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Park Transformation Creates Sense of Discovery

From a public landfill in the mid-1800s to a world-class public park in a Midwestern city of 100,000, South Bend, Indiana’s Howard Park has become the city’s marquee park. The park has undergone several iterations since its opening in 1899, but over the decades had fallen into disrepair. The park grounds and community center were aging and underused, and the ice rink no longer operational. That all changed in November 2019 when the community celebrated Howard Park’s transformation. Alliance Architects was selected to design the 13-acre park. Alliance Architects’ Bill Lamie, aia, the principal leading the project, tapped Landscape Architect Kevin Clark, from The Lakota


Mesh Screens Underline Exclusivity of Qatar Airport

Hamad International Airport places emphasis on extraordinary design, maximum efficiency when handling passengers and freight, and a luxurious atmosphere and sustainability. The Hamad International Airport (HIA) in the capital city Doha, Qatar, is open for passengers after a decade of pioneering design, engineering and construction work. Once all work has been completed, up to 50 million passengers and 2.5 million metric tons of freight will be processed every year. The strategically important location between East and West makes it an important international hub.In order to convey the country’s culture, which is equally oriented towards the future and tradition, the airport places emph


Outstanding CRI

Downlights are universal solutions that embody modular flexibility. The one-piece heat sink helps to expand the lifetime and enables them to outperform in every application with 225,000 hours (L70), 55,000 hours (L95), and are available with output options from 700 lm to 4000 lm. The Lumencore family offers exceptional color rendering, which includes CRI 80+, CRI 90+ and CRI 95+ options.Judge’s Comment: “The downlights deliver modular flexibility, as well as durability, suited to this market.”


Get Creative

Designed with fully articulating elbows and connectors, the Aloft low profile, cylindrical luminaire system allows designers to create unique configurations. Installation and onsite adjustment is simplified with a plug-and-play connection system. Its HE Tech lens provides excellent light distribution from a narrow 0.5-in. aperture diffuse lens.Judge’s Comment: “The corner connector is clever, and allows for the basic fixture to be expanded into numerous forms that put creativity with the architect.” 


Downlight Palette

Finding consistency across product families in downlighting can be a challenge. Liteistry features a broad palette of architectural downlights that provide consistency in appearance and performance. Reflectors provide a 50-degree shielding angle that shields the source, but also creates a quiet reflector surface above the shielding angle.Judge’s Comment: “Good choice for designs of multiple spaces.”


Minimizing Sound Absorption

Audia, the flagship fixture of the ACOUSTIX family of luminaires, combines a refreshingly slim aesthetic, exceptional optics and precision sound absorbing technology to create a new paradigm in acoustic lighting. Audia allows sound waves to be absorbed by Lumenwerx’s proprietary sound-absorbing material called EchoCore. The material is composed of aluminum carefully cut and sized based on Helmholtz Resonance. As sound passes, it gets trapped within the EchoCore and the air pockets that have been created, resulting in 30% more sound reduction than that of standard felt luminaires. In addition, the flame retardant and mold-resistant material is eco-conscious, emitting zero VOCs. It is al


Optical Excellence

With direct/indirect illumination and state-of-the-art anidolic optics, the thin-profile luminaire minimizes glare while leveraging low voltage, aircraft cable to power the fixture without a visual power feed. Mounting at just 12-in. below the ceiling and up to 12-ft. on center, its secret is anidolic optics that hide the LED source and eliminates their visibility from below. By avoiding off-the-shelf optics, Amerlux engineered the exact distribution required to create the most “comfortable” product, extracting light at high angles that traditional LEDs cannot achieve, while its precision mold design provides near 90% optical efficiency.Side prisms provide precision direction of


Hanging in There

A set of contemporary point-source pendants, made almost entirely of recyclable aluminum, the Scope pendants deliver an intimate spot of focused illumination. The sleek and stylish housing measures only 1.25 in. in diameter and is available in standard powder paint finishes with different trim pieces that offer accents of brass, brushed aluminum or luminous crystal gems. A custom suspension cable allows for the safe transfer of the fixtures’ DMX control signals and DC power without the use of an additional power cable.Judge’s Comment: “The flexibility in choices of model, finishes and colors, combined with flexibility in arrangement, gives designers the ability to trea


Easy Elegance

SLOT 1 is a linear lighting solution that delivers outstanding quality of light, exceptional visual comfort, simplified installation and easier emergency planning compared to other linear lighting solutions—all at a 1.5-in. aperture. It allows specifiers to create linear lines of light across ceilings, surfaces and walls, and is available in four forms: recessed, pendant, surface and wall. It contains the Modulus low-voltage distributed power and control solution that allows for a simplified installation experience and easier emergency planning, as a single power drop, up to every 32 ft. It reduces complexity and time on the jobsite, simplifying the design and installation of lighting

Omega Series

Soft Illumination

The OMEGA Series illustrates a unique union between two pure forms, the round opal cylinder in parallel with the geometric extrusion that has led to the creation of a luminaire family that is both recognizable yet discrete. The opal lens cylinder softly illuminates the space in all dimensions and is available in a surface mount or pendant luminaire.OMEGA Suspension features the same cylindrical diffused opal lens luminaire in an 83-in. linear fixture that hangs from stainless steel suspension cables to provide functional, decorative lighting that softly illuminates the space. The light emitted appears soft and widespread, particularly suitable for reception areas in offices, hotels and commo