Louvers & Vents

Airolite louver screen ENCB6096

Form & Function

Airolite louver screen ENCB6096 is a versatile, horizontal-blade architectural louver screen that functions as a sight and security barrier, as well as an architectural accent. The 6-in. deep inverted louverscreen blade profile provides an effective visual screen when viewed from grade or any lower application and yields a high free area for increased airflow.


Impact Ready

The 5-in. eme5626md vertical stationary louver meets Miami-Dade hurricane requirements for critical/essential facilities and safe rooms. It has been tested for wind speeds up to 110 mph and Missile Level E impacts. The louver also is available in round and triangular configurations for greater design flexibility. 

EME420DDE 4-in. deep louvers

They can Handle a Hurricane

The new EME420DDE 4-in. deep louvers—along with the 5-in. deep EME420DDE model—are designed to meet 55-mph impact tests, for applications in hurricane-prone regions. They have also earned Enhanced Protection ratings, qualifying them for use in such “essential facilities” as hospitals, jails, fire and police stations, and other buildings designated as emergency shelters.