Operable Partitions

Euro Style Partitions

European Elegance

The three new lines of Euro-style partitions— Float Series, Lucent Series and Loft Series—take cues from European influence and deliver restroom compartments that redefine the experience of a commercial bathroom stall. New dimensions, new materials, an expanded color palette, and new features give architects the options to create a comfortable, durable restroom retreat for their clients.The new partitions offer extra height, width, and No-Site options to create the feeling of a private individual room. The Lucent glass partitions are constructed in enameled tempered glass that brings both light—and lightness—to the restroom. The new Phenolic LT material—used in

Palisades S90 system

Bifolding Door and Wall System

Setting a standard for aesthetics and performance, with a slimline profile, concealed hinges and a 12-ft. maximum frame height, the system delivers an elegant solution that minimizes hardware and maximizes views. C.R. Laurence's Palisades S90 system delivers superior thermal and structural performance. It is also distinctly slim as its 4.75-in. panel posts and low-profile rails maximize views, concealed hinges also help minimize hardware-look, while the panels can fold to either interior or exterior spaces. Certified to meet CW minimum design pressure of 40 psf and CW maximum allowable deflection of L/175, the system is available in standard finishes, including black bronze anodized


Partition with Pizzazz

“Aquarelle Bloom” is a textured take of a digitally printed screen placed on vinyl and applied to corrugated panels framed in metal. Curved and calming with a bit of a rough edge, these panels divide with the high art in mind. (Right) With its web-like intricacy, the leaf pattern of “Large Leaf” is etched, rather than cut into the material, creating plenty of both positive and negative space against the background. 3D Large Leaf can also be customized in size and shape to suit any décor need.

Alumni Medical Library at Boston University, Boston, Mass.

Key Products Used for BU's Medical Library Renovation

In renovating the 13,000-sq.-ft. Alumni Medical Library at Boston University, Finegold Alexander Architects designed carrels and booths, and group study rooms within an open, transparent space. In swapping out a concrete encased staircase with a glass wall system, this brings visibility and light across the floorplate. DIRTT demountable partitions were specified for the individual study booths and for the glass fronts at the group study and tutor rooms to provide sound isolation. In addition, 2Tec2 woven vinyl flooring was selected as an easy to clean, durable option for withstanding the moving chairs and heavy foot traffic. The system also has a felt backing for sound absorption.Another int


All-Pro Blocker

The Beyond pavilion is a demountable partition system, featuring a rich set of materials and configurations that helps users reclaim unused vertical real estate in the open plan, creating environments from solo to collaborative, while supporting technology and power routing. The system supports marker boards, tackable materials and can be constructed with frameless glass, framed glass and solid panel options.


Threshold of Innovation

Lualdi’s Edge by Marco Piva, is a door and wall system born from the desire to shape an object that is usually considered “flat,” such as the door, creating a volumetric effect and providing a new visual importance with functionality. Through the cut of the panel, the door becomes a work of art: a frame within a frame, a new, three-dimensional structure in what is normally considered a two-dimensional body, which plays with the lights and shadows of the environment in which it is placed. 

Overlay designed by Birsel+Seck for Herman Miller

Movable Walls

Overlay by Birsel+Seck for Herman Miller are movable walls that can be used to create freestanding rooms, give shape to open or divide areas. It can create an enclosed meeting space—complete with a door. Unveiled at NeoCon in 2018, Overlay's movable walls can be used to create free-standing rooms, give shape to open spaces or simply divide areas. A three-sided workspace can create a designated niche, or four Overlay walls can create an enclosed meeting space—complete with a door. Overlay frees up time and funds in an office renovation budget: two people can move it in two hours; and at $350 a linear sq. ft., it is half the cost of demountable walls.   


Open for Learning

At Booker T. Washington Elementary, operable glass walls provide a flexible solution that reflects the school’s focus on transparency and collaboration. A 21st-century learner demands a 21st-century classroom. This was the challenge solved by Cannon Design for Booker T. Washington Elementary School, a 63,000-sq.-ft. science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) academy located in Champaign, Ill. Serving 225 students, the school is separated into three academies, each further stratified into three learning studios for each grade that share a communal gathering space. Operable glass walls would enable multiple room configurations and sizes without building additional space. “This fle


Adding Flexibility

UW-Madison’s Varsity Room needed operable panels that were easy for student staff to operate and attractive enough to complement its prairie-style design. A LEED Gold project, Union South at the University of Wisconsin-Madison hosts hundreds of university events per semester; the Varsity Room is one of the most-used spaces on campus due to the university-run hotel located within the facility. Union South designers were looking to add operable walls to divide ballrooms and act as a sound barrier. The Frank Lloyd Wright prairie-style-inspired architecture of the Union South combines beauty with optimal flexibility.