May/June 2022

Walls That Move

Designed in collaboration with Marcante-Testa studio, the Flauti stoneware listels collection is a modern take on traditional Italian cladding. Flauti is known for creating the illusion of movement on walls. The visual trick is thanks to its random mesh mounted supply, which makes light reflect in different ways. It is ideal for indoor cladding in residential or commercial spaces, as well as outdoor facades. It comes in six color options.

Black&White collection

Sound Inspiration

Inspired by music, the new Black&White collection from Hisbalit represents “sound and silence.” The collection is eco-friendly and includes more than 22 different mosaic tile designs, each with a music-inspired name, such as “Piano,” “Opera,” “Melodia” and “Adagio.” Each design seeks to achieve perfect balance between the classic and the modern, while showcasing the “timeless tandem” of black and white design.

Amazonia tile

Irregular Finish, Metallic Effect

Amazonia tile brings full-color, vibrant energy to bathrooms and kitchens alike. Every tile has an irregular finish with a metallic effect. It comes in nine, ultra-glossy color varieties. Its incredible tones add a contemporary touch to any environment in a new 6.5-cm × 20-cm size.


Modern Marble That Wows

Baldocer makes a big statement with four, large-format marble tiles in the ONYX collection. The colors—including Bleu, Turquoise, Rose, and Sable Pulido—are captivating, intense and other-worldly. The collection leaves “no one indifferent,” according to a press release, as Baldocer confidently adapts marble’s timeless look into a modern design.


Flowers & Muranese Glass Pipes

Flower Power Magnolia Fuxia is a bold and romantic statement chandelier that creates a strong focal point for any hotel or restaurant. The fixture is outfitted with synthetic fuchsia or pinkcream magnolias and glass Muranese pipes that are transparent or a glossy gold. According to the company, “The gentle shapes of the Magnolia, the brilliance of blown glass, lighting up the transition between winter and spring. Flower Power Magnolia blossoms, a versatile version of the most elegant and versatile chandelier by VG.”


Bone China Ginkgo Biloba Tree

Composed of 1,120 handcrafted porcelain leaves, Ginkgo Bespoke was inspired by the ancient Ginkgo biloba tree, a thriving symbol of vitality and longevity. Like a living plant, the fixture’s natural, dynamic energy is intended to calm and revitalize the architectural environment. Artist Andrea Braescu uses fine bone china to capture and reflect light with softness and warmth.


Colorful Cast Glass

Inspired by the desert landscape, Dune is an interplay in color, texture, and contrast. Designers Enrica Cavarzan and Marco Zavagno used the Incalmo technique with Dune, a process that was first practiced in the Islamic world in the Middle Ages. Incalmo demands precision by fusing two or more blown glass elements together to create an object. In Dune, “a soft pocket is created in the incalmo of the two different [glass] slabs, to accommodate an LED diffuser.” Cargo belts are then used to secure the lamps to the ceiling. Dune is available in a variety of colors and two designs.


Bamboo & Brass Chandelier

Modern, mobile, and highly customizable, this chandelier features four glowing bamboo polyhedrons. Constantin 4 is handmade to suit its space and can be designed in many vertical and horizontal configurations. The fixture’s specially designed joints give the piece an eccentric shape—and also create slight movement. It is also available in porcelain and brass.