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January 13, 2021

A Federal Case

Later this year marks the 30th anniversary of ADA—landmark Federal legislation. Starting in the coming issue, we’ll begin a series on the subject. The inaugural installment focuses on efforts being made at historic facilities, including within San Francisco’s City hall, the site of a somewhat controversial curved ramp that split from the historic décor. That said, recent events, of course, have me thinking about access to governmental facilities, including one of the most historic, the Capitol Building—site to last week’s infamous breach of security and sanctity. As I watched invaders literally scale walls to gain entry, it shattered many illusions of safety. But given the ADA context, the building’s mighty staircase, so prominent in the news coverage, also sent home for me a realization that this nation not only has a long way to go in repairing the fabric of its citizenry, but also in truly realizing the legacy of ADA. Following are a handful of security and access products—some that were Product Innovation Award winners, and some that point to lighting as a means of wayfinding—the latter idea, perhaps, even more critical in this dark, national, time.

New & Noteworthy

Exterior Lighting Aids Net-Zero Effort

Plaza Verde is a housing complex on the University of California Irvine (UCI) campus. KTGY Architecture + Planning was commissioned to design the complex to connect east campus housing with the main institutional buildings. “Security—real and perceived—is always a key consideration for undergraduate student housing,” said Benjamin Kasdan, associate principal at KTGY. “The goal is to ensure the resident students feel safe, but also to reassure their parents.”

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2020 Product Innovation Award (PIA) Winner

Lumos Solar lives at the intersection of solar, design and architecture and provides unmatched solar functionality through aesthetically beautiful and cutting-edge architectural solutions. Lumos is committed to bringing the world the most innovative and beautiful solar on the planet and its latest award-winning product, the SolarZone, does just that.

The SolarZone is a customizable seating solution that allows gathering at a safe social distance while providing a comfortable, functional and great looking shaded seating area with solar charging capabilities. Businesses are planning for a reimagined future, so it’s crucial they look at practical and sustainable solutions like the SolarZone.

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A Whole New Platform for Change.

Koala Kare’s new KB310 and KB311 units represent our investment in craftsmanship. One-piece, deep-drawn, uniform-grain stainless steel components eliminate seams, sharp edges and weld lines. New thoughtfully-designed patron amenities—including an enhanced liner dispenser and convenient bag hook—improve the end-user experience.

With hygiene and safety on everyone’s mind, product owners and end users alike will appreciate the added protection from Microban, the world leader in built-in antimicrobial technology. KB310 and KB311 bed surfaces feature exclusive antimicrobial additives that inhibit growth of bacteria on the product’s surface and will provide ongoing protection for its expected lifetime.

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Panels in a Variety of Metal Options

The Dri-Design Metal Panel System can be manufactured in a wide variety of metal options. With the capability to produce panels from Aluminum, Zinc, Stainless Steel, Weathering Steel and virtually any flat or lightly embossed metal, the options are nearly endless. Different materials can also be used in conjunction with other options, like shadow, tapered and perforated series panels. Regardless of design choice, Dri-Design’s patented and highly tested attachment and water management system is at the foundation of everything we do. Aesthetic versatility and performance in one system.

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Celebrating 30 Years of Assisting Architects

Since 1991, ARCAT has assisted architecture professionals in their search for the best products for their projects. Starting as a desktop reference with listings and manufacturer’s catalogs, ARCAT has evolved into the #1 most-used website for finding building product information. Today ARCAT is an invaluable tool for AEC professionals, offering a powerful product search engine that is backed up by quality CAD, BIM, and specifications—at no cost to the user and without requiring registration.

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Modular 24”x24” Cumaru Wood Tiles

Built in 1896 in Jersey City, NJ, the firehouse was the original home to JCFD’s Hook & Ladder No.3. Recently renovated into a residential loft, the once unoccupiable roof is now an 800-sq-ft rooftop deck. This incredible outdoor space includes an outdoor kitchen and lounge area all resting atop Bison Cumaru Wood Tiles supported by Bison Versadjust Pedestals. Weighing only 24 lbs. apiece, Bison’s 24”x24” Cumaru Wood Tiles allow for quick and easy installation. With an FSC-certified option, smooth finish, and multiple sizes available, Bison Cumaru Wood Tiles offer the design flexibility to create versatile, unique rooftop environments specific to a project’s particular needs and aesthetic.

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Bold Visual Effects with New Box Rib Wall Panels

The four new Precision Series Box Rib panels are 1-3/8 in. deep with a nominal 12-in. width and feature 87- degree rib angles and a variety of rib spacing patterns. These ribbed wall panels create attractive lines and shadows for the exterior of any building with cost-effective installation. Each profile is offered in a no-clip or clip-fastened panel to accommodate expansion and contraction. Panels may be installed both vertically and horizontally. Additionally, these panels may be perforated in aluminum for use in screen applications, over graphics or for a layer of texture.

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