Life Safety/Fire Protection

Technical Glass Products Fireframes Designer Guard System

Life Safety

Technical Glass Products' Fireframes Designer Guard System is North America’s first certified fire-rated and security-rated full-lite glass door system. All components have been system tested together to ASTM E2395, the industry benchmark for forced-entry resistance, and Intertek certified to verify all components perform as intended. To meet the dual need for life safety, the system is available with fire ratings up to 90 minutes. It is ideal for school applications, detention centers, institutional buildings and anywhere a security- and fire-rated door system is required.Judge’s Comment: “The best of both worlds, combining fire and security protection in a full-lite g


Fire-rated Systems

Vetrotech Design Solutions (VDS) is a complete line of code-compliant, fire-rated system assemblies, including smoke barriers and doors. These comprehensive solutions bring together framing, doors and glazing for an all-in-one fire-rated barrier. Special glazing and door solutions with fire-resistant characteristics are not only made of fire-resistant glass, but are part of holistic, tried and tested life-safety systems. Vetrotech offers a special range of these fire system solutions to provide protection in escape routes and compartmentalize fire to limit the harmful effects of fire and smoke to building occupants. Partitions include fire-protective, fire-resistive and hollow-metal applicat

Defendr Door System

Line of Defense

The Defendr Door System protects building occupants by slowing down an active attacker or shooter. Defendr is built with the strongest components: a Masonite architectural door with extra heavy-duty particleboard, structural composite lumber core, and Armoured One 5/16-in. tactical security glass. Tested in partnership with Special Forces experts to perform in a variety of scenarios, including an active shooter attack, the Defendr can resist up to 237J of force after bullet degradation, the equivalent of a 10 lb. sledgehammer dropped at 22.9 mph.During most active shooter attacks, the shooter attempts to enter a locked classroom by shooting through the glass or lock area and then trying to f

SAFTI FIRST’s SuperClear

Fire-Rated Glazing Supports

With one of the industry’s highest Visible Light Transmittance levels for fire-rated glass at 90%, SAFTI FIRST’s SuperClear, low-iron solution was an ideal solution for the Quad at the University of Houston’s goals for transparency and safety. Architect EYP specified large amounts of 45-minute fire rated glass to support daylighting and connectivity for the Quad’s landscaped courtyards. Due to the product’s superior aesthetic, performance and documented testing from UL and Intertek, SuperClear 45-HS-LI received quick approval for use on the project.


Wood Sliding Doors

With a 45-minute fire rating, FireSlide wood sliding doors come in laminate and natural veneer options and free up around 30 sq. ft. of usable space with no need for the swing space as with other doors. Featuring ADA-compliant, self-closing mechanisms and positive latching hardware, doors incorporate acoustic seals.


Fire-Protective Glazing joins NFRC's CMAST Database

Now approved as glazing components in the National Fenestration Rating Council’s Component Modeling Approach Software Tool database, users can simulate the U-factor, solar heat gain coefficient and visual light transmission of 45-minute exterior window assemblies that incorporate Safti’s SuperClear 45-HS-LI and SuperClear 45-HS, in addition to SuperLite II-XL and GPX framing. With an approximate VLT of 90%, compared to 88% for premium filmed ceramic and 85% for premium laminated ceramic, the SuperClear 45-HS-LI is the clearest 45 minute, fire-protective glazing product on the market today. 


Fire-Rated Flooring First

Recently achieving two-hour fire-rated protection, SAFTI FIRST’s GPX FireFloor System has passed Underwriters Laboratories UL 263/ULC-S101 test. Twice as large as other fire resistive glass-floor systems, the system supports a maximum individual panel area of 40.9 sq. ft. for fully-supported floor panels and 25.7 sq. ft. for butt-glazed floor panels. The system is a single glass unit comprised of custom SuperLite II-XL, combined with a tempered laminated non-slip walking surface and a fire-resistive rated structural steel framing grid.


Fire-Proofing Historical Stained Glass

When erecting a new student commons between historic Hutchins Hall and another academic building at the University of Michigan Law School in Ann Arbor, designers discovered that the building code required a 2-hour fire-rated barrier. However, the 80-year-old Hutchins Hall façade was adorned with aged limestone and historic stained glass windows. In order to transform the existing wall into a fire-rated assembly, the building team needed to remove the stained glass and limestone, install custom designed Safti SuperLite II-XL 120 glazing and EZ frames, then painstakingly re-assemble the stained glass and limestone. “The first step was to carefully remove the existing stained glass window


Insulate and Innovate

Johns Manville Mineral Wool Sound and Fire Block insulation provides a powerful (and yet quiet) 2-in-1. The insulation batts are noncombustible and moisture-resistant. The high-density fibers in mineral wool help delay the spread of fire and reduce noise transfer in interior walls and between ceilings and floors. The insulation improves wall assembly STC ratings by up to 10 dB, has a melting point in excess of 2000˚F and is made of durable inorganic glass, which translates into no growth of fungi and no sustaining of vermin. JM mineral wool is also easily cut, installed and fills the entire cavity for maximum performance. It is best used in wood-stud cavities and interior walls and ceilings


Fire-Wall Support from a Different Angle

Because not every architectural plan is designed around right angles, the DGH fire-wall hanger can be specified with a skewed or offset option. Like other models in the DG series, the hangers install on a two-hour wood-stud fire-wall during framing and allow two layers of 5∕8-in. gypsum wall board to be slipped into place after framing is complete.