Solar Control/Sun Shading

LSX Frameless Solar Modules, LSX Rail System

Solar Canopies Everywhere

NeoCity Academy, located in Kissimmee, is Florida’s first net-zero energy K-12 School. In alignment with the school’s sustainability goals, it integrated a unique, curved solar canopy for food trucks in front of the school, as well as solar covered walkways to access the school, and a large solar canopy over the outdoor seating area. This project was designed by Little Diversified Architectural Consulting using LSX frameless solar panels from Lumos. The award-winning module system integrates with the company’s LSX Frameless Solar Modules, and theLSX Rail System.

Serenity now The eight canopies provide visitors to the New York Botanical Garden a place to find some shade and charge their mobile devices.

Enjoying Super Shade

Solar-powered canopies provide New York Botanical Garden visitors a chance to rest and recharge. Visitors to the New York Botanical Garden needed a place where they could seek shade, enjoy a beverage, and charge their mobile devices. To solve the garden’s need for accessible, sheltered outdoor seating, the NYC Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) and the Botanical Garden turned to Pvilion and their solar-powered shade canopies.

The MechoShade  ElectroShade iQ2 AC + DC system is installed in San Antonio’s Frost Tower.

Motorized Magic

Having certified all of its manual shade systems and PVC-free solar shade systems with either Cradle to Cradle or Material Health certifications, MechoShade’s ElectroShade iQ2 AC + DC System was selected by Cradle to Cradle to participate in the organization’s Version 4 pilot program. With the product’s custom hardware assemblies and extensive parts, planning for product circularity for a motorized system is particularly challenging. Mecho is embracing the trial as an opportunity to establish end-of-life plans for all of its components. Once successful, the motorized shading system will become the first of its kind to be C2C version 4 certified.

The blue-tinted glass of Los Angeles’ 54-story JW Marriott/Ritz Carlton hybrid complex is visually appealing, but all those windows had the building’s HVAC system working overtime.

Gotta Wear Shades

Interior window film delivers big benefits to the JW Marriott/Ritz Carlton hybrid complex in Los Angeles. The abundant sunshine in Southern California makes it a beach lover’s hotspot, but those same solar rays sometimes force the HVAC systems of Los Angeles to sweat. One such building—the 54-story JW Marriott/Ritz Carlton hybrid complex—has an exterior that is sheathed in blue-tinted glass. The visual effect is stunning, but those many windows made it a challenge to cool.


Pergola Perfection

One issue in creating good outdoor spaces is defining said spaces to clearly delineate function, and avoid a too-monolithic appearance. LARIA from Jane Hamley Wells, does just that. The clean lines of this architectural structure help create a modern jewel box experience. LARIA is highly durable, made of GL24 Glulam which helps resist mildew, insects and weather. Roof slats help block glare, as well as the heat of the sun, yet still allow light to move through. Ships in easy-to-assemble kit.


Standing or Sitting Ovation

AMAi is an adjustable system that can be tailored to the needs of any gathering, whether indoors or outdoors. Two A-shaped side frames provide a solid construction for multifunctional applications. Its innovative design allows even a single person to smoothly slide the tabletop from ‘sitting height’ into ‘standing height’ and vice versa. Companion height-adjustable chairs and benches match the chosen height of the table. LED lights for illumination and power outlets are also provided. A shade structure is also available.


Made in the Shade

As COVID once again picks up steam with its latest Omicron variant, investing in outdoor spaces remains a high priority, despite the time of the year. For multi-family dwellings, community centers, restaurants, corporate campuses, public facilities and the like, awnings and canopies are gaining traction. Serge Ferarri’s latest offering is the Soltis Proof W88, a waterproof, translucent material bringing in natural light while providing protection from UV rays and the elements. The square-weave textured pattern incorporates Precontraint technology lending dimensional stability, resistance to stretching over time, and enhanced UV protection.

IntelliFlex I/O

Automated Shades

Offering a high level of scalability, Draper’s IntelliFlex I/Ois a complete control solution for motorized window shades. It can integrate via BACnet IP, and act as a full building management system integration option in addition to delivering different levels of automated glare control.Judge’s Comment: “Automated technology is definitely unique compared to other systems on the market.”


Shady Situation

When architects with SmithGroup’s Phoenix office began planning the entry for the new Eloy City Hall in Eloy, Ariz., Corten metal was their first choice for the shade-providing canopy. When that material proved too costly, they turned to perforated 0.05-gauge aluminum PAC-CLAD 7.2 panels in an Aged Copper finish. The panels are installed on the underside of the canopy structure, with LEDs installed above. The lighting creates added visual interest once the sun goes down, and clearly identifies the entrance for residents.


Bordeaux Villa Adds to Outdoor Living

New villa provides ultimate comfort for residents, both indoors and outdoors with sun protection. In sunny Bordeaux, France, life moves effortlessly between indoor and outdoor spaces. However idyllic this sounds, it does pose one great risk: interiors can often get too hot, too soon. Residents discovered after three months in their new home, given the orientation of the house, sun protection was absolutely essential. Even despite the fact the living room faces directly south, suitable sun protection keeps the interior cooler even on the hottest summer days. Thanks to the pergola in the garden, the homeowners can choose all year round whether to spend time indoors or outdoors, depending on wh