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June 30, 2021

Bridge, Bike and Ben Franklin Bon Amie

In the latest issue of AP, we take a look at city life, including urban waterfront re-development. The opening spread of the latter story is of a new HQ on the Delaware, opposite Philadelphia’s skyline, with the Ben Franklin Bridge connecting the two. The photo made me smile, as presently frustrated with increasingly entangled summer vacation plans, it reminded me of a nice weekend in Philly prior to one of the last pre-pandemic tradeshows I covered—Lightfair 2019. Specifically, my wife and I took advantage of their rentable bike program, and pedaled all around town, including a market right on the river in a former warehouse at the foot of the bridge. Although it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, I quite enjoy the city of Brotherly Love, including an English-themed restaurant dubbed the Dandy Lion. Perhaps take the city in via bike next time. In the interim, following are a few products relating to waterfronts, more people-friendly street reclamation, and unique dining spots.

New & Noteworthy


99.97%* Cleaner Air Is Within Arm's Reach

You want users to feel comfortable in a building-especially in the restroom. Give guests a better sense of confidence. HEPA-filtered VERDEdri checks all the boxes specifiers-like you-look for in a drying solution. It dries hands fast with 99.97% cleaner air*. Plus, it delivers high energy efficiency, improved sound quality, and meets ADA compliance. Can your current installation deliver all that and be Cleaner than AirT?

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Lobby? No, it’s your washroom.
 Welcome to the new standard for Basis of Design in washrooms.

Whoever said the washroom (the most frequented room in any building) shouldn’t be as nice as the lobby? ASI just gave the washroom a makeover—you can too.

The world's leading manufacturer of commercial washrooms, which includes our exclusive Velare and Piatto Collection of washroom accessories and our Alpaco Partition Collection, embraces a marriage of simplicity and functionality that creates a collection that has ASI’s exclusive Ultimate Privacy at its heart.

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NanaWall Next Generation Performance bi-fold door NW Aluminum 840

The result is the slimmest, most energy efficient bi-fold door available. Panels are capable of heights up to 11’ 6”. The patented TwinX enables the system to meet higher wind loads but also conceals the hinges. Panels can move in stacks of 4 or 6, unattached to the side jamb and with the ability to stack to either side of the opening, enabling unlimited widths—something never achieved in a bi-fold door.

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Solarban Acuity Glass

Get less green, for less green. Acuity low-iron glass by Vitro Architectural Glass is 60% less green than ordinary clear glass, and when combined with any Solarban low-e coating, you can achieve the truly clear look you want and the energy performance you need for a fraction of the total façade cost.

Vitro market research indicates the installed cost of a standard glass and metal curtainwall averages $90 per square foot nationally. Upgrading a low-e coated clear insulating glass unit (IGU) to Solarban Acuity glass typically will increase the total installed curtainwall cost by only $1-2 per square foot.

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Theater Limits Noise Intrusion With BILCO's Acoustical Smoke Vents

The BILCO Company’s acoustical smoke vents were used to help transform a former warehouse into a 3-stage theater at The Gordy in Houston. Architects specified seven acoustical smoke vents from BILCO for the project featuring STC-50 and OITC-46 sound ratings, the highest on the market, to help limit outside noise intrusion. The smoke vents also include standard properties that help firefighters bring a fire under control by removing smoke, heat and gases from a burning building.

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Better, Beautiful Retrofits with Kalwall Daylighting

Retrofitting is about more than building on a budget. It’s about creating environments that are healthier for everyone. Old, drafty buildings reduce the comfort, wellness and productivity of building occupants while incurring unnecessarily high utility costs for building owners. Retrofitting with Kalwall offers a simple, beautiful solution for updating outdated façades or skylights. Kalwall’s superior thermal performance, solar heat gain control and museum-quality daylighting create healthy environments with powerful energy savings.

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ArchLIGHT Summit Event to Launch September 21-22, 2021 in Dallas

Dallas Market Center will launch a new lighting expo September 21-22 aimed at the architectural, specification and design communities. The two days will include more than 20 seminars and panel discussions offering architects, lighting designers, specifiers and interior designers timely and accredited sessions focused on evolving lighting solutions, as well as personal development, business optimization and opportunities to explore diversity and inclusion within these disciplines.

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