C. Anderson Foundation have announced this year’s Ray of Hope Prize has been awarded to ECOncrete Tech., a science-based company that develops environmentally sensitive concrete products for coastal and marine infrastructure projects.

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A sustainable and modern cladding solution

CUPACLAD is a natural slate rainscreen cladding system which offers a wide range of possibilities in the design. Slate, a natural and sustainable material, combines its unmatchable technical properties with the efficiency advantages of a ventilated façade. Its versatility opens up a world of options and combinations, suiting any individual layout. Slate siding is a modern architectural trend in Europe and is already starting to trickle in the United States. Ready to bring your design to life?

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A Whole New Platform for Change.

Koala Kare’s new KB310 and KB311 units represent an investment in craftsmanship. One-piece, deep-drawn, uniform-grain stainless steel components eliminate seams, sharp edges and weld lines. New thoughtfully-designed patron amenities—including an enhanced liner dispenser and convenient bag hook–improve the end-user experience.

With hygiene and safety on everyone’s mind, product owners and end users alike will appreciate the added protection from Microban, the world leader in built-in antimicrobial technology. KB310 and KB311 bed surfaces feature exclusive antimicrobial additives that inhibit growth of bacteria on the product’s surface and will provide ongoing protection for its expected lifetime.

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For a green porous paving solution, trust Grasspave2 – the industry’s leader since 1982. Designed by a Landscape Architect, Grasspave2 comes in easy-to-install rolls. It’s flexible, lightweight, durable and provides design versatility to any project. Due to its incredible strength, Grasspave2 offers limitless solutions to practical applications such as fire lanes, parking lots and helicopter landing pads. With an expected lifespan of over 60 years, Grasspave2 provides a long-term green paving alternative that can reduce CO2 emissions and filter out environmental toxins through bioremediation.

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Color That’s Over the Top

Durapon 70 is a unique resin blend that incorporates our proprietary acrylic and 70% polyvinylidine fluoride (PVDF). It was designed as a premium finish to provide outstanding color stability and gloss retention, exceptional abrasion and chemical resistance, and great film flexibility.

Durapon 70 High Performance Spray PVDF extrusion coating utilizes the same proprietary acrylic and PVDF resins that our coil coating. This unique resin blend is optimized for use in spray factory applied applications to meet AAMA 2605 specifications. With its proven performance record, Durapon 70 High Performance Spray is the ideal choice for monumental projects large or small.

Both Durapon 70 for coil and extrusion coating can be formulated using “cool” pigments to comply with industry energy conservation initiatives such as LEED, Title 24, Energy Star, and ASHARE.

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Cut the Cord with Powered Suspension

Imagine a world where a power cord didn't distract from the beauty of a light fixture. That world is possible with the Rincon Powered Suspension System from Griplock Systems. Everyone notices the power cord when it's there because it's big, ugly, and distracting. With Rincon, the only thing people will take note of is your fixture. More and more of our lighting manufacturing customers are engineering their fixtures to use Rincon, like mnima with their award-winning Noctiflor chandelier. Learn more about Rincon and contact our engineers to see how you can incorporate it into your next design.

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Introducing Portal. Convention turned, inside out.

Portal by Fluxwerx is a reimagination of directional and general area illumination in a single fixture family, delivering exceptional comfort and control across multiple architectural environments.

Designed to seamlessly integrate into the built environment, Portal provides clear continuity for any architectural condition and can be used in all ceiling conditions. Multiple optics and beam options transcend typical point source applications with exceptional uniformity, and lower energy densities.

Minimal and quiet, or singular and bold, Portal is perfectly suited to many applications.

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Daring Dimensional Durable

Combining the strength of recyclable aluminum with striking designs, Gage 78 decorative panels are suitable for interior and exterior use as feature walls, columns, dividing walls, elevator interiors, ceilings and other innovative dimensional architectural applications. The virtually seamless panel connections allow for an aesthetically pleasing look and an uninterrupted visual flow.

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