Living Wall Systems

Moss Muffle

BuzziMood, a new acoustical wall solution, blends materials found in nature with exceptional sound absorption capabilities. BuzziSpace collaborated with American designer Cory Grosser to create BuzziMood, an organic alternative to conventional noise control solutions with preserved reindeer moss as its primary material. Moss is an excellent, naturally occurring absorber of sound. The structured acoustic wall panels are available in seven geometric shapes, which can be mixed-and matched to create graphic wall art.


Silent Growth

The newly opened 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge in Brooklyn’s Dumbo neighborhood features a touch of greenery in the guest rooms and public spaces, bringing the outdoors inside. The 25-ft., custom green wall in the lobby made from Banker Wire I-21 creates a woven fixture screen and custom welded wire mesh hanging baskets for vegetation. The vertical wall blends industrial elements with natural ones against a backdrop of concrete and steel and is laid out in such a way to ensure that vegetation can grow organically over the canvas. 


Leafy Greens

We all know we should eat our leafy greens, but it is also important to live next to them. The demand for and benefits of biophilia and foliage in our quotidian has precipitated an alliance between Coalesse and Sagegreenlife’s Verdanta line of custom, on-demand, built-in living wall products. Verdanta free-standing walls and movable partitions include Duet and Productivity—two truly mobile living wall partitions. The cellular respiration of plants’ foliage results in reduced levels of carbon dioxide, naturally enhancing IAQ, which is said to boost energy levels and productivity in interiors. 


Natural Materials in Interiors

Sometimes you just need to stop and smell the roses, but in the case of Bio-Canvas, you can simply walk by and inhale deeply. Bio-Canvas by Nevins is a cellular series of green wall modules that can be a customized composition in size and specifications. Acoustic moss, poplar bark and light stone are the three natural materials used as design elements. They are held on the wall by a patent-pending, fire-resistant frame. The versatile system enables users to easily interchange the panel inserts based on changing preference, relocations or acoustic needs. 


Vertical Gardening

Natural-food retailer Whole Foods is making a statement about its connections to nature with its new Midwest flagship store—the exterior of the 75,000-sq.-ft. outlet is wrapped on three sides with a green wall featuring more than 5000 plants. The LiveWall system totals 4,740 sq. ft. and uses modular planter boxes supported by a rail system with integrated irrigation.

Located in Brooklyn, the custom-fabricated storefront and weathered steel façade have an industrial aesthetic that stays true to the Williamsburg neighborhood’s metalworking past.

Yoga Studio Poses as Mixed-Use

Yoga studios are becoming community hubs where yoga is just the beginning. DXA Studio’s design for Modo Yoga in New York City caters to the health and well-being of its mind-body conscious clientele. The design concept embraces the core principles of Modo Yoga: calm mind, fit body, inspired life by providing amenities beyond the typical yoga studio. Similar to a health club where members might linger before or after a fitness session, the design includes locker rooms, social spaces and a retail component. Many elements of the design embrace the yogic principle of serene, non-harming surroundings. Modo Yoga’s seven pillars: Be Healthy, Be Accessible, Live Green, Community Support, Reach Out,