Glass & Curtainwall

YCW 750 SSG curtain wall, YWW 45TU/YWE 60T Window Wall, and YSK 750 Sloped Glazing

This’ll Be the Day

Buddy Holly’s legacy lives on in West Texas’ largest dedicated performance venue. The modern design reflects the prismatic and layered rock formations of Texas canyons. Targeting LEED Silver, the façade balances various approaches to creating shade to counter the South Plains’ extreme temperature fluctuations by using long overhangs, angled concrete fins and deep-set ribbon windows to cool the building and filter light, without obstructing views from the Buddy Holly Hall of Performing Arts. Expansive spans of glass blur the lines between indoors and outdoors, creating a seamless transition for visitors entering the space. Almost 80 ft. of sloped glazing above the main entra

Hybrid 750 XT Veneer Wall System, YCW 750 XT Curtainwall and Thermal Entrance Doors

Magnificent Wood Detail

The new JST Production and Engineering Center in Swatara Township, Pa. is the Japanese electrical connector company’s newest facility. The 52,000-sq.-ft. design, development and production center houses offices, connecting decks, a lunchroom and manufacturing space with a machine center, shipping and receiving. It also earned the Project Application Award for its incredible commercial fenestration, manufactured by YKK AP America.The geometry of this expansive single-level timber and glass building is striking, with more than 70 corners inside and out. The building represents a deep connection to nature, taking inspiration from tree roots. As the building flows back, it become

Lumi Frit Projectable Glass Rainscreen

A Welcoming Beacon

The world’s first building to use Bendheim’s fully customizable projectable glass rainscreen system as a 6,000-sq.-ft. media screen was the Momentary, a contemporary art space in Bentonville, Ark., a satellite of Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. The custom-imprinted glass scrim wraps an 80-ft. tall concrete stair and elevator tower and incorporates four unique fritted glass designs, ranging from 50% to 80% opaque. The designs were created by Osage graphic artist Addie Roanhorse and were inspired by traditional Osage Native American design motifs.Bendheim’s Lumi Frit glass cladding lends the tower a brilliant white, ephemeral aesthetic during the day. A

Full Surface Acid-Etched Glass with Low-E Coating

Sustainable Coating

Walker Textures’ full surface acid-etched glass with a low-e coating delivers enhanced solar control in a choice of two attractive matte finishes. It is ideally suited to exterior applications in sustainable building projects, and can contribute toward a project’s LEED credits. Full surface Satin or Opaque etch on surface one diffuses daylight, reducing glare and reflection without affecting visible light transmittance. On surface two, a Solarban high performance coating from Vitro Architectural Glass greatly improves the energy efficiency of a building’s glazing compared to untreated glass.Judge’s Comment: “The addition of low-e with acid etch glass is uni

Tubelite will supply architectural aluminum products for the fast-food chain’s “Smart 2.0” U.S. prototype restaurants.

Storefronts with a Side of Fries

Partnering with Wendy’s Quality Supply Chain Cooperative, Tubelite will supply architectural aluminum products for the fast-food chain’s “Smart 2.0” U.S. prototype restaurants. To simplify the construction process, reduce building costs and support good environmental stewardship, select restaurants will install Tubelite storefront and entrance systems. Kent Baumann, Tubelite’s business development manager, stated, “This partnership facilitates a predefined product solution to streamline bidding and installation of Wendy’s restaurants. With approved finish and hardware options, Tubelite’s partnership with Wendy’ will ensure a consistent bu

A unique art glass installation designed by Martin Donlin on the façade of the Lowell Justice Center, Lowell, Mass.

Art Installation

A unique art glass installation designed by Martin Donlin on the façade of the Lowell Justice Center, Lowell, Mass. is also visible inside the two-story entrance lobby. Designed with symbols of justice interspersed with imagery of Lowell’s textile and mill history, the art features quotes in languages including Khmer, Spanish, Portuguese and English, representing local cultures of the people of Lowell and equal justice.Viracon's DigitalDistinctions combines the durability of ceramic enamel with the versatility of digital printing, providing the ability to print multiple colors, graphics and simulate building materials on a single surface

Solarban 90 Starphire glass from Vitro Architectural Glass

The Right Glazing Supports New Dallas Icon

To best showcase the exterior ceramic framing on the adaptive reuse of a 1950s bank building into a five-story mixed-use building in downtown Dallas, 5G Studio Collaborative selected Solarban 90 Starphire glass from Vitro Architectural Glass.With Solarban’s high performance solar control and Starphire’s industry-leading clarity, the product delivered the energy efficiencies and aesthetics the unique project was seeking.“Numerous options were considered and after reviewing them all in combination with the artistic tile on the building. Solarban 90 Starphire glass was selected because of its clarity, reflection and lack of color,” says Josh Allen, partner, 5G

Winston-Salem Union Station

Preserving Union Station’s Metal Frames in Historical Restoration Project

Thanks to super-thin vacuum insulated glazing units, Walter Robbs Architecture was able to restore Winston-Salem’s Union Station brick and limestone façade to its original glory. Built in 1926, the historic Winston-Salem Union Station lent a more cosmopolitan feel to the growing tobacco industry in the area and was key to bringing travel to the region. Designed in a Beaux Arts style with Neoclassical details by Fellheimer and Wagner, a prominent New York architectural firm that designed train stations throughout the U.S., the station closed its doors in 1970. It was then converted into a vehicle-repair garage until the city repurchased the large structure and decided to resto

Franklin & Marshall College Winter Visual Arts Center, Lancaster, Pa.

A Visceral Glow

Supporting Steven Holl Architects’ unique “box-kite-shaped” design for the three-story Franklin & Marshall College Winter Visual Arts Center in Lancaster, Pa., Bendheim was challenged to create a unique, parallel, single-glazed, tip-to-tip framing configuration for the curved glass walls. 

BIPV modules atop a walkway for the Salt Lake City Public Safety Building in Utah

BIPV in High-Performance Glazing

With a dual function as a balcony, balustrade, glazing or a skylight, Solarvolt BIPV modules from Vitro Architectural Glass come in a variety of configurations, including multiple solar cell arrangements and three unique photovoltaic crystalline silicone types for various effects on aesthetics and performance. Compatible with almost all of Vitro’s glass products, the solar panels with solar cells are arranged between two glass lites with glass-film techniques. The modules come in sizes up to 98 in. × 146 in. and in thicknesses of up to two 12-mm lites.Views of the BIPV modules atop a walkway for the Salt Lake City Public Safety Building in Utah.