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May 15, 2019

Acoustics are Integral to Wellbeing

Often the first thing cut from a budget, acoustic materials, are typically the first thing added back into a space once employees complain of loud and dysfunctional work environments.

Building acoustics and room acoustics are two separate things, says BuzziSpace global acoustic ambassador, Daniel Verlooven. Building acoustics neutralize the low frequencies and ambient noise associated with building-related mechanical systems; but, often, the dynamics of room acoustics go unresolved. In addition to Verlooven’s acoustical mission, a main tenet of the WELL Building Standard is also bringing room acoustics to the forefront, ranking an individual’s acoustic comfort high in its list of user centered spaces.

Below you’ll find a deeper look at some products, materials, and systems that can add to a space’s overall acoustic comfort.

New & Noteworthy

Goodbye to Noisy Spaces

A recognizable hat-shaped decorative pendant with excellent sound absorption capabilities, BuzziHat’s unique design combines an upholstered component with a metal shade. The upholstered foam body is available in a wide palette of color and fabric combinations, while the metal shade and ring come in four finishes (black, white, beige, red and gold).

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Sound Solution

Acousti-Mat sound mats, paired with Maxxon Underlayment, reduces sound transmission through floors and adds fire resistance to wood-frame construction. Systems can be specified to offer multiple levels of sound control, with compression strengths up to 5,500 psi.

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Aesthetic Acoustic

Envirocoustic wood-wool acoustic ceiling and wall panels are manufactured using just three ingredients: wood fiber, cement and water. The panels absorb sound to reduce echo and reverberation, and are available in many sizes and colors, and can be painted in a range of SonoKote colors.

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The Proof is in the Flooring

Building products can easily claim numerous accolades of their technologies, but the real proof comes through end-user feedback. A great example of such well-vetted research is Johns Hopkins Hospital’s 90-day testing program of 20 resilient and non-carpet flooring products. Emerging from the pack was Ecore Commercial Flooring’s Terrain Rx, a rubber fusion-bonded to a contemporary, modern heterogeneous vinyl sheet surface.

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WashBar Welcomes Users with Smart Design

The integrated design of Bradley’s WashBar welcomes users with accessibility, intuitive interaction and high-functionality. Comprised of a single piece of chrome plated metal that houses soap, water and dryer in one “smart” touch-free fixture, the WashBar features LED lighting and easy-to-read icons that guide the user through effortless washing. The WashBar’s innovative design ensures each clean, rinse or dry function will not accidentally activate a neighboring function. The result is a seamless and refreshing hand washing experience.

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New Downlight Collection Provides Tailored Solution

The all-new LED downlight collection from Williams provides a tailored solution for sleek and modern architectural lighting. With 2, 4, 6 and 8-inch apertures available in round, square, fixed, adjustable and shallow plenum styles, the downlights help create ambiance in every environment. Featuring a variety of trims and beam angles, each LED downlight guarantees flawless illumination. The innovative TrimLock reflection retention system ensures the trim remains flush with ceiling plane. Engineered with demanding environments in mind, Williams downlights are IP65 rated, CCEA Chicago Plenum approved and Energy Star certified, with industry-leading efficacies as high as 120 lumens/watts.

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Clearly Different

With Guardian UltraClear low-iron glass, the difference is clear. An innovative process reduces iron oxide content—achieving stunningly clear glass that transmits abundant light. In standard glass, iron content creates a greenish tint at the surface, along the edge and in views on the other side. UltraClear glass offers beautifully transparent results, no matter the glass size or thickness.

UltraClear glass can maximize light, defy boundaries and render colors with impressive fidelity. The possibilities are endless. Combine with Guardian SunGuard low-E coatings for high-performance in commercial façades, or get the green out for interior applications.

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