Lighting & Controls

Providence River Pedestrian Bridge

Elegant Illumination

Providing safety and night sky-friendly illumination, the Lumenrail integrated railing system can be custom fabricated to meet design goals. The flagship Lumenpod 28 product is available in various optical packages; the stainless steel Lumenpod 16 has a machine-chamfered edge for a flush fit. 


New Way to Specify

ERCO’s new Eclipse  lighting system comes with many features, including the means to use contour spotlights to crisply illuminate pictures and effectively accentuate artworks. The better news is the company, in the vacuum of lighting shows this spring, has created an informative vlog and mini-website exploring the system’s features, including how designers can use it to  maximize flexible lighting.


Taking Flight

No other bird is more mystical than the Phoenix; thus the inspiration for Maurice Dery’s newest creation made in concert with Karice. Using the feathers of other birds as models, Dery choose brass as the material of the bird’s wings. And true to its name, its fantastical body is made of acrylic illuminated by a 3000K LED. Like a phoenix, the avian-inspired fixture was photographed on the site of a fire that devastated a forest in British Columbia. The “birds” are suspended from a coaxial cable and are 6-in. diameter and about 1.5-in. deep.


One Way Out

To access Force Partners’ rooftop parties on the 40th floor of their office on Wacker Drive in Chicago, attendees must climb a flight of stairs. Force suspended curved iLight Plexineon fixtures (Plexineon White CQ 3500) above the stairway add surprise and wow. iLight provided the suspension hardware and canopies to ensure a professional finish. By kitting the hardware, iLight simplified the work for the contractor.


Low-Profile Emergency Drivers

IOTA offers new 10-watt and 15-watt constant power emergency LED driver solutions featuring advanced low-profile technology. The ILBLP CP10 and ILBLP CP15 emergency drivers deliver emergency illumination for Class 2 LED luminaires while using lithium battery designs to reduce both size and weight by up to 30%. These reduced enclosures simplify the process of incorporating powerful emergency functionality into minimal LED fixtures with limited compartment space. Low-profile models are available in dual flex, no-flex and narrow profile configurations to accommodate individual fixture requirements, and include self-diagnostic capability and high-efficiency energy performance.

Plaza Verde—University of California Irvine

Exterior Lighting Aids Net-Zero Effort

Plaza Verde is a housing complex on the University of California Irvine (UCI) campus. KTGY Architecture + Planning was commissioned to design the complex to connect east campus housing with the main institutional buildings.Illuminating the way are Luminis’ Lumistik CL821 columns. “Security—real and perceived—is always a key consideration for undergraduate student housing,” said Benjamin Kasdan, associate principal at KTGY. “The goal is to ensure the resident students feel safe, but also to reassure their parents.”To this end, transparency is an intentional design element, inside the buildings and out. All structures have breezeways on the main floors

Fabege WAW-Work Away from Work

New Way to Work?

Scandinavia is seen as a pioneer for good work culture, but given the impact of the COVID-19 virus, and the effectiveness of “work away from work,” Fabege, one of Sweden’s largest property companies, set out to develop an office concept beyond most models. Its reservable satellite offices are spatially detached from the main office, a new idea that reveals benefits for the individual and for social coexistence. Three locations, across Stockholm, were created and equipped with flexible downlights for a track. The concept moves away from traditional approaches. “I wanted to avoid carpets of light at all costs,” said Joaquim de Abreu, WAW’s lighting designer.


Keeping an Eye on Health

Keeping employees comfortable and healthy in an office is critical. Employee discomfort, ill health and reduced performance can be linked to a poor-quality office environment. Signify is launching its Philips IoT sensor bundles to collect and deliver data via its Interact Office connected lighting system and environmental monitoring APIs. The sensors enable businesses to monitor office environments and optimize conditions for employee health and wellbeing. Bluetooth enabled, they can provide indoor positioning and navigation capabilities. Bundling and delivering these sensing capabilities into one unit riding on lighting eliminates the need for multiple sensors, and is much more cost effecti


A Whole New Way to Hook New Horns

The 2017 renovation of the University of Texas (UT) locker rooms, as envisioned by Gensler, started with a cathartic dismantling of the existing facility. For Coach Tom Herman, the project was about creating the right environment for success. “From recruiting, to player comfort and motivation, to game day intensity, the lighting controls help set the right tone at the right time,” says Herman.Every aspect of the renovation was designed to make UT facilities reflect the university’s commitment to continued excellence. Lighting plays a major role throughout the space. In a design unique to the Longhorn program, each locker glows orange. Cove lighting throughout the space is f


Going Off the Grid in the Rockies

Lighting fixtures match mountain complex’ power and aesthetic needs. Identify energy-efficient lighting fixtures that would suit the plans of officials at the Headwaters Center in Winter Park, Colo., to get off the grid. The center, a “first of its kind” facility, is a nonprofit hub for mountain entertainment, events, higher education and water education. Peter and Lucy Van Dusen of Peter Van Dusen Project Management and Design provided the architectural creativity behind the highly innovative project.Sustainability was their main focus, as they wished to use materials from the past and incorporate an energy system of the future. For example, since it was to be an “of