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August 18, 2021

New and Improved Hardwood Floors

Few flooring types are locked in the past, present, and future of commercial and residential interior spaces like the hardwood floor and the continued innovation in this product category is just one of the reasons for its unwavering popularity. New colors, finishes, and plank sizes continue to expand the architect’s available palette in this long-loved surface, while advancements in materials and technology improve the way that hardwood floors perform, even in the face of their longtime nemesis—water. This issue of AP ProductWire is dedicated to the new types of hardwood flooring that invite architects to stretch their imaginations and incorporate this classic look-and-feel in new and improved ways.

New & Noteworthy


Endure Linear—Unbeaten Quality, Unrivaled Beauty

When it comes to interior finishes, material composition is the convergence of performance and aesthetics, making material selection the pivotal step in determining the quality of a product. At Rulon International, we’ve built a solution called Endure—a proprietary PVC extrusion technology used in several of our systems—that allows them to maintain the same aesthetic while increasing their performance over traditional wood or metal systems.

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New Euro Style Partitions

Amaze restroom guests with Bradley’s new collection of beautiful Euro style partitions. With clean, fresh, and modern design elements like enameled tempered glass, minimalist frameless construction, flush surface construction, and floating-on-air aesthetics, these partitions create a dramatic backdrop in today’s commercial washrooms. Available in many attractive color options to fit any design, new partition models include Float Series, Lucent Series and Loft Series, all with distinctive features and aesthetics that will instantly elevate the look of restrooms.

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BIM is only a Piece of the Design Puzzle

While the importance of BIM in the architecture office grows every year, it can lead to issues in the design flow. For example, a real product’s BIM file may be out of date or uncoordinated with the manufacturer’s specification. To reduce these issues, it’s important to use a single source, where available, to get product details and technical data so the entire office is on the same page. offers supporting data for 95% of their manufacturer BIM files, making them a prime candidate to use throughout the project process.

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Antimicrobial Surfaces

Living, learning and experiencing life in safer, hygienic environments is possible with Gordon’s antimicrobial surfaces. With the latest Silver Ion technology achieving 99.99% efficacy in reduction of harmful microbes, Gordon’s powder coated wall claddings, column covers and ceilings offer healthier surfaces that are easy to clean while also providing durable Acoustics and outstanding Aesthetics.

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NanaWall Next Generation Performance bi-fold door NW Aluminum 840

The result is the slimmest, most energy efficient bi-fold door available. Panels are capable of heights up to 11’ 6”. The patented TwinX enables the system to meet higher wind loads but also conceals the hinges. Panels can move in stacks of 4 or 6, unattached to the side jamb and with the ability to stack to either side of the opening, enabling unlimited widths—something never achieved in a bi-fold door.

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Guardian Bird1st Etch Glass Protects Birds

Guardian Bird1st Etch glass offers four distinct bird-friendly patterns for exterior building applications. By pairing a Bird1st Etch pattern with Guardian SunGuard low-E coatings, architects have options to achieve the desired design aesthetic and energy performance while meeting bird-friendly standards. Available in 96”x130” size on 6mm thick float glass, Guardian Bird1st Etch glass products are available on Guardian UltraClear low-iron glass and clear glass and can be paired with select Guardian SunGuard coatings. The glass can be heat-treated and used with laminated glass.

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