Zurich North America Headquarters Schaumburg, Ill.

A Pillar of Stability and Strength

Typically, the only time you deal with an insurance company is when facing a loss or tragedy. That’s why global insurance provider, Zurich, commissioned their new North American headquarters to be a pillar of “stability and strength” for all who view it, in Schaumburg, Ill.—where they’ve been had a local presence for a century. The 783,800-sq.-ft. complex is composed of three primary buildings or “bars,” each 95-ft. wide × 395-ft., 425-ft. and 485-ft. long, respectively. The lower two bars are angled to optimize solar orientation and minimize sound from the neighboring interstate, while the top bar—soaring 11 stories—is cantilevered


Modern Character at High-Tech Headquarters

Zoller, a German manufacturer of high-precision equipment, achieves distinct, corporate-branded façade with building envelope customization. Zoller is a German manufacturer of high-tech, high-precision equipment and software with worldwide distribution, says David Gebhardt, president, David R. Gebhardt Architect P.C., the firm responsible for the building’s design. “It was important that this sense of precision and craftsmanship was carried over into the façade via detail, crisp lines, and an over arching modern character.”


Skyscraper Combines Sustainability with Sophistication

Located in Chicago’s “Loop” financial district, 151 North Franklin joins a host of other high-profile facilities across the city that feature stainless steel doors, which are finished in fine satin, completing the sleek all-glass and steel entrance. The new 35-story, 807,000-sq.-ft. office building at 151 North Franklin—also known as CNA Center—features two pairs of narrow stile custom balanced doors.“The project originally called for standard swing doors, but we made the switch to balanced doors because of their functionality,” says Adam Pellar, Vice President, Crown Corr, the glazing contractor responsible for the installation. 

Millennium Center, Geneva, Switzerland

Perfect Harmony

Saint-Gobain’s latest innovation from its SageGlass division resulted in Harmony, an elegantly performing dynamic glass that was chosen as the preferred glazing of Switzerland’s new Millennium Center in Geneva. Unveiled at Glasstec last October, the solution enhances the visual and thermal comfort of occupants while maintaining views with a natural-looking, seamless connection to the outdoors.When transforming, Harmony delivers a gradual in-pane tint transition from fully clear to fully tinted. Everything, from conference rooms to concierge services, elevators and the Millennium Center glazing, will be connected to the Cloud and managed via smartphone apps, which are integrated i


Brand Enhanced

Insulated metal panels were the cladding of choice for robotics leader Innovation First International when it began discussing plans for its new Greenville, Texas, headquarters with architects at Irving, Texas-based ID Studio 4. Designers specified CF Santa Fe panels with a maximum 4-in. thickness to achieve an R-value of more than 32.

Entry Lobby, Smart Space, Brooklyn, NY

A Living Office

Before it evolved into what it is today, the owners of Smart Space, Hampshire Properties, had a co-working office space problem. “It was lacking in the area, because rent space was so high,” says architect Howard Davis.Recognizing this issue, the company came up with the idea of transforming its property into a shared co-working facility, especially since the space adjacent to them was available and located in a place perfect for drawing people in. “They offer space for every budget: single seats, or small to large offices.”The latter, says Davis, is determined by flexible partition walls that expand or divide space based on demand. “The idea was to create a uni


Table Top Power

The PCS94 Tabletop Power Monument from Mockett is a freestanding power dock with a weighted base and grip pad underneath that goes anywhere power access is needed. The device offers all the elegance of an in-desk power grommet with the convenience of mobility. Great for work desks and home offices, or pop-up and temporary work spaces, it’s also plug and play, and easy to adjust. It’s available in three sizes and configurations in black, white and metallic silver.

Pier 70, Building 115 and 116, San Francisco

Replica Windows Steer Pier Renovation

As the urban cores of Silicon Valley’s technology hub cities become denser, start-ups and established high-tech developers alike have made it a habit to resurrect historically significant buildings, and add richness and a sense of place to the surrounding community.Along with several other tenants, Uber Advanced Technologies Group occupies San Francisco’s historic Pier 70, Buildings 115 and 116. According to Berkeley-based Marcy Wong Donn Logan Architects, the buildings were all in urgent need of repair. The design team developed a building-within-a-building concept that preserved the historic perimeter brick walls, reduced the cost of temporary shoring and retained the open volu


Making an Interior Design Statement

Michael Hsu Office Design worked with Uhuru Design’s furniture division for unique custom furnishings. Founded in 2004, Shake Shack owns, operates and licenses more than 180 Shake Shack restaurants, known as “Shacks,” in the United States and internationally. Here guests enjoy modern day versions of roadside burger stand fare—delicious burgers, chicken sandwiches, hot dogs, crinkle-cut fries, shakes, frozen custard, beer, wine and more.


Office at Tech Startup Working Smart

Creative use of furniture helps tech startup smartly design a workplace solution to create maximum workspaces. After quickly outgrowing its first office, designed in collaboration with Poppin, Honey, an LA-based shopping app/tech startup, needed to open a second location that felt beautiful and on-brand, creating a seamless experience for employees between offices.