Lighting & Controls

Eastlake Studio, Chicago

Blending Historic with Modern

Studio unites historic architecture and modern design for collaborative office space. Eastlake Studio was faced with adversity when plans to convert the building that had been their long-time residence to a hotel and condos became a reality. The studio had been residing in Chicago’s Tribune Tower, for approximately three decades. The change of vocation of the tower from commercial to mixed-use residential provided the architecture firm an opportunity to address the challenges of the former office while opting to move to another historic building. The limitations of the original office were motivators for designing the new space. According to Kevin Kamien, principal at Eastlake Studio,

UCLA Athletics, Los Angeles, Cailf.

UCLA Scores Big with Smart Lighting Retrofit

The university’s athletics department featured a lighting control retrofit, which helped the football team’s operations and assisted in meeting California’s stringent energy codes. Implement a lighting controls retrofit that would serve UCLA Athletics, as well as help meet California’s tough energy codes. Given Title 24’s stringent requirements, the most efficient light is one that is off. In fact, the quest to retrofit began when someone said, “Hey, turn the lights off.”


Beacon of Sustainability

Les Jardins Solar Lighting’s Wharf is a rechargeable outdoor light source. It is nautical and rustic with a sculptural open frame that creates the illusion of dancing light. At just under 5-ft. tall, it has a commanding presence and airy design that casts intriguing shadows and patterns of light. Taking design cues from vintage woven fish baskets, the lantern’s cinched silhouette and entwined elements give it a sophisticated air and create a hauntingly beautiful effect when lit. Wharf’s basket-like frame is available in modern aluminum or all-weather wicker. 


Balanced Approach

The Treble collection includes pendant, sconce and standing lamp fixtures, all featuring the curvilinear form of a musical treble clef. The mobile pendant version, shown here, incorporates multiple tiers, each balanced to provide even illumination. 


Chinese Inspiration

Inspired by the look of traditional Chinese paper lamps, the Lanterna fixture is available in three sizes and two colors—black or white. French designer Sam Baron incorporated a gold interior finish to the fixture’s shadeto create warm, glowing illumination. 

Iowa School of Music - Voxman Building, Iowa City, Iowa

University of Iowa's Music Renaissance

The disastrous 2008 flood in Iowa led to the necessary closing of the long-standing Voxman Music Building at University of Iowa. As a result of Hurricane Michael, school leadership knew that they had to completely relocate, as well as redo the entire building to better fit student needs.With $743 million in FEMA aid, the University of Iowa embarked on a mission to rebuild. As part of this reconstruction effort, the university hired Seattle-based LMN Architects and local firm Neumann Monson Architects to relocate and rebuild a new $189 million, state-of-the-art, Voxman Music Building in downtown Iowa City. Lighting design firm HLB Los Angeles was brought in to create a well-orchestrated, yet


No More Separation Anxiety

Pursuit exterior linear luminaire from Architectural Area Lighting (AAL) opens a world of unlimited opportunity for lighting designers. The visible presence of section separations in linear exterior luminaires is traditionally considered necessary to achieve longer, continuous runs. How? Pursuit housings can be connected to form an uninterrupted ribbon of light up to 150 ft. without any breaks or light leaks. Pursuit removes the need for separations by providing seamless continuous runs with IP68 end-to-end internal connections, and a continuous, external diffuser. The diffuse lens material is shipped in a coil which can then be installed onsite after multiple housing sections have been atta


A Beta Approach

Beta cylinder fixtures, in surface-mount, cable pendant and rigid pendant models, offer a streamlined profile in white, black and matte-chrome finishes. Designers can choose from multiple beam spreads and lumen packages. 



An eye-catching pattern of interlocking brushed-silver and brushed-gold forms highlights the six-lamp Adagio pendant. The collection also includes single-lamp and island pendants, along with a sconce. All are controllable with standard wall dimmers. 


Spring Awakening

Inspired by the early, free-flowing shoots of early spring, the Ivy pendant is crafted from satin bronzed metalwork that’s paired with glass shades available in opal and smoked finishes. The collection, from London maker CTO Lighting, also includes several wall and floor fixtures.