Fabrics & Textiles

Chiseled Texture

The Everywhere Texture collection from Designtex features an uniquely engineered polyester yarn collection that make it inherently suitable to be used as wallcovering, upholstery, drapery and even for wrapped wall panels. It also meets fire-safety requirements for all those applications. With no added finishes or flame retardants, the textile can be repeatedly cleaned with a water-based solvent or bleach. 


Flex Your Façade

Frontside View 381 from Serge Ferrari—as shown here on the FBI regional headquarters car park in San Diego—allows for bio-climatic façades to be re-invented. The mesh membrane can re-invent façades in any color or transparency for new construction, renovation or reuse applications. The open mesh membrane comes in several colors and transparencies to create custom designed façades that help to balance solar heat gain with shading and natural ventilation.


Boss of Emboss

Fil Doux Textiles Vinylife Impact line is a collection of deep textures with a vast array of intricate patterns including rattan and woven luggage styles. The deep-textured vinyl is created with a new technology comprised of air-extracting suction valves that pulls the pattern into place. This new production method allows the patterns to be stain-protected with Pro-Tech technology before embossing them to ensure complete coverage and increased durability. The phthalate-free​ formulation incorporates enzymes into the vinyl that react with microorganisms found in active landfills to act as a catalyst for decomposition. 


'Athleisure' at the Office

Movement, action and performance are what we expect from athletes and now they are a desirable quality in the corporate environment. PFRM from Carnegie is a collection of sport-forward designs based on technical performance fabrics expected in athletic realms combined with the desired refined, flattering and aesthetic found in today’s “athleisure” wardrobes. Carnegie unveiled its collaboration with Gensler design principal, Lee Pasteris, to NeoCon audiences last June where the design concept in performance fabrics for furniture garnered rave reviews. The collaboration between Carnegie and Gensler produced a playful collection of fabrics that takes its cues from the flexibil

The polycarbonate resins provide a strong and durable faux leather product that can be used in healthcare settings

Demanding Performance

Sta-Kleen Polycarbonate by The Mitchell Group is a polyurethane coated upholstery fabric made from 100% polycarbonate resins. The polycarbonate resins provide a strong and durable faux leather product and Sta-Kleen stain resistance withstands harsh chemical disinfectants used in commercial environments. It has been accepted into the Healthier Hospitals Initiative for Safer Chemicals.



Maharam’s offering of nonwovens are solvent-free, antimicrobial and ink-resistant. Maharam’s proprietary material offers superior abrasion resistance. It pairs a silicone top layer with a silicone-and-polyurethane mid layer. This resulted in a product that offers all of the advantages of silicone but with enhanced performance and durability. The product is Greenguard and Greenguard Gold certified, Healthier Hospitals compliant, and LBC Red List compliant.