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May 26, 2021

Little Details Make a Big Difference

The weather, where I live, has decided to stabilize, and I was able to move my flowers and plants outside, erect my deck pavilion, and get my garden fountain back in working order. This "outside room" is such a difference maker for me; the long winter made me long for it all the more. I'm hoping it will go a long way in fighting COVID Blues. Also this past week, I've discovered another thing that helps me cope: Sketching landscapes. One thing that jumped out at me from my crude drawings was a product we often take for granted: Railings. In looking over our inventory I came to realize what a great category it is. Here's a favorite, along with other exteriors products to help clients better enjoy the great outdoors.

New & Noteworthy


99.97%* Cleaner Air Is Within Arm's Reach

You want users to feel comfortable in a building-especially in the restroom. Give guests a better sense of confidence. HEPA-filtered VERDEdri checks all the boxes specifiers-like you-look for in a drying solution. It dries hands fast with 99.97% cleaner air*. Plus, it delivers high energy efficiency, improved sound quality, and meets ADA compliance. Can your current installation deliver all that and be Cleaner than AirT?

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A New Horizon for Insulated Metal Panels

Set your sights on QuadCore Technology by Kingspan, the next generation of self-blended hybrid insulation core for insulated metal panels. QuadCore Technology is designed to reduce your project’s carbon footprint while delivering unrivaled thermal performance, exceptional fire protection and unmatched health and wellness certification.

When compared in a recent study to other wall assemblies, panels with QuadCore Technology reduce embodied carbon by up to 28 percent, making it the premier choice for both the built environment and the human environment.

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Lobby? No, it’s your washroom.
 Welcome to the new standard for Basis of Design in washrooms.

Whoever said the washroom (the most frequented room in any building) shouldn’t be as nice as the lobby? ASI just gave the washroom a makeover—you can too.

The world's leading manufacturer of commercial washrooms, which includes our exclusive Velare and Piatto Collection of washroom accessories and our Alpaco Partition Collection, embraces a marriage of simplicity and functionality that creates a collection that has ASI’s exclusive Ultimate Privacy at its heart.

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Structural Thermal Barriers Save Energy

While Azon does not make windows, the company does offer turnkey technology for the manufacture of polyurethane polymer thermal barrier aluminum fenestration. Using thermal barriers to improve energy savings in the window assembly helps manufacturers meet strict energy codes and standards worldwide, ranging from monumental architectural to residential aluminum window classes. The newest ultra-performance Azo-Core high-density foam thermal barrier by Azon contains the best combination of energy efficiency and the highest shear strength of all thermal barriers used in the most demanding climates and conditions.

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You Can Feel It In The Air

With the addition of the Indoor Split DOAS and Rooftop Split DOAS, LG introduces two new styles of Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS) to condition outdoor air for indoor comfort. Each DOAS unit was thoughtfully designed to reduce installation costs while meeting the needs of multiple applications. Packed with advanced features for improved energy efficiency like the LG inverter compressor and double heat recovery coil, the new options are a cost-effective solution for your next building project.

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