September 2016

The Net Zero Plus Electrical Training Institute, City of Commerce, Calif.

The Net Zero Plus Electrical Training Institute

Many equate net-zero buildings with significant solar power arrays. While renewables are a key component to any net zero energy project, there is a lot more to it than just PV. If anyone ought to know, it’s Brett Moss, training director for the L.A. County IBEW/NECA Electrical Training Institute. A 2016 complete retrofit, the school, prior to the deep-energy technology additions, already had nearly ¾ MW worth of PV on site, but that year, emerged from its cocoon, so to speak, to become the Net Zero Plus ETI, a 142,000 sq. ft., net-positive facility which generates nearly a megawatt’s worth of power, while only consuming about 740,000 kWh. While that’s a lot of renewa


Covering All the Bio-Bases

In the evolution of textiles, there has never been a product as unique Carnegie’s Xorel. Developed in the early ’70s as an alternative to conventional resilient wall finishes, paint and vinyl, the nearly indestructible product has come a long way in both design development and material formulation. Led by Cliff Goldman, the company knew it had a unique offering in Xorel, that would only improve incrementally; in 2007, when the product was certified Cradle-to-Cradle Silver, and Goldman asked ‘why not go for the gold?’ That was the impetus for the seven-year research and development efforts of vinyl-free, 60% to 85% bio-based Xorel. It is derived from sugar cane plants and is indiscernible fro


Space Center Lobby Out of this World

The Kennedy Space Center Astronaut Encounter underwent massive renovation and rebranding, which included a cohesive installation project that included flooring, wall coverings and lighting. The Kennedy Space Center Astronaut Encounter, a multimedia presentation that features live appearances from astronauts who have launched, landed, lived and worked aboard the space shuttle and/or International Space Station, recently underwent a massive renovation and rebranding project.Until recently, the multi-room national treasure, which is housed in a 25-year-old building, featured a dated lobby and holding area, 300-seat theater, restroom facilities and hallways.The major challenge was in the form of

The canopy at the Desert Sky Transit Center provides much-needed relief for riders from the Phoenix sun.

Transit Station Shines

Adaptable metal ceilings systems color Phoenix transit station, which provides commuters an upgraded, safe and centralized center. As one of the biggest users of the Phoenix bus system, Maryvale was selected by the city for an upgraded, centralized transit station to provide patrons with a safe, comfortable center, which included an exterior ceiling system. The Phoenix Transit Station wanted to create synergy with structures in the surrounding neighborhood and meet safety and performance requirements.


Dual Functionality Serves Students

As part of a new residence hall in the heart of Boston, the Berklee College of Music desired a space that would serve as a dining area by day and a performance venue for students by night. The dual function of the residence hall needed both aesthetics and acoustics as key considerations in its design. To meet the challenge, the design team at William Rawn Assocs., Architects in Boston created the “Caf,” a two-story, 400-seat space featuring a 32-ft.-high ceiling, a gracefully curved second floor balcony, and a floor-to-ceiling glass wall overlooking busy Massachusetts Ave.