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June 17, 2020

Best Laid Plans…

There’s a series of popular before/after mimes going around involving 2020 plans prior to, and—blown up—due to the COVID-19 virus. I’ve been especially feeling the latter’s toll, as May and June are always heavy travel months for this editor. In fact, about this time, I was supposed to be in New York City for the IESNY’s annual lighting awards, of which I helped judge just prior to the pandemic striking. Like Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland, I too “Like New York in June,” and was looking forward to celebrating my wife’s birthday there… The lesson learned is flexibility is a must in this alien world we now occupy. In suit, AP has ramped up its lighting coverage in an effort to showcase the many lighting debuts we would have seen at Lightfair, LEDucation and even NeoCon. Many new lighting products are reflecting a need for greater flexibility—be sure to check out the July issue coming soon. In the interim, here is a sampling of great products highlighted in the May-June issue.

New & Noteworthy

Modern Delight

Delicately floating, the Papillons collection combine whimsical shapes, the colors of Mondrian and Miró, and LED technology for a very artful form. Available in several configurations, these light sculptures offer scale to modern primitive environments that playfully allow the activity of movement within its space.

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Color Tuning Made Easy

A simple, flexible, all-in-one color-tuning solution, Athena, from Lutron, maximizes the company’s acquisition of Ketra, to elevates everyday experiences with light. The system marries best-in-class control with simple app-based setup, in a solution that works equally for new construction or retrofits.

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See the Design, Not the Sprinkler

The Tyco Model CWS Concealed Window Sprinkler is a specific application sprinkler that is a cost-effective alternative to fire-rated glass. The sprinkler discharges an even coat of water when activated, which cools the window to help prevent shattering in a fire event. The flat-plate concealed design houses the sprinkler above the ceiling and the cover plate is available in a variety of colors and finishes. This solution offers the cost-saving and aesthetic benefits of using non-fire-rated glass, while also providing an effective fire protection solution that blends into the ceiling.

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New Iconic Profile Makes WashBar a Winner

Bradley raised the bar even higher for all-in-one hand washing with the next generation of its completely touch-free WashBar series. The striking new design delivers clean+rinse+dry functionality along with an ultra-modern and edgier profile that is ideal for today’s commercial washrooms.

The next generation WashBar features a thin, L-shaped design that gives the feel the all-in-one fixture is floating above the sink for a sleek aesthetic. With only one connection point to the sink, the unique design provides more open space for easier cleaning while providing a striking design element.

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NEW Perimeter Spacer

Creating an edge restraint for roof paver applications, Hanover's NEW Perimeter Spacer has been designed for conditions in which pavers must be cut to fit along the roof perimeter. The Perimeter Spacer's spring action design allows for easy installation and helps to maintain a tight roof paver system. The slots of the Perimeter Spacer fit onto the tabs of the Elevator Top Plate or High-Tab Pedestal. Adjustments are easily made by sliding the spacer to fit snugly along the edge of the paver.

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Verge Soap Dispenser and Faucet Sets

Unify the look of your washrooms with Bradley’s new matching Verge soap dispenser and faucet sets. These perfect touch-free handwashing pairings enhance the look of Verge washbasins and work seamlessly with any other basin.

Choose from an industry-leading collection of the most styles, finishes and advanced features. Verge soap and faucet sets include advanced sensing technology, hidden sensors to deter tampering, optimized sensing to eliminate false activations, longer spouts for more handwashing space, and cast brass spout construction with popular and environmentally friendly PVD finishes.

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Helping to build the American dream since 1971

Fabcon’s first precast panels rolled off the line in 1971, and since then we’ve been instrumental in shaping the growth trajectories of big and small companies alike. Structural precast is the perfect product for organizations interested not only in making their mark, but in building their legacy. Discover how Fabcon’s value proposition of speed, versatility and lower operating costs have figured into a multitude of American Success Stories across a wide range of business segments, from canned foods to fishing gear.

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Structural Thermal Barriers Save Energy

While Azon does not make windows, the company does offer turnkey technology for the manufacture of polyurethane polymer thermal barrier aluminum fenestration. Using thermal barriers to improve energy savings in the window assembly helps manufacturers meet strict energy codes and standards worldwide, ranging from monumental architectural to residential aluminum window classes. The newest ultra-performance Azo-Core high-density foam thermal barrier by Azon contains the best combination of energy efficiency and the highest shear strength of all thermal barriers used in the most demanding climates and conditions.

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Vibrance with Highline S1 Panel System

The upper two-thirds of this Technical Education Center is clad with Petersen’s Precision Series Highline S1 panel system in three shades of red, gray and white, as specified by Pfluger Architects. All of the panels are installed at varying depths, which enhances shadowing throughout the day. The mix of finishes and profiles adds a high-tech appeal, with vibrant colors that pop and bold dimension to this facade.

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Commercial-grade Muscle

Helping larger structures save energy is no easy task. But TYPAR MetroWrap is engineered to excel at air holdout and contribute to higher efficiency. In fact, we deliver a complete system of flashings, tapes and accessories to shut down penetration at all points of vulnerability. What’s more, TYPAR MetroWrap beats the leading competition in water holdout as well, while allowing walls to breathe safely at an optimized level. Not enough? It also provides industry-leading tear strength to hold tight during construction and can be exposed to UV light on the jobsite for a full 12 months.

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