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July 21, 2021

Hardworking Colors

It feels as if everything multitasks today—people and products. Lighting systems can connect to the internet and offer insights into how to use the space in a building more efficiently. Materials are designed to have multiple useful lives. Even colors offer more than just being pretty. From the mountain of research that links certain colors to health and wellness benefits to the development of paint colors that break down odors and improve indoor air quality, color has never been equipped to work harder.

Here are a few products that demonstrate how color is being used to accomplish more than stunning and on-trend aesthetics.

New & Noteworthy

On the Down Low

Estudio Ceramico’s Frost and Exagres’ Milan are examples of the focus the manufacturers of Tile of Spain are putting on creating collections that foster safe and sustainable environments. Tile of Spain, is the brand representing 120 ceramic tile manufacturers belonging to the Spanish Ceramic Tile Manufacturer’s Assn. (ASCER).

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A Soundproof Pod

Workplace pioneer Framery is serious about creating happiness in the office, and recently launched Framery One. Available in eight timeless colors, including White, Gray, Black, Powder Blue, Winter Moss, Sand, Blush and Navy, these hues reflect color trends that are popular when designing for wellbeing and comfort.

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Glass Block In Creative Architecture

The Real-Time Control Building #3 (RTC3) in Edmonton, Canada is a beautiful example of how glass is used creatively in architecture. Seves Glass Block encases this circular municipal infrastructure building, creating a stunning landmark that celebrates engineering as part of the fabric of everyday life. The task of fitting glass block around a circular structure was daunting, but the spectacular results have garnered awards for the design firm, gh3. The RTC3 is a control gate that houses equipment for storm and sanitary water flow. As the structure extrudes above ground, the glass block surface catches the light, brightening the surroundings and providing infinite geometries of reflection.

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Lobby? No, it’s your washroom.
 Welcome to the new standard for Basis of Design in washrooms.

Whoever said the washroom (the most frequented room in any building) shouldn’t be as nice as the lobby? ASI just gave the washroom a makeover—you can too.

The world's leading manufacturer of commercial washrooms, which includes our exclusive Velare and Piatto Collection of washroom accessories and our Alpaco Partition Collection, embraces a marriage of simplicity and functionality that creates a collection that has ASI’s exclusive Ultimate Privacy at its heart.

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ALPOLIC Heralds the Success of a Small Business

Premium retailer James Royce Rug Gallery trusted ALPOLIC metal composite materials to showcase their museum-quality collection in West Hollywood, California. With nearly unlimited finishes and the widest gloss range, the design team at Cali Architects was empowered to create a sophisticated design with lightweight, sustainable and easy-to-maintain ALPOLIC MCM. Small business owners need curb appeal to succeed and the chic façade featuring ALPOLIC black and stainless steel fashioned a storefront that demanded to be noticed.

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New Hanover GRIDLOC

Engineered for strength, Hanover’s GRIDLOC System opens up a world of possibilities for architects and designers. GRIDLOC is a lightweight structural support underlayment that creates a continuous fully supported, monolithic floor surface. Anything from Porcelain Pavers to interlocking concrete Prest Brick can be accommodated; paving unit sizes and patterns are endless.

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Bison Innovative Products: Paver Tray System

The Merritt Athletic Club recently underwent 20 million dollars in renovations and was voted the best gym in Baltimore, MD. The crown jewel is a 25,000 square-foot rooftop deck, located on top of the new fitness area and parking garage. The deck includes a children’s pool, an adults-only pool, and a hot tub. The deck also features a full bar and restaurant complete with 360-degree views of the city. The rooftop deck was constructed using Bison Versadjust Pedestals, Block Bianco 2CM Pavers, and Paver Trays. The Bison Paver Tray System not only offers a simple and lightweight paver backing to enhance the structural integrity of the pavers, but also allows for design flexibility and functionality in the space.

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Extraordinary Exteriors

Come Rain, Shine or even Hurricanes… Gordon’s WinLok Exterior Soffit and Screenwall Systems are here to stay! Gordon’s WinLok Systems perform effectively in extreme weather conditions, without compromising the aesthetics of design or the functionality of 100% accessibility for effortless maintenance and servicing. Offered in factory-applied, super-durable, AAMA 2604 & 2605 exterior powder coated finishes, Gordon’s WinLok Systems are the ideal choice for areas where buildings are susceptible to extreme weather such as hurricane and tornadic conditions.

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