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August 31, 2021

Walls That Float Into the Background

Color trends come and go. So do decorative wall fashions. But the plain, monochromatic wall style will always be right here among us. That’s because it’s simple, easy to accessorize, and flexible. A plain colored wall creates opportunities to showcase furniture, furnishings and accessorize just about any space. Unique pieces don’t stand out unless the background is, well—just background.  How do you choose a color? Remember the cardinal rules of wall colors: warm walls (think: orange, yellow and red) can make a space appear smaller, while cool walls (think: green, blue, and purple) can make a room appear larger. Below are just a few examples of monochromatic wall solutions to help get your creative juices flowing.


New & Noteworthy

Timeless Design

The Designer Laminates Collection Antibacterial from ASI | Architectural Systems  incorporates cutting edge technology with the newest finishes and textures. The collection consists of 13 wood grains, solid colors and textured patterns that are treated with a proprietary additive that inhibits the growth and spread of bacterial colonies and fungus.

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Envelope a Room

Porcelain floor and ceramic wall tile brings the luxury of understated elegance to every-day life. Evocative of natural stone, Stark by Florida Tile, features a simple color scheme of white and gray, offering two rectified size formats: 24-in. × 24-in. glazed porcelain floor and wall tile and a modern 14-in. × 39-in. ceramic wall tile that can work in tandem.

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Human-Centric Hospital Lighting Design

Virginia Hospital Center’s 4th Floor patient unit is a 21-bed, medical and surgical unit, engineered and constructed with a human-centric lighting design. This project was decidedly “patient-first” in every aspect of the design, from the actual patient rooms, to the hallways and decorative elements creating a peaceful and welcoming environment for both patients and their visiting families. The ultimate goal was to enable unparalleled healing and treatment - the right lighting is beneficial to patient healing while meeting the precise needs of healthcare personnel. Williams delivers a better healing experience through lighting.

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Discover How Air Becomes Comfort

By combining humanity and technology, heritage and innovation, we find the perfect balance to create living spaces where you can enjoy clean healthy air. For over 80 years, Hitachi Cooling & Heating has been driven by the challenge to reshape the perception and possibilities of climate control solutions for the residential and commercial spaces and for those that work with it in a professional capacity. We strive to improve existing technologies and innovate as lifestyles and business evolve.

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New Heavy-Duty Automatic Sliding Door Systems

Horton Automatics, the industry leader in automatic pedestrian entrances, introduces a ruggedly elegant, EPD compliant, high-performance sliding door system for your most demanding applications. The ProSlide Series 2021 Belt Drive System is engineered to provide long life and quiet operation for high-traffic environments. The Series 2021 offers a variety of finishes, complementing any architectural design. The ProSlide’s energy-efficient design, with available ECO option, features an adjustable astragal with double weatherseal in the lead rail extrusion for optimal heat transfer, condensation and air infiltration values.

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You Can Feel It In The Air

With the addition of the Indoor Split DOAS and Rooftop Split DOAS, LG introduces two new styles of Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS) to condition outdoor air for indoor comfort. Each DOAS unit was thoughtfully designed to reduce installation costs while meeting the needs of multiple applications. Packed with advanced features for improved energy efficiency like the LG inverter compressor and double heat recovery coil, the new options are a cost-effective solution for your next building project.

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Sustainability That Runs Deep

Quadcore Technology by Kingspan is the next generation of self-blended hybrid insulation core for insulated metal panels. When compared in a recent study to other wall assemblies, QuadCore panels reduce embodied carbon by up to 28 percent, saving on your project’s total carbon footprint. QuadCore also offers unrivaled thermal performance, superior fire protection and unmatched health and wellness certification, making it the premier choice for both the built environment and the human environment.

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