Wall Coverings

Daltile’s Sapphire Status

Bold Stone Looks

Injecting a bold look of rich stone into any application, Daltile’s Couture Collection features decorative, large-scale porcelain slabs with striking patterns. Daltile’s Sapphire Status has a sapphire blue and black marble background accented by prominent white and gold veining on a 10-ft. 6-in. × 5-ft. 3-in. slab. Suitable for walls, flooring and countertops, this product offers the visual and style of natural stone, with the durability, cleanability and attractive price point of porcelain.

Designtex's Beguiled By The Wild" collection

Patterned and Vibrant

The “Beguiled By The Wild" collection, created in collaboration with late artist Charley Harper, has been reintroduced by Designtex in new vibrant hues and varying scales. This colorful, digitally-printed upholstery and wallcovering is fun, colorful, cleanable and incredibly durable—making them perfect for all commercial settings including workplace, education, hospitality and healthcare. In addition, Designtex has added a series of new digitally-printed wallcoverings to its product offerings inspired by natural textures and handmade objects and printed in the Surface Imaging facility in Portland, Maine. These products ship carbon-neutral.


Next Gen Metal Archetypes

The Specular collection from Pure + FreeForm is ideal for exterior metal cladding, acoustical ceilings, interior wall paneling, millwork, soffits, column covers, canopies and more. From classical forms to more complex hybrid finishes, it offers 12 unique surfaces to choose from that define the next generation of metal archetypes. With a focus on pearlescence, texture, fragmentation, and light spread, the collection’s finishes include Emblem, Perlage, Brunello, Relic, Enox, Piombo, Harlem, Molten, Serra, Caxia, Akoya and Hollywood.Judge’s Comment: “A successful pairing of form and function.”


Palm Panels

PalmTheory is a range of striking, configurable palm panels for commercial, high-end residential, retail and hospitality interiors. The panels are available in eight configurable grain patterns that explore the use of abstract geometry, both organic and refined. As different as each pattern is, all are grounded within the discipline of the isosceles triangle. A selection of preset designs is provided for designers as a departure point for further creativity and exploration; each can be further manipulated to create new and different patterns.Judge’s Comment: “I like the scale and applications.”

Pure + FreeForm The Chameleon Collection

A Transformation

The legendary Marcel Wanders Studio partnered with Pure + FreeForm to design the Chameleon Collection, a series of eight new metal interior and exterior finishes that represent a new vision for the future of architecturally expressive surfacing. The collection explores how building façades can transform through changes in light, reflection, vantage point and movement. The collection is ideal for exterior metal cladding, acoustical ceilings, interior wall paneling, millwork, soffits, column covers, canopies and other cladding applications.Judge’s Comment: “These finishes can energize any space.”

B+N Industries' Fortina

Just Like Wood Slats

Delivering a realistic replication of authentic wood slats, aluminum-made Fortina from B+N Industries offers lighter weight, lower cost, less waste and easier installation, in addition to a more consistent color and finish as compared to real wood. Suitable for interior and exterior applications including walls, ceilings, handrails, cladding and garage doors, the material offers a hyper-realistic, non-PVC surface. Dozens of wood-like finishes include wood species rare to find in the built environment, and come in more than 50 profiles including round, rectangle and square shapes and sizes.Judge’s Comment: “Great product with ability to build from inside to outside.”

ASI | Architectural Systems, Inc's Iconic Metals - Bamboo

Can’t Believe It’s Not Bamboo

Combining the benefits of metal with the look of decorative bamboo, Iconic Metals - Bamboo easily adhere to the wall in a thick and thin 60-in. × 24-in. profile. Available in copper, silver and brass tones, the product is Class A fire-rated with a clear polyurethane coating. In addition to bamboo, Iconic Metals offers hexagon, panel and tile motifs.Judge’s Comment: “This is the best new product I have seen here.”

ASI | Architectural Systems, Inc.'s Pattern Play - Acoustical/Decorative Panels

Beautiful Wood Veneer

Made from natural walnut and white oak wood veneers, with a felt and honeycomb corrugated core, ASI’s Pattern Play acoustical/decorative panels come in cuboid, contour, linear, ziggurat and formation styles. The panels also offer antimicrobial protective coating. Ziggurat and linear are available with the acoustical backing option or as a decorative veneer, while cuboid and contour are solely decorative panels. The panels can be used as movable partitions or ceiling tiles offering a sound absorbing product solution.Judge’s Comment: “The patterns are hypnotic, yet refined and visually quiet.”

Turf Design Scanlines

Acoustics and Aesthetics

When designing office spaces, two key factors must be considered for a more productive and stimulating environment: sound and aesthetics. High noise levels in offices have been proven to disrupt productivity, while more scenic office spaces have been shown to increase morale. TURF’s innovative and patent-pending Scanlines combines the best of both worlds, creating sound-absorbing works of art. The acoustic wall panel uses carved grooves of different depths to translate any image and capture sound through TURF’s signature acoustic PET felt.Judge’s Comment: “An acoustically lenticular treat for the eyes and ears.”

Tectum Create! Direct-Attach Custom Wall Panels

Where Art and Acoustics Intersect

Combining artwork and acoustics, the Tectum Create! Direct-Attach Custom Wall Panels enhance printed images with high contrast to provide an almost three-dimensional visual when viewed from a distance greater than 5 ft. Using digital imagery, architects can create their own unique customized visual. With an NRC rating of up to 0.85, depending upon mounting method, the panels can be attached to a wide variety of interior wall surfaces.Judge’s Comment: “Acoustic panels, combined with the ability to print images digitally, create an appealing wall cladding option.”