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Elevating Design with Architectural Stone Veneer

November 7th WebChat Sponsored by Eldorado Stone

This event was originally held on November 7, 2023 and is now available for on demand viewing.
Sponsor: Eldorado Stone
1 Hour

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This course will review performance and aesthetic characteristics of stone veneer and how it’s used in different applications. Learners will also explore how stone veneer contributes to biophilic design principles and helps architects specify for changing building trends.
Jeff Tew
Director of Technical + Training
Westlake Royal Stone Solutions
As the Director of Technical and Training for Westlake Royal Stone Solutions, which includes brands such as Eldorado Stone, Jeff Tew is an invaluable thought leader and resource for trade professionals. With more than 25 years of career experience, he works with masons, builders, architects and others in the construction industry to help design and build beautiful projects.
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