Roofing Systems

Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Subway Station, Toronto

Custom Flair

No two panels are alike in the 1000-plus-panel standing seam roof wrapping the futuristic new Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Subway Station in Toronto. Each of the Classic Bright Rolled Panels features an individual taper and length, fabricated using a CNC turret. Though thoroughly modern, the roof of the Grimshaw Architects-designed station also features hammered seams for an old world appearance.

ATAS’ Mesa, Ariz. Facility

Perfect Pairing

Standing-seam roof manufacturers have long touted their products’ suitability for rooftop solar installations, and now one of them is proving the point at its own manufacturing plant. ATAS’ Mesa, Ariz. facility now features 576 solar panels atop its existing metal trapezoidal seam roof, which is expected to pay for itself in energy savings in four years. A larger system is planned for its Allentown, Pa. plant.


Slate-Look Upgrade

When members of St. John’s Lutheran Church were considering a roof replacement for their 60-year-old facility, they decided an upgrade in both performance and appearance was in order. They wanted a roof that would stand up longer to the area’s high-wind events than the existing asphalt roof, and that suited the building’s traditional architecture. Matterhorn Slate metal roofing fit both requirements, with some members saying they would consider the material for their own homes.


Florida RV Center Relies on IMPs to Beat the Heat

Roofing and siding insulated metal panels proved to be the most effective choice for the architectural team and installation crew at the General RV Center store in Orange Park, Fla. In order to beat the heat and provide a clean aesthetic, Scherer Construction needed to find the right complement of roofing and siding insulated metal panels. “The heat here in Florida is ferocious,” says Robert Taylor, AIA, of Scherer Construction of Gainesville, Fla. “New buildings of this type are required to have a roofing R-value of 38 and insulated metal panels go a long way in helping achieve that. They certainly speed up the installation process and give you a durable and attractive end


Metal Roof Helps Preserve Historic School

Multiple problems, including an aging structure and a failing asphalt roof, led Bibb County, Ga. Schools to recover the roof of historic Alexander II Magnet School with a symmetrical standing seam metal roof. The original building that housed the Alexander II Magnet School in Macon, Ga., was completed in 1902. Several significant additions through the years have brought the entire facility up to 41,650 sq. ft. In June 2000, Alexander II was named to the list of 11 Most Endangered Historic places by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.“During an assessment, we discovered that the asphalt shingles were installed with no ventilation and heavy insulation,” says Jody Usry of


Shake on It

New Nature Crafted composite cedar-style roof shakes provide the look of real wood, but with significantly improved durability. All three colors—Aged Cedar, Mossy Cedar and Black Oak—were developed to mimic the appearance of shakes that had been long exposed to the elements, and are available for both multi- and single-width roofing tiles.


It's got Stick-To-It-Iveness

StealthBond metal roofing is attached using a proprietary adhesive, rather than mechanical attachment devices, and has received Miami-Dade County Building Code approval. The three-part system incorporates a base level of metal strapping that’s secured to the roof deck, the adhesive that’s applied to that strapping and, finally, metal roofing panels that are laid into the adhesive for penetration-free attachment.


Faster Roof Sumps

Factory-assembled and pre-cut, the 4-ft. × 4-ft. Target Sump is a prefabricated polyiso panel sloped to direct water to flow to the integral drain. A coated glass facer adds dimensional stability and fire performance and resists mold growth—and it’s compatible with all major roofing membranes and application techniques.

Hartong Homestead in Green, Ohio

Bringing a Historic Roof up to Date

The original slate roof of the 1883 timber-framed Standard Pennsylvania-style barn on the historic Hartong Homestead in Green, Ohio, had deteriorated beyond repair. Braun & Steidl Architects were called in to oversee needed repairs. Single-Width composite tiles with a slate finish were installed. The composite slate was able to recreate the original appearance of the 1883 construction date.   

West Springfield High School, West Springfield, Mass.

Timing Was Everything

With at least 20 different elevation levels, the 146,000-sq.-ft. roof of the new West Springfield High School in West Springfield, Mass., posed some serious timing challenges for both installers and construction managers. Interior contractors couldn’t do finish work until the roof in those areas was watertight, so roofing schedules had to be closely coordinated with other trades. Using DensDeck Roof Board, topped by VapAir Seal 725TR self-adhered air and vapor barrier membrane, provided the necessary waterproofing and allowed interior work to progress while remaining roofing components, including the finishing layer of Sure-Flex PVC membrane, to be installed at their own pace.