Go Green—Almost…

Vistafolia, from UK-based UpScapers, is a high-end, uber-realistic faux green wall system designed by London-based horticulturist Paul Alder. Known for his amazing accolades at numerous UK garden shows, as well as his tenure running some of Queen Elizabeth’s Royal Gardens, Alder has designed and engineered a realistic, high-performance faux green wall system. The company not only provides turn-key installation, but also a resale network in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and outlying U.S. islands. The company’s background is in synthetic grass, giving what the manufacturer feels is insight into what a new faux landscape product can do for U.S. consumers. Making its biggest gains in the

Sensitile's Image-in

Create a Pattern

Image-in from Sensitile is an illustrative paneling material available in glass and resin substrates. Designed to create a fluid and dynamic appearance inside a thin, highly customizable material, the lines of Image-in’s patterns shift and twist with changes in viewing angle. This creates an intriguing space within which artwork is both concealed and revealed. Image-in is ideally suited for screens and dividers, branding and signage, feature walls and artwork installations, and light fixtures. Back- or edge-lighting can be utilized; however, it is often used in settings where only ambient lighting is present. The glass and resin cladding options enable both indoor and outdoor appl

DuChateau - Celestio Legno Collection

Honeycomb Pattern

The Celestio and Celestio Legno Collections expand Duchateau’s Inceptiv wood wall panel line and feature LED backlighting options and style-forward patterns suited for commercial or residential space. Both collections are offered in eight artisan-crafted, geometric-inspired designs from grids to hexagons to abstracted linework in colorways including American Walnut, Olde Dutch, Iceberg, Lugano, Noir, Oxford, Smoke and Stout. The Celestio Collection is mounted on acrylic.

Petracer - Triangle Collection

Triangle Tile

Italian ceramic tile is prized for its functionality—durability, ease of maintenance, hygiene, and resistance to water and frost—as much as its aesthetics. One of the latest designs expanding the versatility and value proposition is the Triangle Collection. Petracer’s makes the triangle become the icon of an agile and flexible style, expressed through simple, elementary lines. These tiles have a dazzling effect on interior spaces and the patterns lend a burst of energy to floors and walls.

Neolith Calacatta Polished Iron Frost at the Marriott Budapest

Budapest Hotel ‘Pulls Out Stops’ with Interior Design

The Marriott Hotel in Budapest wanted to wow guests as soon as they enter the establishment. Budapest is a historic city with a unique culture, and some of the world’s most refined and exquisite architecture; it overflows with powerful visual statements, inspiring awe wherever one looks. In such an eclectic destination, globally renowned hotel group Marriott knew it would have to pull out all the stops to create a space which would wow guests and visitors as soon as they entered. Working with Twenty2Degrees, the operator was keen to incorporate materials into the design which could perform as well as they looked. Further, the group has a robust sustainability strategy, so any


Envelope a Room

Porcelain floor and ceramic wall tile brings the luxury of understated elegance to everyday life. Evocative of natural stone, Stark by Florida Tile features a simple color scheme of white and gray offering two rectified size formats: 24-in. × 24-in. glazed porcelain floor and wall tile and a modern 14-in. × 39-in. ceramic wall tile that can work in tandem. Bullnose trims are available in both 3-in. × 24-in. and 3-in. × 14-in. sizes. Ideal for standard residential and commercial wall and backsplash applications. 

Magnatag’s lines of floor-to-ceiling dry-erase wall panels and glass white boards create glass dry-erase wall panels

No Creative Boundaries

Magnatag VisuGlass WhiteWalls create a dry-erase surface that is aesthetic and functional in a boardroom, office or creative spot. It combines Magnatag’s pre-existing lines of floor-to-ceiling dry-erase wall panels and glass white boards to create glass dry-erase wall panels. It is manufactured using optically clear, low-lead glass, frameless finished edges and a hidden frame and steel backer.Equipped with micro-adjustment standoff mounting brackets, installers can raise and lower each corner of the board easily for uneven or concave walls to match perfectly with the next panel to create a smooth, uninterrupted surface. Beyond white and black, 10 colors are available. In addition, pane

Interstyle’s new glass bricks

Let the Light In

Interstyle’s new glass bricks not only provide a natural light source, but are also decorative for architectural design. It is available as crystal or jade with a hint of green derived from the natural iron content. Designers commonly use it as an accent in walls, skylights and sidewalk lights. Imagine out of the box using glass bricks for fireplaces, fire pits, barbecue grills, pools, ponds, hot tubs or even greenhouses. They are hand-crafted and made from 100% recycled glass.


On the Down Low

(Left) Estudio Ceramico’s Frost and (right) Exagres’ Milan are examples of the focus the manufacturers of Tile of Spain are putting on creating collections that foster safe and sustainable environments. Tile of Spain, is the brand representing 120 ceramic tile manufacturers belonging to the Spanish Ceramic Tile Manufacturer’s Assn. (ASCER). The manufacturers utilized production techniques that fuse the functional qualities of ceramic materials with the versatility of graphic design.

Dekton Slim

Changing The Game By Narrowing The Size

An innovative take on surfacing material, Dekton Slim is now available in 4mm-thick slabs. A game-changer for designers and builders, the 4mm thickness offers the same industry-leading technical and mechanical features with a thinner, lighter and more manageable format for installation. The thinner, more lightweight materials can be used in wall cladding, furniture, cabinetry and even drawer applications.Judge’s Comment: “This product is gorgeous and opens the doors to innovation by others, where quartz can easily be applied in unexpected ways."