Exterior Specialties

StoPanel 3DP

New Shape of Panelized Wall Systems

Sto Panel Technology has partnered with Branch Technology to deliver unprecedented 3-dimensional design options for exterior walls. A prefabricated panelized wall system, that includes all the building envelope control layers integrated into a fully customizable 3D printed composite shape, StoPanel 3DP panels are lightweight, structurally robust and easy to install. The big difference from other products, says the manufacturer, are the custom shape cores. Branch’s Cellular Fabrication (C-Fab) 3D printing process allows virtually any shape or form to be created at a large scale. The lightweight polymer matrix is robotically 3D printed in Branch Technology’s direct digital fabricat

TandoStone Architectural Sill

Beauty and Brains

Tando introduces Architectural Sill and Architectural Sill Corner to lighten the labor load and make it easier to get a stone look using regular carpentry tools. It features a forward slope to direct water away from the structure, offering superior moisture management. Lightweight and easy to cut, the products can be installed by one-person using standard tools. Architectural Sill Corner can be used as a corner, or builders can cut the pieces on the left or right side to act as an end cap to terminate a run. With the realistic look and feel of natural stone, Architectural Sill delivers beauty and functionality.Judge’s Comment: “A seamless transition from foundation to window.&rdq


A Good Match

The s-5-T Mini-clamps were selected to attach solar panels onto the new 238T symmetrical standing seam roof of McElroy Metals’ Clinton, Ill., facility. Featuring a two-piece design for easy installation anywhere along the panel seam, the mini clamps are specifically designed to fit profiles with a “T”-shaped seam configuration.


Glass Parking Façade

Designed and engineered for parking garage applications, Bendheim introduces its parking façade system for a beautiful glass aesthetic. Glass panels, 30 sq. ft. or larger, offer generous built-in tolerances—up to 2-in. in all directions—to compensate for the typical unevenness in floor slabs and walls. Significant adjustability also allows façade fabrication to begin from the architectural drawings as opposed to precise field measurements, thereby benefiting fast-track construction schedules.