Lighting & Controls

Snowmass Village, Pitkin County, Colo.

Step Lighting Illuminates Snowmass

Snowmass Village, a ski town located in the Rocky Mountains near Aspen, Colo., wanted to redevelop its town center with new buildings for a hotel, condos, town hall and an outdoor ice rink. The challenge? Built around a 35,000-sq.-ft. plaza, the town needed a way to illuminate the space while still preserving the night skies.Construction on the hotel ran over budget and, calling on Innovative Lighting Consultants (ILC), the Denver-based lighting design firm found a ready answer in Amerlux’s Passo led step light.“There are beautiful night skies in the mountains and the town officials and developers wanted to minimize light pollution,” said Mike Kershner, founder of ILC&

Duke Ellington School of the Arts, Washington, D.C.

Lighting the Path to Artistic Inspiration

Located in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, D.C., the Duke Ellington School of the Arts is a high school that specializes in arts education.Founded in 1974 by Peggy Cooper Cafritz and Mike Malone, the school occupies a building originally built in 1898 as Western High School. The District of Columbia Public Schools recently embarked on a multi-million dollar renovation project to modernize the facility and expand from 171,000 to 271,000 sq. ft. The project included the renovation and addition of classrooms, dance and art studios, common areas, a media center and a 300-seat performance hall.While the primary goal of construction was to add new spaces and modernize the entire buildin


Light Sensitivity Reduction

LG Safe Blue technology is an energy-efficient led lighting designed to help reduce light sensitivity, eye strain and fatigue. Safe Blue technology reduces the amount of emitted blue light from the fixture, giving architects and contractors an alternative lighting option for a more comfortable interior space. Ideal for specific applications in schools, hospitals and office buildings, where end users are frequently occupying the same space for extended periods of time, the technology is available on select LG troffers.


White Light Flexibility

Ideal for educational spaces, VividTune Color Tuning technologies feature tunable white and dim-to-warm light, enabling end users to control their space and environment based on needs in their specific application or setting, changing color of the white light and even its intensity as needed. VividTune Color is offered in a broad selection of ambient led recessed troffers, suspended led fixtures and led recessed downlights.


Luminous Sound Control

Designed with Knoll’s FilzFelt fabric, Shaper Sense Acoustic Luminaires come in 62 wool design felt color choices. The Box and Trapezoid pendant—with a Noise Reduction Coefficient of 2.65 and 2.5 respectively—deliver efficacies of 120 lm/W with a lumen output of 4,500. The luminaires have 85% transmissivity, allowing natural daylight to pass through when turned off, and as electric light is needed, become a luminous source for ambient and task applications.

The Merchandise Mart, Chicago

Wow Moment

A 2019 IES winner, the façade of Chicago’s Merchandise Mart, by Gwen Grossman, uses digital projection as a means to create stunning art on the massive 2.5-acre façade. Part of a curated “Art on the Mart” series, Grossman worked with Obscura and ETC’s Mosaic control system is the brain behind the illumination scheme.



The new WGD9 Wall Grazer is designed to be installed 3-in. into the ceiling to provide a wash of light along the wall without shadows or hot spots. Precision optics create a narrow 7-degree beam to enhance surface textures from ceiling to floor. Length can be specified in 1-ft. increments, and three color-temperature packages are available.


Slim Profile

The After 8 pendant features an ultra-streamlined profile fashioned from milled aluminum that’s only 0.1875-in. wide. It’s available in the ring form shown above, with direct/indirect light distribution, along with a linear version. Both feature power delivered over the suspension cable and multiple finish options. 

Griffin Halls of Evolving Planet, Field Museum, Chicago

Exhibit Puts T. Rex in New Light

Sue the T. Rex is the Lady Gaga of the dinosaur community. The magnificent murderbird—a favorite term to describe the T. Rex—has an often-hilarious Twitter feed, legions of adoring fans, and a brand new home in a 5000-sq.-ft. area at the Chicago Field Museum’s Griffin Halls of Evolving Planet. Following a three-month prototyping phase to show the curators how Sue would be lit in its new quarters, the design team at Lightswitch Chicago produced a meticulously cued av presentation worthy of the world’s most expensive—$8.7M—fossil.


Concentration at the Push of a Button

So, for all the talk of color tuning, does it exist? It does, but sometimes you have to go far afield, say Denmark, and the Herstedlund Primary School. There, after the bell rings, fourth-year students take their seats for the first lesson—not so different than schools around the world. However, when teachers in these classrooms flick the switch, a very different experience follows. Light, more like daylight, floods the classroom, creating a more pleasant atmosphere. Thanks to Zumtobel’s Active Lighting system, teachers have a choice of four pre-programmed lighting “moods,” in line with the precepts of human-centric lighting. In this case, dimmable, and color-tunable