A V Encore

AdMix Encore is flooring perfect for high-demand and heavy traffic areas. It features a seamless moisture barrier and solid resin construction that allows for scratches, scuffs and stains to be easily buffed. It can also be continually immersed in water with no degradation, making it ideal for areas that require frequent cleaning and large volumes of water for maintenance. It is available in 36-in. and 12-in. square tiles in 24 colors. 


Decorative Cement Tiles

Granada Tile has partnered with award-winning designer Emma Gardner to add new patterns to their flagship Echo Collection of decorative cement tiles. Born in Kyoto and raised in New York City, she weaves diverse cultural strands into a unique voice. This collection embodies her signature style that is flexible in form and color, allowing for a broad range of moods—from serenity to exuberance. Gardner has received numerous accolades including Interior Design magazine’s Best of Year, IIDEX/Neocon Innovation and Neocon Gold Awards for her rug and fabric designs. Designers may play around with the colorways using the online customizer tool. 


Form and Function take Flight

Inspired by air traffic maps, Tarkett has introduced two new lines of modular carpet tiles, offering new options for office, education and hospitality spaces. The designs could simplify installation in contemporary architectural designs where right angles and straight lines give way to open, multi-use spaces and curved walls. The carpet uses Tarkett’s Powerbond construction, with means it can be installed in any direction (even diagonally). The designer Jhane Barnes flipped and rotated repeating modules to create a large-scale pattern with no obvious repeat, creating an intriguing visual with minimal installation water. FlightPath contains 14 different matching points in its 22-ft. pat

Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore

The Proof is in the Flooring

Building products can easily claim numerous accolades of their technologies, but the real proof comes through end-user feedback. A great example of such well-vetted research is Johns Hopkins Hospital’s 90-day testing program of 20 resilient and non-carpet flooring products. Emerging from the pack was Ecore Commercial Flooring’s Terrain Rx, a rubber fusion-bonded to a contemporary, modern heterogeneous vinyl sheet surface, which reduces the risk of falls and delivers both sound control and comfort. Also testing well for durability, stain removal and clean-ability, JHH went on to install the product in 56 inpatient rooms at the Meyer Neuro & Rehab facility in Baltimore. 

Acousti-Mat / Maxxon Underlayment System

Sound Solution

Acousti-Mat sound mats, paired with Maxxon Underlayment, reduces sound transmission through floors and adds fire resistance to wood-frame construction. Systems can be specified to offer multiple levels of sound control, with compression strengths up to 5,500 psi.


A Code that Won't Crack

Designed using an artful interpretation of technology, coding and data, Patcraft has created a new luxury vinyl tile in 15 refined colorways. Named Creative Code its varying hues dispersed throughout each tile along with both neutral and bright color options make it a good fit for branding, wayfinding, color blocking and mixing. The tiles are available in 12-in. × 24-in. and contain 20-mil wear layer to enhance product durability and performance in high demand environments and an ExoGuard+ finish that provides enhanced scratch and stain resistance. 

Democracy Brewing, Boston, Mass.

Old-World Brewpub Mixes Charm with Boston Character

Having a reclaimed wood appearance, the brewery team needed flooring that would stand up to heavy foot traffic. Former economic justice organizer-turned-brewer, James Razsa, and veteran brewer, Jason Taggart, opened up the brewery in 2018. Razsa, Taggart and their team wanted to establish a brewery that blended old-world brewpub charm with classic Boston character. Democracy opened for business on the Fourth of July—fitting for a brewery that describes itself as celebrating “Boston’s rowdy revolutionary history from the 1700s to the present.” “We wanted the luxury vinyl to have a reclaimed wood appearance. The color fit in seamlessly with the other des


A Walk on the Mediterranean Side

Available in luxurious Carrera marble or pristine limestone, Medina tiles from StoneImpressions lets you create an extraordinary design space with a taste of Mediterranean culture. The line shines with onyx and turquoise jewel tones. The tiles are sealed with a three-part acrylic topcoat that is durable and an ideal choice for kitchens, bathrooms, backsplashes and light traffic flooring. The tiles come in both 6-in. × 6-in. and 12-in. × 12-in. sizes. 


Enrich a Floor with Meaning

Patcraft’s first PVC-free resilient floor style, Ecosystem, features two visuals within three styles with coordinating plank and sheet products. The new line’s no-polish finish, combined with high performance on the medical stain and chemical resistance testing, makes it ideal for clinical and healthcare applications. The two visuals include Enrich, a classic and modern wood visual line, and Meaning, an abstract multi-directional pattern that serves the functional purpose of hiding scratches, scuffs and dirt while at the same time disguising seams. The products are odor-neutral and virtually emission-free. 


Urban Fabric, Flooring, Inspiration

Nutopia Matrix—two lower-profile flat loop 12-in. × 36-in. patterns—complements the Nutopia carpet plank collection. Urban Transit (shown) has an active, shifting pattern and the second pattern, while Urban Terrain offers an overall gestural pattern—both are inspired by “urban fabric.” The sustainable backing uses fewer raw materials and energy, and simplifies floor installation and reduces sub-floor moisture concerns.