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December 30, 2020

Getting into the Spirit of Innovation

Ironically, as I prepare this digital newsletter, I’m musing how much I enjoy receiving old-fashioned, in-the-mail, holiday cards. That said, I must confess that I received some very creative electronic holiday cards this season—one including a recipe for an intriguing libation. In reviewing the entries for this year’s submissions for our annual Product Innovation Awards (PIA’20), creativity was clearly in evidence, as I was surprised by many of the entries, especially given the glum nature of this year. So, without further eloquence, following is a sampling of some of my favorites—not the least, one made from the manufacturer’s waste product.

New & Noteworthy

Great Fit

The Super Metal Future collection of finished aluminum skins for interior and exterior walls and ceilings comes in flat sheets and can be used in a variety of applications, including millwork, column covers, soffits and signage. Fully customizable, designers can create a site-specific look. Available in 12 finishes, with great attention paid to textures, reflection and luminosity.

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Even its Downs Are Up

The Lily ceiling suspended luminaire offers precise directional adjustability with its 180-degree vertical pivot that enables direct illumination from floor to ceiling. It has a 350-degree rotation around the vertical axis for precise directional control. Featuring an optical-grade translucid acrylic lens and internal reflector, it delivers a light output of 900 or 1,200 lm.

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Artistic Partitions

As an aesthetic translucent partitioning solution, Sensitile’s screens and dividers are designed to physically separate, but maintain visual continuity and connection between interior spaces while promoting ambient and natural light. Easy to clean and sanitize, the systems are well suited for hospitality, healthcare, retail, institutional, educational and residential settings.

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NanaWall re-designed what a bi-fold door is with the SL84.

The result is the slimmest, most energy efficient bi-fold door available (the intersection of two folding panels is a mere 3 7/8”). Panels are capable of heights up to 11’ 6”. A newly designed Gothic Arch roller system with only the sides of the roller touching the track. This allows for easy operation regardless of panel size or weight. The patented TwinX enables the system to meet higher wind loads but also conceals the hinges. Panels can move in stacks of 4 or 6, unattached to the side jamb and with the ability to stack to either side of the opening, enabling unlimited widths—something never achieved in a bi-fold door.

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Created by a Landscape Architect, Gravelpave2 has been the designers trusted choice for low maintenance porous paving since 1991. With a remarkable compressive strength, 5 times that of concrete, (15,940 psi) Gravelpave2 can support the weight of virtually any vehicle. The lightweight and flexible rolls allow for quick and easy installation while the ability to cut with pruning shears offers design versatility. Gravelpave2 is stocked in Granite and Black but is also available in custom colors, making the possibilities limitless.

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Color That’s Over the Top

Durapon 70 is a unique resin blend that incorporates our proprietary acrylic and 70% polyvinylidine fluoride (PVDF). It was designed as a premium finish to provide outstanding color stability and gloss retention, exceptional abrasion and chemical resistance, and great film flexibility.

Durapon 70 High Performance Spray PVDF extrusion coating utilizes the same proprietary acrylic and PVDF resins that our coil coating. This unique resin blend is optimized for use in spray factory applied applications to meet AAMA 2605 specifications. With its proven performance record, Durapon 70 High Performance Spray is the ideal choice for monumental projects large or small.

Both Durapon 70 for coil and extrusion coating can be formulated using “cool” pigments to comply with industry energy conservation initiatives such as LEED, Title 24, Energy Star, and ASHARE.

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