PIA Award Articles

PINK Next Gen Fiberglas

Pink is the New Pink

The advanced fiber technology of PINK Next Gen Fiberglas creates a tightly woven network of soft, fine fibers that form a super-resilient blanket of insulating micro-pockets. Leveraging several new technology innovations, the new product is safe for installers and residents and faster to install than competitive insulation products and spray foam insulation. Because no hazardous chemicals are required to be mixed on the install site, there is less potential for human error, increasing peace of mind for contractors and residents. The product is designed to meet building codes and help professionals manage tight labor timelines and budgets.Judge’s Comment: “From its renewable energ


It’s Show Time

Doubling as a massive media screen, this projectable glass rainscreen stops more than 90% of wind-driven rain from reaching the air-and-vapor barrier and dissipates the rest through drainage and natural ventilation. Patented compression clips attached to the virtually shadow-free, building-scale projection screen eliminate the need for holes through the glass and the system is fully adjustable in multiple directions. Giving contractors the ability to order the glass cladding based on the approved shop drawings enables significant time savings.Judge’s Comment: “The addition of a rainscreen to any building provides benefits on energy performance and many other considerations. This


Panel Power

An aluminum accent for façades, the Accent Fin comes in six design variations: blade, mini-blade, triangle, A-frame, rectangle, and flat box. This new joint-integrated cladding accent, made of extruded aluminum, adds a high-end architectural touch to commercial projects. The product adds a brand-new design element to a flat architectural panel, which can be produced with a smooth or embossed finish and can be installed vertically or horizontally.Judge’s Comment: “Simple element that could be transformative to a static façade or wall.”


Ventilated Façade

Steni Nature façade panels are available in 12 different colors of natural stones, many with up to four different particle sizes: micro-fine, fine, medium and coarse. The cladding panels are installed as a ventilated façade and are extremely  weather-resistant. Made of stone composite, the environmentally safe Steni panels are robust and resistant to impact. These façade panels require minimal maintenance and can be cleaned with most cleaning agents used to wash homes and other buildings. Steni Nature also works very well in combination with other materials.Judge’s Comment: “The warranty and EPD sets this product apart from others.”

Doug Mockett & Co. Pergola Cast Iron Drawer Pull

Sleek and Sturdy

Easy to grasp and operate, this cast iron drawer pull, Doug Mockett & Co.'s Pergola Cast Iron Drawer Pull, combines a sturdy design with a nice appearance. Designed in a traditional form, the hardware incorporates simple contemporary contours. Dark colors and a natural gritty texture offer a farmhouse country feel.Judge’s Comment: “This is a unique material choice that stays in character with design, color and texture, instead of one material trying to look like another.” The delightful shape of this pull takes traditional form and adds simple contemporary contours to create a timeless piece.”


Powerful Beam

The SAF family of architectural floodlights from Hydrel uses powerful beam spreads with a minimalist design to provide more illumination from less luminaire. Features include IP68 ingress protection rating, 3G vibration rating, G0 BUG rating, optional IK10 impact rating, and a 2:1 field to beam distribution ratio. Available in 9-in. and 12-in. diameters.Judge’s Comment: “Great BUG rating; durability a plus!”


Fresh Look

Typology ring lights are seemingly levitating light fixtures with illumination reminiscent of the sun’s corona during an eclipse. Perched atop a steel mast, a circular strip of LEDs creates a solid ring of ambient light recognizable from almost a mile away. When viewed from underneath, the luminaires are portals to the sky. Typology stick lights break from lighting tradition such that the pole itself is one solid source of light. Available in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K.


Targeted Lighting

Intended for street and area directional lighting, Bellevue delivers with a single, modern rectilinear design. Offered in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K color temperatures and 70 and/or 80 CRI (depending on model), specifiers can choose between three unique optic types. Bellevue’s sleek, robust design features a 6-in. × 6-in. column size, with a range of column heights from 10 to 20 ft. Standard mounts include single mount, twin mount at 90 degrees or 180 degrees, a triple mount at 90 degrees, and quadruple mount. All luminaires in the Bellevue family feature a 7-pin receptacle, easy driver access, motion sensor, and GFI and CGF options.Judge’s Comment: “Excellent cove

Americh Urban Bath Apron Storage

Maximizing Storage

A clever and convenient storage solution, Americh’s Urban Bath incorporates a 3.5-in.-deep × 36-in.-long stainless-steel shelf for storing bathroom products such as shampoo, soap, loofahs, etc. The storage panel opens smoothly with hydraulic arms and closes securely with a magnet. With a removable, stainless-steel tray, it can be easy cleaned.Judge’s Comment: “This is a very clever storage idea.”

greenscreen Cafe Series Modular Planter and Bench System

Living Art

The Cafe Series Modular Planter and Bench System from greenscreen features straight or curved planters with greenscreen trellis panels on top. Curved benches and square planters can be combined with the three-dimensional welded-wire green façade panels for a variety of shapes and configurations.Judge’s Comment: “The planters add beauty and create healthy spaces with greenery that will transform any outdoor space.”