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July 15, 2020

Au Natural

Perhaps it’s because I’ve been walking around a lot bare footed this summer, but the feel of the earth on my toes and soles has me more in tune with natural materials. This may explain the earthen undertone to the last Product Development section in the magazine, which featured some amazing looks at what’s being done with stone, clay and wood. Following are a few examples, which may help your clients realize a biophilic connection.

New & Noteworthy


Helping to build the American dream since 1971

Fabcon’s first precast panels rolled off the line in 1971, and since then we’ve been instrumental in shaping the growth trajectories of big and small companies alike. Structural precast is the perfect product for organizations interested not only in making their mark, but in building their legacy. Discover how Fabcon’s value proposition of speed, versatility and lower operating costs have figured into a multitude of American Success Stories across a wide range of business segments, from canned foods to fishing gear.

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Add Years of Life to Aged Roofs

Extend the life of aged roofs with Garland’s LiquiTec fluid-applied waterproofing system built to form a virtually impenetrable surface over modified bitumen, metal and single-ply systems for years of added waterproofing protection. This two-component, 100% solids, aliphatic polyurea coating contains zero VOCs, is extremely low odor, and cures quickly to form a highly durable, impact and UV resistant membrane. LiquiTec can also be used as a repair material for maintenance applications and is easily applied by brush, roller and squeegee.

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Metal Panels Offer a Value Solution

With the introduction of EN-V by Dri-Design, the company aims to restore the true meaning of “value" in value engineering. Without cheapening the metal panel system, the company has optimized its processes to deliver cost savings without sacrificing performance or longevity. EN-V is a surprisingly economical and tested, architectural, dry-joint, pressure-equalized rainscreen system. The product doesn’t compromise on aesthetics either, as it is available in dozens of standard colors as well as custom color-matching capabilities that make the possibilities nearly endless.

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Perforated Panels add Texture and Layering

We really wanted to bring shading into the building, and the west canopy also creates a gathering space as well as an entry,” Stacia Ledesma of SmithGroup says, adding that the west canopy also appears to continue into the building, creating a signature ceiling element. “It really brings that texture and layering into the building – It blends the interior and exterior space.

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