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April 27, 2022

Introducing Cradle to Cradle 4.0 Products

As the stakes of environmental stewardship climb higher, architects are actively seeking solutions to reduce the building-related products and materials that end up in the landfill. Looking to make a dent in the massive circularity gap that currently exists across the design and construction industry, the Cradle to Cradle Certified Product Standard Version 4.0 has been developed to offer, “the most ambitious and actionable standard yet for designing and making products today that enable a healthy, equitable, and sustainable future.” As the architectural interest in these types of products continues to grow, more and more manufacturers are putting in the time, effort, and investment necessary to meet this more rigorous program. This issue of AP ProductWire is dedicated to a few of the first products to satisfy the 4.0 requirements… offering architects real options for creating spaces that are cradle-to-cradle savvy. 

New & Noteworthy

A First to 4.0

As one of the first building products to achieve Cradle to Cradle (C2C) version 4.0 certification, Shaw’s EcoWorx carpet tile was also one of the first to achieve original C2C certification. The Silver-certified eco-friendly product uses 40% less energy in production than traditional carpet tile and weighs 40% less, thereby lending carbon reductions in transport and boosting efficiencies in installation.

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Baby Got Backing

Made from an average of 80% recycled content and produced in a plant powered exclusively by renewable electricity, Tarkett’s DESSO EcoBase carpet tile backing is Cradle to Cradle Gold certified, with a Platinum certification for material health. The full backing can be separated from the carpet tile and 100% recycled at Tarkett’s purpose-built production line.

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Sustainable Form and Function

GROHE recently received Gold certification for three faucets and a shower set, including the BauEdge S-Size, Eurosmart S-Size, Eurosmart Kitchen and the Tempesta shower rail set. The sustainable impact of the faucets is further enhanced with GROHE’s SilkMove ES technology, which prevents the unnecessary use of hot water by supplying only cold water with the faucet lever in the middle position.

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Exit Rigid Environments. Enter Dynamic Spaces.

Introducing Avery Dennison Dusted Crystal Decorative Glass Film. Available in a matte and luster finish, this film offers privacy while providing a translucent light effect for interior environments. Dusted Crystal provides ultimate design flexibility for corporate meeting spaces, schools, medical offices, hospitality reception areas and glass partitions. See how Dusted Crystal transforms spaces and experience the full decorative film portfolio.

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Designed for Architects.

LG helps you design HVAC systems for customers...YOUR customers to be more precise. Because when it comes to making a recommendation on air technologies, your reputation matters to us. That’s why you can feel confident about the innovations and reliability built into each LG system for your next project. Learn more and connect with an LG Account Representative today.

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Design Flexibility and Strength of Cable Railing

Ultra-tec cable railing, fittings, and hardware products are an excellent choice for a variety of commercial applications—pedestrian walkways, office buildings, stadiums, multifamily complexes and more—offering unobstructed views and a spacious appearance. Choose from concealed or exposed fittings offering architects and designers’ flexibility, versatility, and a modern approach to any design. Available in stainless steel or phosphor bronze finishes.

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Sightline Technology Consoles

Designed to meet the demands of flexible work environments, Sightline Consoles from Winsted are available in static or height-adjustable, with horizontal/vertical adjustable monitor mounts to deliver complete ergonomic personalization. Concave or convex corners, five colors, three different worksurface options, cable management throughout, and dedicated trays for audio and power with an open or closed base. Configurable to match any room and user: Sightline Consoles from Winsted, technology furniture that is anything but ordinary.

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Insulated Metal Panels: Build Character

At Kingspan, we specialize in high-performance insulated metal panels, which offer superior thermal properties, design flexibility and fast installation time. In addition to their unique aesthetics, insulated metal panels are a great choice for energy-efficient and cost-effective buildings. Kingspan insulated metal panels have lower embodied carbon than similar building materials and are available in a wide array of profiles, textures and finishes, so you can build character with every project. 

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