March 2020

Alumni Medical Library at Boston University, Boston, Mass.

Key Products Used for BU's Medical library Renovation

In renovating the 13,000-sq.-ft. Alumni Medical Library at Boston University, Finegold Alexander Architects designed carrels and booths, and group study rooms within an open, transparent space. In swapping out a concrete encased staircase with a glass wall system, this brings visibility and light across the floorplate. DIRTT demountable partitions were specified for the individual study booths and for the glass fronts at the group study and tutor rooms to provide sound isolation. In addition, 2Tec2 woven vinyl flooring was selected as an easy to clean, durable option for withstanding the moving chairs and heavy foot traffic. The system also has a felt backing for sound absorption.Another int

Renton Highlands Library, Renton, Wash.

Motorized Blinds Balance Daylighting for Washington Library

Mitigating glare and solar heat gain while promoting daylighting at the Renton High-lands Library in the Washington state-based King County Library System, Draper’s exterior motorized venetian blinds by Warema provided an aesthetic solution. The blinds can be retracted out of sight when not needed, and the louvers can be angled to provide direct light control depending on the height of the sun.


A Perfect Combination

In renovating approximately 50,000 sq. ft., and adding an additional 50,000 sq. ft. at the Forsyth County Central Library in downtown Winston-Salem, N.C. ratio Architects specified Guardian SunGuard SNX 62/27 and SunGuard SNX 51/23 coated glass.“Guardian SunGuard coated glass provided the right performance to meet the energy performance goals for this project, while providing abundant visible light tempered with solar-heat management,” explains ratio Principal Kevin Huse, aia. “The glass team worked with ratio to combine SunGuard with acid etched glass in some insulated glass units, 40% white dot frit on other IGUs and clear IGU coated glass, these three looks allowed us to


The Walls Are Alive

Similar to the way in which the Columbus library embraces nature, Perkins and Will opted to include an indoor living wall at Trent University’s Bata Library in Peter-borough, Ontario.Perkins and Will designed a 7-ft., 278-sq.-ft. LiveWall Indoor Living Wall System, which “unifies two adjacent seating areas to create an inviting open space, softens the center of the library’s interior and complements the tone of the cedar ceilings,” explains James Mallinson, B.Arch., OAA, LEED AP, project architect, Perkins and Will, Toronto.The installation is a modular system which sets up a “vertical garden” mounted onto walls. Vertical furring tracks are attached o


Striking the Daylighting Lighting Balance

Another example of an engaging and dynamic library renovation recently took place at the Columbus Metropolitan Library-Main Branch in Ohio. In swapping out the stone-clad walls with glass curtainwall, Schooley Caldwell & gund Partnership have essentially created a library in a park in connecting the original 1907 building, built from money donated by Andrew Carnegie to the 9-plus acre adjacent public Topiary Park.Partnering with lighting designer Tec Studio, strategic uplighting, downlighting, cove lighting, and suspended linear luminaires deliver aesthetic, balanced lighting and energy savings. Take the centerpiece atrium, for example. Tec Studio’s design embraces the existing cle

Mary Idema Pew Library, Grand Valley State University

Individual to Group Learning

After studying student behaviors, this framed the way in which Grand Valley State University (GVSU) went about renovating its Mary Idema Pew Library. In essence, the university identified a range of activities and the types of spaces students desired to support those tasks. “When they are really heads down on a project, or a test, or some other creative endeavor, they often expect and demand almost total silence and stillness,” relates Van Orsdel. On the other end of the spectrum, students seek group settings, whether it is comfortable lounge seating or a table with a whiteboard or a large screen for sharing digital images or data.Beyond having a space to support group inter


Lighting Reformation

The Cathedral of Siena is one of Italy’s most important Gothic buildings. Inside, visitors are amazed by the unique mosaic floor consisting of more than 50 ornately decorated marble surfaces. In this new century, the church wished to highlight these treasures with more modern technology, specifically discreet, but powerful lighting fixtures that could throw light from distances more than 80 ft.—and be controlled in a more user-friendly fashion. Lighting designer Marco Nereo Rotelli was awarded the task and specified high-precision ERCO lighting tools for the purpose. The latter, in turn, employed Bluetooth Casambi technology to enable the lights to be simply controlled wirelessly


Noise-Averse Texas-Sized Project Inspires the Dallas Design Community

Focused on serving as a resource for those interested in architecture and design in the Dallas area, AIA Dallas and the Architecture and Design Foundation converged in a new space to form “AD EX.” With the intent to deliver a multi-use environment AIA Dallas commissioned Omniplan to redesign the approximately 26,000-sq.-ft., 2-story space. To mitigate reverberation issues and address the lighting needs in the first-floor training room and event space, Omniplan selected Focal Point’s Seem 1 Acoustic luminaire and baffle system. An acoustic analysis yielded a 0.85 second reverberation time (RT) in the training room and a 1.05 seconds RT in the event-space area. Using this inf


Crowd Pleaser

Adjustable heights and general positioning, shading options and customizable choices when it comes to ambiance and bulb finishes with dimming availability, Buster+Punch is known for attention to detail and aesthetic appeal, and their entrance into lighting should bring no surprise as being as elegant as before. This lighting application excels in giving the installer full control over the trajectory of light.


Taking and Ideal Line

Seventeen stations, 15 km of tunnels, and eight years of construction, the Cityringen underground line in Copenhagen, designed by Arup, is open. It connects the city center with three previously unconnected districts and a neighboring city. Taking inspiration from the surroundings, each entrance was given a unique design. Ceramic panels made by MOEDING were used in the façade of seven stations, including red glazed LONGOTON panels measuring 343 mm × 2847 mm.