Landscape Products

greenscreen Elysian Interior Planter Series

Plant an Idea

Featuring a collection of fiberglass planters with greenscreen’s 3-in. steel trellis panels, the Elysian Interior Planter Series encourages social distancing, adds beauty to any layout, and creates healthy spaces. Available in a variety of colors, finishes, sizes and configurations, the planters include a built-in, watertight irrigation reservoir with two- to four-week watering cycles.Judge’s Comment: “A simple pairing of components that provide a standout effect to a space in a compact (only 12-in. deep) profile.”

HessAmerica PORTAL Bench

Take a Seat

Suitable for design-driven outdoor landscape architectural projects, the backless style PORTAL Bench from HessAmerica is available in non-illuminated or illuminated versions. Bench slats are fabricated from sustainable FSC-certified Black Locust wood. An illuminated bench adds marker lights to both vertical support pillars to provide a pool of light surrounding the bench itself for ambiance and general illumination. The LED source is available in 3000K or 4000K color temperatures with 80 CRI. Options include a concealed wireless charging station embedded in the wooden slats and optional 10 KV or 20 KV surge suppressors to protect the charging station.Judge’s Comment: “A mode

Typology Ribbon Bench

Defining Spaces

Modular and adaptable in construction, the Ribbon Bench is a new product in the Typology Collection of outdoor seating and lighting designed to connect spaces and guide pedestrians. Featuring three lighting models, the customizable Ribbon Bench offers durability, longevity and low maintenance. The bench’s ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) components allow for a thinner cross section with higher abrasion resistance, lower permeability, exceptional strength and high resistance to compression, bending, impact and wear. The optional integral downward-facing lighting offers low-glare illumination to create an illusion that the entire structure almost levitates.Judge’s Comment: &l

Landscape Forms Upfit

Gaining a Purpose

Adaptive, modular and scalable, Upfit from Landscape Forms transforms existing and underutilized outdoor spaces into tailored destinations and functional areas for work and relaxation. The structure begins with a single 16-ft. × 16-ft. × 10-ft. base unit with post-and-beam construction to create endless configurations based on aesthetic goals, functional requirements, and site characteristics. From a simple single unit, to a fully powered, lit and furnished multiunit structure with louvered roof and weather management system, it transforms unused space.Judge’s Comment: “Built-in power, flexibility and adaptability to weather make this a truly innovative addi

Eco-Promenade pavers with Umbriano Finish in French Grey, Grenada White, and Winter Marvel & Unigranite pavers

Vibrant Streetscape Plaza Serves as Community Destination

Evanston’s Fountain Square employs a pedestrian-oriented, curbless plaza design, while delivering an effective stormwater management solution with permeable pavers. Evanston, Ill.’s Fountain Square Plaza dates back to the late 1800s and has a long-lasting history as a cultural center and an integral piece of the city’s urban fabric. However, the pre-existing fountain and surrounding plaza areas were in poor condition and in need of repair. Meanwhile, the city continued to grow and it lacked a place that could safely support downtown festivals and events. When funds were allocated to tackle the infrastructure improvements and a plaza redesign, the city turned to the communit

Area lighting KicK from Architectural Area Lighting features a reliable, uniform, low glare illumination with Type II, III and IV distributions, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K CCT, and integral surge and thermal protection.

Bike Park Open Day and Night

The Rockstar Energy Bike Park is the latest feature project at the North Houston Sports Complex and is one of the largest and most unique BMX parks in the United States. Rockstar bike park is open and operational day and night, so lighting is a key component to the ambiance and functionality of the facility and the safety of the guests. Superior lighting products were required to perform as advertised and provide precise IES patterns with unparalleled uniformity and low glare optics, ensuring harsh glare would not disrupt the riders’ line of sight and cause accidents. In the special bowls and street feature areas of the park, the lighting design called for a luminaire that would comple

Plaza of the Tempe Center for the Arts, Tempe, Ariz. by design teams at Landscape Forms and Designworks

Contemporary Response

At the Tempe Center for the Arts, in Tempe, Ariz., Landscape Forms debuted its new Typology line, which includes both area light fixtures and site furnishings. The line is a system of sculptural and outdoor seating and lighting features, created in partnership with Designworks, a BMW Group company.A ribbon bench serves as a centerpiece for the collection—modular segments enable the bench to meander seamlessly throughout landscapes. LED ring lights and stick lights, artfully illuminate and guide, almost like floating halos. Path lights are encased in concrete mantel to create a small-scale, vertical version of the ribbon bench. 


Rock the Block: Masonry Goes Heavy Metal

Landscape designer Rocio Gertler, principal of LdG, and the team, found a creative way to re-imagined a former utilities building and parking lot in San Diego into a stylish campus amenity for office tenant employees using McNichols' ECO-ROCK.The gabion-style wire containers created a partition and divider system that is custom-filled with angled rocks harvested from a local quarry. This Wire Mesh and frame grid system can be integrated into seating, partitions, and decorative features. Assembled in container-style arrangements along the slope outside the fitness center, the system became the basis of LdG’s plan for amphitheater-style seating that also became an outdoor e


Park Transformation Creates Sense of Discovery

From a public landfill in the mid-1800s to a world-class public park in a Midwestern city of 100,000, South Bend, Indiana’s Howard Park has become the city’s marquee park. The park has undergone several iterations since its opening in 1899, but over the decades had fallen into disrepair. The park grounds and community center were aging and underused, and the ice rink no longer operational. That all changed in November 2019 when the community celebrated Howard Park’s transformation. Alliance Architects was selected to design the 13-acre park. Alliance Architects’ Bill Lamie, AIA, the principal leading the project, tapped Landscape Architect Kevin Clark, from The Lakota


Beautify Your Space

The CityScape Pentagon 80 MM Pavers offer a way to beautify a surface area with the look of natural stone without the high cost of materials and installation. Pavers can be a subtle design component or a high impact component, depending on the color and texture selected and the pattern installed, which makes them highly versatile and customizable for specific tastes or applications. The paver is ideal for pedestrian pavement applications. It is made of durable concrete with iron oxide pigments that won’t fade with extended UV exposure. The product meets or exceeds applicable requirements of ASTM C1782. The paver’s surfaces and classical chamfers define each stone, creating textur