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October 14, 2020

It’s in the Details

Due to the extraordinary circumstances of COVID-19, we at Construction Business Media—like everyone else—have found ourselves having to be extraordinary. This has manifested itself, in part, in an increased appearance of lighting coverage within Architectural Products as we’ve had to adjust the frequency of our publications across the board. That said, I rather enjoyed the spotlight a recent such illumination nod created within the latest New and Improved section in the magazine, as it opened a door to talk about retail—specifically, how lighting often serves as just the right accent to make something pop—in this instance, eye glasses at London’s Selfridges—check out the Sept-Oct issue.

In the interim, following are some other “pop”-worthy products. And if you like lighting, keep an eye out for the October issue of Architectural SSL, which will feature our annual Product Innovation Awards (PIA’20).

New & Noteworthy

One Way Out

To access Force Partners’ rooftop parties on the 40th floor of their office on Wacker Drive in Chicago, attendees must climb a flight of stairs. Force suspended curved iLight Plexineon fixtures (Plexineon White CQ 3500) above the stairway add surprise and wow.

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Tracking the Slide

Sliding glass doors, ideal for commercial and office settings, can subdivide spaces while keeping an open feel and allowing natural light to penetrate spaces. Johnson Hardware’s 200WG wall-mount sliding glass door hardware can accept 0.5-in. glass door panels of up to 400 lbs. and 4-ft. wide. Available in track lengths from 4-ft. to 16-ft.

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Versatile Railing Systems

With more and more consumers looking for interior railing systems for space differentiation and personalization, many turn to railing systems. A customizable railing system is offered for both interior and exterior settings that feature several infill options varying in height, materials used, and embedded materials.

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High-Performance Aluminum Contributes to Net Zero Design

Chosen for durability, with the goal of creating a house that would remain standing two centuries from now, Petersen’s aluminum wall and roof systems contributed to both the dynamic design and performance of this progressive home. Civitas makes a strong statement not only in its visual presentation, but also in its accomplishment as the first single-family home in the Americas to be registered as a Zero Energy/Zero Carbon home.

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Guardian SunGuard SNE 50/25 HT coated glass

New Guardian SunGuard SNE 50/25 HT coated glass offers high visible light transmission and low solar heat gain with mid reflectivity and a subtle, blue-gray color that minimizes the green look of standard glass. Architect focus groups reported the crispness of mid reflectivity paired with high performance delivers great design flexibility. The product has a visible light transmission of 50% and solar heat gain coefficient of 0.25 on clear glass. Guardian SunGuard SNE 50/25 coated glass is available in jumbo and split jumbo sizes, in 6, 8 and 10mm

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Structural Thermal Barriers Save Energy

While Azon does not make windows, the company does offer turnkey technology for the manufacture of polyurethane polymer thermal barrier aluminum fenestration. Using thermal barriers to improve energy savings in the window assembly helps manufacturers meet strict energy codes and standards worldwide, ranging from monumental architectural to residential aluminum window classes. The newest ultra-performance Azo-Core high-density foam thermal barrier by Azon contains the best combination of energy efficiency and the highest shear strength of all thermal barriers used in the most demanding climates and conditions.

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Metal Panels Offer a Value Solution

With the introduction of EN-V by Dri-Design, the company aims to restore the true meaning of “value" in value engineering. Without cheapening the metal panel system, the company has optimized its processes to deliver cost savings without sacrificing performance or longevity. EN-V is a surprisingly economical and tested, architectural, dry-joint, pressure-equalized rainscreen system. The product doesn’t compromise on aesthetics either, as it is available in dozens of standard colors as well as custom color-matching capabilities that make the possibilities nearly endless.

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New Evolve Cubicles

Achieve evolved privacy, from panel to pedestal. Introducing new Evolve Cubicles, offering resilient, European-style privacy without compromising project budgets. Suitable for standard use and heavy traffic buildings, Bobrick has engineered privacy into every facet of Evolve. With its unique, patented pedestal, 72"-deep, single piece divider panels and a robust aluminum frame, you can rely on Evolve to meet your requirements for design, privacy and budget.

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Add Years of Life to Aged Roofs

Extend the life of aged roofs with Garland’s LiquiTec fluid-applied waterproofing system built to form a virtually impenetrable surface over modified bitumen, metal and single-ply systems for years of added waterproofing protection. This two-component, 100% solids, aliphatic polyurea coating contains zero VOCs, is extremely low odor, and cures quickly to form a highly durable, impact and UV resistant membrane. LiquiTec can also be used as a repair material for maintenance applications and is easily applied by brush, roller and squeegee.

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The New Standard in Energy Efficiency

BILCO’s thermally broken roof hatch features R-20+ insulation and a frame and cover design that minimizes heat transfer between interior and exterior metal surfaces. The result is a product that resists harmful condensation and provides superior energy efficiency under any conditions. The thermally broken roof hatch is available in all standard BILCO single leaf sizes and special single leaf sizes.

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