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June 16, 2021

Don’t Be Passive About Using Color

In the last issue of Architectural Products, we ran a story about trends in the use of color in spaces today. Some I thought were spot on. For example, strategically using color, as well as texture, and pattern, as a means to create reminders of zoning and physical distancing without erecting walls or partitions. At the same time, Tile of Spain, in its annual color report, noted muted colors were in, particularly matte finishes. While I have no doubt this observation is valid, given all the negative impact of COVID this past year-plus, I say no way. Color, color and more color. Perhaps it’s the fact that the roses I planted in my garden two years ago, are frankly, going gonzo, but I love the rich, bold tones. It’s definitely a boost. So, that said, following are a few colorful products I think will add brightness to any day.

New & Noteworthy

Edgy Stone

Known for its exquisite glass mosaics, Sicis has crossed the line from glass mosaics into completely modern territory with new edgy looks in large-format glass techniques. Dubbed “Electric Marble,” the new line is born of complex industrial processes and an artful color study, that, in combination create the stunning effect of abstract, chromatic content inside an otherwise natural stone slab.

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Its design inspired by global travel, the iD Mixonomi line combines several colors, ranging from calm neutrals, to striking primaries, along with a large array of shapes, to create stunning grids. The customizable LVT flooring system allows many options without the associated price tag.

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Jumbo HSS Help Ceilings Soar

When the Olin Business School at Washington University wanted a show-stopping glass atrium for their new expansion, the challenge was finding materials that would let them build the soaring space they wanted without going over budget or ruining the aesthetics with ugly supporting structures. Jumbo HSS from Atlas Tube gave them the tools they needed, supporting the curved glass ceiling with attractive exposed members, and giving the space’s custom stairwell the torsional resistance necessary to curve in two directions. If you’re looking for stronger support, better efficiency and superior aesthetics, Atlas Tube Jumbo HSS can help.

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Cut the Cord with Powered Suspension

Imagine a world where a power cord didn't distract from the beauty of a light fixture. That world is possible with the Rincon Powered Suspension System from Griplock Systems. Everyone notices the power cord when it's there because it's big, ugly, and distracting. With Rincon, the only thing people will take note of is your fixture. More and more of our lighting manufacturing customers are engineering their fixtures to use Rincon, like mnima with their award-winning Noctiflor chandelier. Learn more about Rincon and contact our engineers to see how you can incorporate it into your next design.

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New Euro Style Partitions

Bradley introduces its new collection of elegant Euro style partitions that will create a stunning backdrop to your restroom designs. Three distinctive new models, including Float Series, Lucent Series and Loft Series, are available in an array of attractive color options that add a fresh vibe to your restroom creations. With clean, crisp, and modern design elements like enameled tempered glass, minimalist frameless construction, flush surface construction, and floating-on-air aesthetics, each partition model is designed to amaze restroom guests.

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Flowing Lines. Soaring Arches. Zero Compromises.

When it comes to design flexibility, our ceiling and wall solutions have the versatility to drive innovative concepts ahead of the curve. So when your one-of-a-kind design calls for an oculus carved into an expansive wood-clad dome, we have you covered—without compromise. The You Inspire Solutions Center collaborates with you to bring your custom ideas to life. WoodWorks Linear solid wood panels can conform to your vision while saturating the interior with warm sophistication.

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Evolve Max Cubicles

Last year, Bobrick launched Evolve Cubicles for affordable, European-style privacy. Now, Bobrick introduces Evolve Max, featuring 79 5/8″-tall doors, 80″-tall divider panels and 1″ floor clearance. With Evolve Max, you can improve upon Evolve’s standard 72″ doors and panels with 9″ floor clearance while enjoying the same advantages. Suitable for heavy traffic and standard use buildings, Evolve’s Compact Grade Laminate (CGL) doors and panels and fully anodized aluminum framing system provide durability while 72″-wide, single-piece divider panels optimize aesthetics and maintain compliance.

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Air on the Side of Comfort

Let guests and residents find their comfort zone. LG Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems offer installation choices and performance for modern comfort. And when paired with the LG MultiSITE Connectivity Suite, you get easy-to-use system control and information for multi-unit buildings. 

The Suite also works with top occupancy-based energy management systems, and can be installed wired or wirelessly. Plus, we offer the simplicity of integrating into your existing IP infrastructure without information or capacity loss.

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Perforated 7.2 Panels add Texture and Layering

“We really wanted to bring shading into the building, and the west canopy also creates a gathering space as well as an entry,” Stacia Ledesma of SmithGroup says, adding that the west canopy also appears to continue into the building, creating a signature ceiling element. “It really brings that texture and layering into the building—It blends the interior and exterior space.”

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BIM Continues to Offer Cost and Time Benefits

As BIM adoption grows every year, more AEC professionals are enjoying its benefits. Use of BIM Libraries can lead to a decrease in project time, faster cost estimates, better coordination, better safety, accurate visualization, and much more. But where to get BIM Libraries? While many quality generic models are available online, use of a model based on a manufacturer’s specific product can have many more benefits. That’s where companies like ARCAT have stepped in, offering leading manufacturer BIM files for free and without registration.

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