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April 14, 2021

Get on the Bus, Gus

Not often am I left speechless. That said, in trying to come up with an idea for this installment of Product Wire, I suffered writer’s block. After a day or two of fruitlessness, my moment of anagnorisis came—education is life-long is it not?—when I realized I needed to stop fighting myself, and indeed, heed my own advice. In discussing the magazine to those not familiar with it, I often make the analogy of the old Sears “Wishbook” of my youth—its point is inspiration to reveal good stuff. Looking at last issue’s cover on my desk, I found mine—schools—and the welcome introduction of mixed colors and materials. Speaking of inspired, having looked at thousands of products in my tenure, it’s not easy for me to be “wowed”—especially concerning products of a more utilitarian nature. That said, a new twist on the classic Solatube at a Texas elementary school, knocked my socks off. Take a look for yourself, as well as some other great products making schools much more friendlier places of learning.

New & Noteworthy

From Mundane to Marvelous

Sunnyvale Independent School District was driven to create a new type of school design due to a shift in the way they were educating their students. The Intermediate school was their first new building under this change and was designed to align the built environment with the educational platform thus supporting the new style of interaction between the students and teachers.

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Not Quite Natural

At Lisle Elementary School in the Chicago suburbs, an immediately striking feature is the sprawling wood-look plank ceiling that greets students outside in the canopies at the school’s south and east entrances. The natural aesthetic of wood continues into the school’s corridors,where the design team from Perkins + Will specified CertainTeed perforated ceiling panels in Rift Cut White Oak veneer for their natural look and acoustic qualities.

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Connecting Sky & Earth, Light & Shadow

Designed by Landscape Forms and Designworks, a BMW Group company, the Typology Collection is an innovative seating and lighting system that adds dynamic new dimension to the urban experience, enveloping the visitor—both from above and below—in uniquely immersive design. Modular seating with integral lighting seemingly floats throughout the landscape, accompanying light from the sculptural luminaires above. Adaptable and systematic, Typology complements existing architecture to guide the movement of people and create unique, three-dimensional spaces that invite and connect, surprise and inspire.

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New Euro Style Partitions

Bradley’s new collection of beautiful Euro style partitions give restroom guests a fresh and welcomed surprise in commercial restrooms. Three new models, including Float Series, Lucent Series and Loft Series, add refined style, elegance, and resiliency to your restroom creations. With a selection of design elements like enameled tempered glass, minimalist frameless construction, flush surfaces, LED occupancy lighting and floating-on-air aesthetics, each partition model creates an unexpectedly gorgeous bathroom setting. Advanced new materials and technology complement the partitions’ beauty.

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Cleaner Air for Safer, Healthier Environments

Look to the 24/7 Defend portfolio for solutions that work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including the VidaShield UV24 Air Purification System that helps neutralize harmful airborne pathogens in a room’s air, AirAssure Ceilings, which increase the effectiveness of in-ceiling air filtration and purification systems by up to 40%, and CleanAssure products that meet CDC recommendations for cleaning and disinfecting. 24/7 Defend products can also help with acoustics while addressing the most stringent industry sustainability standards.

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Designing with Nature in Mind - Sculpted Ashlar

Nature-inspired textures and colorways such as those found in Sculpted Ashlar reinforce our connections to the natural world in a unique, multi-sensory way. Lightweight and easy to install, stone veneer from Cultured Stone ranges in style from traditional to contemporary and provides specifiers with creative control when developing spaces for commercial and residential projects. Available in four colors, Sculpted Ashlar is the latest profile to marry modern mojo with classic charm, offering mixed stone sizes and prominent, precise grout lines.

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NanaWall Next Generation Performance bi-fold door NW Aluminum 840.

The result is the slimmest, most energy efficient bi-fold door available. Panels are capable of heights up to 11’ 6”. The patented TwinX enables the system to meet higher wind loads but also conceals the hinges. Panels can move in stacks of 4 or 6, unattached to the side jamb and with the ability to stack to either side of the opening, enabling unlimited widths—something never achieved in a bi-fold door.

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Configuring and Organizing Outline Specs Online

If you are working on a typical design project, you may be required under the Owner-Architect agreement to provide an Outline Specification. However, many contracts do not define this type of specification, nor provide guidance on how to write them. Thankfully, online resources such as ARCAT have developed ways to quickly complete an Outline Specification and configure the Short Form Specifications within. These specifications, written by CSI Fellows, can be generated and downloaded for free on

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Color That’s Over the Top

Durapon 70 is a unique resin blend that incorporates our proprietary acrylic and 70% polyvinylidine fluoride (PVDF). It was designed as a premium finish to provide outstanding color stability and gloss retention, exceptional abrasion and chemical resistance, and great film flexibility. Durapon 70 High Performance Spray PVDF extrusion coating utilizes the same proprietary acrylic and PVDF resins that our coil coating. This unique resin blend is optimized for use in spray factory applied applications to meet AAMA 2605 specifications. With its proven performance record, Durapon 70 High Performance Spray is the ideal choice for monumental projects large or small.Both Durapon 70 for coil and extrusion coating can be formulated using “cool” pigments to comply with industry energy conservation initiatives such as LEED, Title 24, Energy Star, and ASHARE.

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