Glass Walls/Partitions

Privacy and Togetherness

The Horizon Collection from 3form features expertly engineered textiles embedded in the company’s translucent resin, Varia, and colored glass panels. Composed of concentrated, saturated yarn at the bottom of each panel, the Horizon textiles become more delicate and interspersed as they ascend, offering a solution to break up a space, without entirely compartmentalizing it. These materials balance privacy and togetherness, diffusing natural light and bringing texture to shared spaces.Judge’s Comment: “Great to see the product bendable!”


Fire-rated Systems

Vetrotech Design Solutions (VDS) is a complete line of code-compliant, fire-rated system assemblies, including smoke barriers and doors. These comprehensive solutions bring together framing, doors and glazing for an all-in-one fire-rated barrier. Special glazing and door solutions with fire-resistant characteristics are not only made of fire-resistant glass, but are part of holistic, tried and tested life-safety systems. Vetrotech offers a special range of these fire system solutions to provide protection in escape routes and compartmentalize fire to limit the harmful effects of fire and smoke to building occupants. Partitions include fire-protective, fire-resistive and hollow-metal applicat

Palisades Bi-folding and Sliding Door and Wall Systems

Next Gen Bi-Folding Doors

Ideal for applications where larger glass sizes, higher load requirements, and limits on deflection and heavy use are required, the Palisades carries a CW40 Performance Grade rating. Specialized seals provide resistance to air and water infiltration and panel loads are evenly distributed across a proprietary bottom rolling system that facilitates a fluid, frictionless glide for ease of operation. The system comes in several different configurations and with minimal hardware for virtually uninterrupted views, the bi-folding doors strike the balance between aesthetics and performance.The Palisades collection represents the next generation of movable wall and sliding door systems, offering the

1000-space parking structure at San Antonio’s 23-story Frost Tower

Channel Glass Parking Structure Complements High-Rise

As a lightweight versatile solution, Bendheim’s single-glazed Lamberts channel glass was the ideal choice for the 1000-space parking structure at San Antonio’s 23-story Frost Tower. Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects specified the translucent glass channels, which admit more than 70% of daylight into the parking structure, while textured channel glass protects privacy. With its alternating glazed and open sections pattern, the parking structure lends a nice design element to the façade and provides natural ventilation.

FlightHub office in Montreal, Quebec

Channel Glass at its Best

Promoting daylighting while separating offices from the communal areas at the ACDF Architecture renovated FlightHub office in Montreal, Quebec, is 4,000 sq. ft. of solar-textured, safety tempered, double-glazed Lamberts channel glass. The light-diffusing, textured 10-in.-wide, 8.5-ft. tall glass are pocket set in to custom-curve frames. Because the glass is captured at the head and sill at the top and bottom, no intermediary vertical framing needed, thus creating a clean design aesthetic.The light-diffusing, self-supporting channel glass requires minimal framing, creating virtually seamless curvilinear glass walls that can span across elevations.

Acrylic Collection

On the Safe Side

Móz Designs’ new acrylic collection features dividers that are both protective and solidly safe, like the metal dividers that made them successful. With a wide range of colors and finishes—including a transparent material ideal for displaying digital images—the acrylic dividers transform large rooms into intimate, safe spaces. 
All dividers arrive with hardware, ready to install.

Comedor Restaurant, Austin, Texas

Austin Restaurant Adds Mystery with Glass Brick Wall

The street-facing glass brick wall at Austin’s new restaurant adds mystique to guests and passersby. The challenge of how to attract customers to a new restaurant, Comedor, in the highly competitive market of Austin, Texas, was to create a façade that is eye-catching, unique and alluring to pedestrians and vehicle traffic. This needed to be accomplished while fulfilling the daylighting requirements by the city.

Magnatag’s lines of floor-to-ceiling dry-erase wall panels and glass white boards create glass dry-erase wall panels

No Creative Boundaries

Magnatag VisuGlass WhiteWalls create a dry-erase surface that is aesthetic and functional in a boardroom, office or creative spot. It combines Magnatag’s pre-existing lines of floor-to-ceiling dry-erase wall panels and glass white boards to create glass dry-erase wall panels. It is manufactured using optically clear, low-lead glass, frameless finished edges and a hidden frame and steel backer.Equipped with micro-adjustment standoff mounting brackets, installers can raise and lower each corner of the board easily for uneven or concave walls to match perfectly with the next panel to create a smooth, uninterrupted surface. Beyond white and black, 10 colors are available. In addition, pane

Palisades S90 system

Bifolding Door and Wall System

Setting a standard for aesthetics and performance, with a slimline profile, concealed hinges and a 12-ft. maximum frame height, the system delivers an elegant solution that minimizes hardware and maximizes views. C.R. Laurence's Palisades S90 system delivers superior thermal and structural performance. It is also distinctly slim as its 4.75-in. panel posts and low-profile rails maximize views, concealed hinges also help minimize hardware-look, while the panels can fold to either interior or exterior spaces. Certified to meet CW minimum design pressure of 40 psf and CW maximum allowable deflection of L/175, the system is available in standard finishes, including black bronze anodized

Interstyle’s new glass bricks

Let the Light In

Interstyle’s new glass bricks not only provide a natural light source, but are also decorative for architectural design. It is available as crystal or jade with a hint of green derived from the natural iron content. Designers commonly use it as an accent in walls, skylights and sidewalk lights. Imagine out of the box using glass bricks for fireplaces, fire pits, barbecue grills, pools, ponds, hot tubs or even greenhouses. They are hand-crafted and made from 100% recycled glass.