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September 22, 2021

Trending: Architecturally Integrated Lighting

Embedded light coves, illuminated ledges, and downlights incorporated into ceilings and ceiling tiles are nothing new. And yet, architecturally integrated lighting is hot right now. The reason? Interior designers, architects, and building owners/operators are looking for the chief benefits lighting integration carries as they have been tasked with quickly renovating offices and buildings to accommodate new tenants and recreate old spaces post COVID-19. In addition to its obvious retrofit benefits, integrated lighting can also reduce maintenance and overall costs while providing unique visual effects. Below are just a few prime examples that might assist in your next project.

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Discover How Air Becomes Comfort

By combining humanity and technology, heritage and innovation, we find the perfect balance to create living spaces where you can enjoy clean healthy air. For over 80 years, Hitachi Cooling & Heating has been driven by the challenge to reshape the perception and possibilities of climate control solutions for the residential and commercial spaces and for those that work with it in a professional capacity. We strive to improve existing technologies and innovate as lifestyles and business evolve.

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Glass Block In Creative Architecture

The Real-Time Control Building #3 (RTC3) in Edmonton, Canada is a beautiful example of how glass is used creatively in architecture. Saves Glass Block encases this circular municipal infrastructure building, creating a stunning landmark that celebrates engineering as part of the fabric of everyday life. The task of fitting glass block around a circular structure was daunting, but the spectacular results have garnered awards for the design firm, gh3. The RTC3 is a control gate that houses equipment for storm and sanitary water flow. As the structure extrudes above ground, the glass block surface catches the light, brightening the surroundings and providing infinite geometries of reflection.

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Vibrant Fixtures Add Light, Dimension to Mall Common Areas

Oakwood Center, a dynamic shopping destination in Gretna, LA, utilizes over 250 LIGHTBLOCKS’ Designer fixtures to create a distinctive ceiling feature in several custom colors and configurations. These are hung in different patterns at various heights to add movement, dimension and character to the mall’s common areas. LIGHTBLOCKS' Designer is used when requiring  precise color and translucency for both illuminated and non-illuminated applications. LIGHTBLOCKS has a vast selection of standard and customizable products well-suited for endless applications in every industry.

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Fire-Rated Aluminum Windows and Door Systems

Aluflam’s arched window frame capabilities and butt-joint glazing, fit perfectly within the arch-shaped openings of a critical historical renovation, giving you a barrier to fire, not inspiration. Fire-rated for up to 120 minutes and built to blend effortlessly with non-rated storefront and curtain wall systems, our portfolio is virtually limitless. Aluflam North America, a recognized leader in fire-rated aluminum/glass construction, has become known for its top-of-the-line true aluminum vision doors, windows and glazed wall systems.

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Paver Tray System

The Merritt Athletic Club recently underwent 20 million dollars in renovations and was voted the best gym in Baltimore, MD. The crown jewel is a 25,000 square-foot rooftop deck, located on top of the new fitness area and parking garage. The deck includes a children’s pool, an adults-only pool, and a hot tub. The deck also features a full bar and restaurant complete with 360-degree views of the city. The rooftop deck was constructed using Bison Versadjust Pedestals, Block Bianco 2CM Pavers, and Paver Trays. The Bison Paver Tray System not only offers a simple and lightweight paver backing to enhance the structural integrity of the pavers, but also allows for design flexibility and functionality in the space.

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New Hanover GRIDLOC

Engineered for strength, Hanover’s GRIDLOC System opens up a world of possibilities for architects and designers. GRIDLOC is a lightweight structural support underlayment that creates a continuous fully supported, monolithic floor surface. Anything from Porcelain Pavers to interlocking concrete Prest Brick can be accommodated; paving unit sizes and patterns are endless.

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