Lighting & Controls

Powerful Beam

The SAF family of architectural floodlights from Hydrel uses powerful beam spreads with a minimalist design to provide more illumination from less luminaire. Features include IP68 ingress protection rating, 3G vibration rating, G0 BUG rating, optional IK10 impact rating, and a 2:1 field to beam distribution ratio. Available in 9-in. and 12-in. diameters.Judge’s Comment: “Great BUG rating; durability a plus!”


Fresh Look

Typology ring lights are seemingly levitating light fixtures with illumination reminiscent of the sun’s corona during an eclipse. Perched atop a steel mast, a circular strip of LEDs creates a solid ring of ambient light recognizable from almost a mile away. When viewed from underneath, the luminaires are portals to the sky. Typology stick lights break from lighting tradition such that the pole itself is one solid source of light. Available in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K.


Targeted Lighting

Intended for street and area directional lighting, Bellevue delivers with a single, modern rectilinear design. Offered in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K color temperatures and 70 and/or 80 CRI (depending on model), specifiers can choose between three unique optic types. Bellevue’s sleek, robust design features a 6-in. × 6-in. column size, with a range of column heights from 10 to 20 ft. Standard mounts include single mount, twin mount at 90 degrees or 180 degrees, a triple mount at 90 degrees, and quadruple mount. All luminaires in the Bellevue family feature a 7-pin receptacle, easy driver access, motion sensor, and GFI and CGF options.Judge’s Comment: “Excellent cove

HessAmerica PORTAL Bench

Take a Seat

Suitable for design-driven outdoor landscape architectural projects, the backless style PORTAL Bench from HessAmerica is available in non-illuminated or illuminated versions. Bench slats are fabricated from sustainable FSC-certified Black Locust wood. An illuminated bench adds marker lights to both vertical support pillars to provide a pool of light surrounding the bench itself for ambiance and general illumination. The LED source is available in 3000K or 4000K color temperatures with 80 CRI. Options include a concealed wireless charging station embedded in the wooden slats and optional 10 KV or 20 KV surge suppressors to protect the charging station.Judge’s Comment: “A mode

Typology Ribbon Bench

Defining Spaces

Modular and adaptable in construction, the Ribbon Bench is a new product in the Typology Collection of outdoor seating and lighting designed to connect spaces and guide pedestrians. Featuring three lighting models, the customizable Ribbon Bench offers durability, longevity and low maintenance. The bench’s ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) components allow for a thinner cross section with higher abrasion resistance, lower permeability, exceptional strength and high resistance to compression, bending, impact and wear. The optional integral downward-facing lighting offers low-glare illumination to create an illusion that the entire structure almost levitates.Judge’s Comment: &l

Eureka Lighting's Knit

Reduced Noise

Featuring a thermoformed shade made from sound-absorbing recycled PET felt that reduces the acoustics in a space, Eureka Lighting's Knit is intended for areas where noise is a concern, including spaces with high or unfinished ceilings, open offices or corridors with a hard floor finish. Offered in charcoal or silver gray, the Knit shade is 13.39-in. high and 20.45-in. in diameter, and is suspended by three aircraft cables for easy on-site adjustment. Specifiers can choose regular output (2228 delivered lumens) or high output (3414 delivered lumens) for direct illumination.Judge’s Comment: “Serving to both illuminate and dampen the acoustics of a space, the fixture does d

Cooper Lighting Solutions' Neo-Ray Define Acoustic Luminaire

Light and Sound

Cooper Lighting Solutions' Neo-Ray Define Acoustic Luminaire combines acoustic and optical performance, and a nice aesthetic. These suspended luminaires integrate lighting and sound absorption. Available in 2-in. and 4-in. housing widths, 4-ft. incremental lengths, and 8-in., 12-in. and 16-in. fixture heights, the luminaires also come in a variety of direct-indirect lumen packages. Integrated control options include wireless IoT capabilities. The product incorporates a patented under-lens solution to ensure there is no light leak at the ends of a fixture run.Judge’s Comment: “The customization capabilities of the product are effective for integrating into any design sche

Parade L

Uniform Color

Each Parade L model contains high brightness RGBW LEDs with 4000K neutral white and is available in dynamic white—2700K to 6500K—static white or monochrome colors.This versatile family of linear luminaires is fabricated from extruded aluminum and available in 1-ft. increments, up to 4 ft. Each luminaire features an integral power supply within its narrow profile, eliminating the need for additional electrical hardware, and is further simplified through combined power and data wiring. Four standard finishes are available with options for marine-grade or custom RAL finishes.Optics include five symmetric and five asymmetric distributions from spot to extra wide, elliptical beam


Light the Way

The CAPITAL series is a family of four RGBW, dynamic white, and static white floodlights. The luminaires share a cohesive, consistent appearance and incrementally increase in size and output from the smallest floodlight (11-in. × 9-in. at 72 W) up to the tandem luminaire model (20-in. × 30-in. at 512 W). Lumen output ranges from as low as 2778 lm up to 25,514 lm for the tandem model. Optics include a choice of 10 distributions of five rotationally symmetric beams from spot to extra wide and five asymmetric distributions with elliptical and wall wash lighting patterns. All models are DMX512 capable. The single luminaire models feature optional 3G mounting brackets for high-vi


Pleated to Perfection

From Danish designer and engineer P.V. Jensen-Klint, the iconic hand-pleated shade of the mid-20th century moves into the 21st, with new materials and designers. The Bouquet Large 5, a contemporary chandelier inspired by spring flowers is made of hand-folded paper or PVC plastic shade, light oak detail and braided linen covered cord.