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May 27, 2020

How Things Change Quickly…

AIA’s COTE Committee just announced it’s annual Top 10 projects. Among the winner’s was Gensler’s treatment of Etsy’s headquarters in Brooklyn—a project we highlighted in our annual observance of office trends in 2018. At the time, the project was striking for its “non-office” appearance, straight down to its hanging basket “egg” chair, greenery and other furniture that seemed a better fit for one’s patio, than office. Ironically, two years later, most of us are at home trying to add a little “office” to our residences, as we work remotely, and somewhat, in isolation, during COVID 19 shelter-in-place orders. Below are some products from the magazine from that period, which at the time, seemed a bit out of place, but now look very much part of most contemporary office designs. The obvious question to ask—and perhaps something we’ll revisit a year or two down the line—is what will the post-COVID office look like?

New & Noteworthy

Innovation with Dimensionality

Ever since Herman Miller’s 12-ft. × 18-ft.-high shades were disconnected for safety concerns that might fall, the furniture manufacturer’s Holland, Mich. manufacturing facility was suffering with glare from southern-facing skylights. In seeking a system to operate the large shades, Draper was tapped to design a custom wheeled hem bar with side tracks to guide the hem bars along the curtainwall slope.

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Silent Spark

During the company’s 10th anniversary celebration in Antwerp, acoustic furniture experts, BuzziSpace, introduced BuzziSpark, a cheeky name for a modern take on a traditional vis-à-vis settee. BuzziSpark’s final dimensions and details went through several iterations before the seasoned designer’s Alain Gilles creation was finalized.

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Petals of Light

A new concept in decorative LED fixtures, Diphy’s name comes from Diphylleia grayi, “the crystal flower” whose white petals become totally transparent when in contact with water. By Linea Light Group, the extreme transparency of the PMMA diffuser is in contrast to the brightness of the lamp lit, embellished with the characteristic pattern of OptiLight Technology, laser micro-incisions that distribute the photons downward.

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Table Top Power

The PCS94 Tabletop Power Monument from Mockett is a freestanding power dock with a weighted base and grip pad underneath that goes anywhere power access is needed. The device offers all the elegance of an in-desk power grommet with the convenience of mobility. Great for work desks and home offices, or pop-up and temporary work spaces, it’s also plug and play, and easy to adjust.

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Meet CE Requirements Online

LaCantina offers the most diverse range of folding, sliding, and swinging doors that complement any architectural style in any environment. With a wide selection of material options and performance levels, LaCantina Doors meet the needs of any commercial or residential project.

In addition to our products, we support architects, designers, and building professionals by sponsoring AIA-approved CEU courses like “The Psychology of Human Health and the Built Environment: Using Folding, Sliding, and Swing Doors as Wall Systems in Biophilic Design.” This course explores how incorporating advanced door systems into biophilic design can help specifiers adhere to biophilic tenets while optimizing the health of occupants and contributing to the functionality and beauty of a space.

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Helping to build the American dream since 1971

Fabcon’s first precast panels rolled off the line in 1971, and since then we’ve been instrumental in shaping the growth trajectories of big and small companies alike. Structural precast is the perfect product for organizations interested not only in making their mark, but in building their legacy. Discover how Fabcon’s value proposition of speed, versatility and lower operating costs have figured into a multitude of American Success Stories across a wide range of business segments, from canned foods to fishing gear.

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