Doors/Entry Systems

Technical Glass Products Fireframes Designer Guard System

Life Safety

Technical Glass Products' Fireframes Designer Guard System is North America’s first certified fire-rated and security-rated full-lite glass door system. All components have been system tested together to ASTM E2395, the industry benchmark for forced-entry resistance, and Intertek certified to verify all components perform as intended. To meet the dual need for life safety, the system is available with fire ratings up to 90 minutes. It is ideal for school applications, detention centers, institutional buildings and anywhere a security- and fire-rated door system is required.Judge’s Comment: “The best of both worlds, combining fire and security protection in a full-lite g

Buffalo Rock Brewing Co.

Ohio Brewing Company ‘Opens Up’

The Buffalo Rock Brewing Co. transformed a dilapidated six-bay car wash into a brewery, keeping the industrial feel by adding glass garage doors to the old bay areas. Brothers Troy and Tim Burns, plus their close friend Brian Wilson, went “all in” to open the new craft brewery in June 2021. For the past 20 years each of them had experience in home brewing. Following the suggestion of friends, they put a business plan together and started searching for a location. According to Troy Burns, co-owner, Buffalo Rock Brewing Co., the old car wash was the only building in town that would meet all their needs. “It had been idle since 2013, but the structure was still sound, so

Hybrid 750 XT Veneer Wall System, YCW 750 XT Curtainwall and Thermal Entrance Doors

Magnificent Wood Detail

The new JST Production and Engineering Center in Swatara Township, Pa. is the Japanese electrical connector company’s newest facility. The 52,000-sq.-ft. design, development and production center houses offices, connecting decks, a lunchroom and manufacturing space with a machine center, shipping and receiving. It also earned the Project Application Award for its incredible commercial fenestration, manufactured by YKK AP America.The geometry of this expansive single-level timber and glass building is striking, with more than 70 corners inside and out. The building represents a deep connection to nature, taking inspiration from tree roots. As the building flows back, it become


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UniverSILL, a flexible sill insert, allows for a fast weather performance upgrade of NanaWall low-profile saddle sills. Its design replicates the innovative NanaWall Hybrid Sill—which is a cross-between a raised and low-profile saddle sill. When installed, UniverSILL offers near raised sill weather performance. ADA-compliant.Judge’s Comment: “Improves a consistent problem of weather-proofing at doors.”


Fire-rated Systems

Vetrotech Design Solutions (VDS) is a complete line of code-compliant, fire-rated system assemblies, including smoke barriers and doors. These comprehensive solutions bring together framing, doors and glazing for an all-in-one fire-rated barrier. Special glazing and door solutions with fire-resistant characteristics are not only made of fire-resistant glass, but are part of holistic, tried and tested life-safety systems. Vetrotech offers a special range of these fire system solutions to provide protection in escape routes and compartmentalize fire to limit the harmful effects of fire and smoke to building occupants. Partitions include fire-protective, fire-resistive and hollow-metal applicat

Palisades Bi-folding and Sliding Door and Wall Systems

Next Gen Bi-Folding Doors

Ideal for applications where larger glass sizes, higher load requirements, and limits on deflection and heavy use are required, the Palisades carries a CW40 Performance Grade rating. Specialized seals provide resistance to air and water infiltration and panel loads are evenly distributed across a proprietary bottom rolling system that facilitates a fluid, frictionless glide for ease of operation. The system comes in several different configurations and with minimal hardware for virtually uninterrupted views, the bi-folding doors strike the balance between aesthetics and performance.The Palisades collection represents the next generation of movable wall and sliding door systems, offering the

Defendr Door System

Line of Defense

The Defendr Door System protects building occupants by slowing down an active attacker or shooter. Defendr is built with the strongest components: a Masonite architectural door with extra heavy-duty particleboard, structural composite lumber core, and Armoured One 5/16-in. tactical security glass. Tested in partnership with Special Forces experts to perform in a variety of scenarios, including an active shooter attack, the Defendr can resist up to 237J of force after bullet degradation, the equivalent of a 10 lb. sledgehammer dropped at 22.9 mph.During most active shooter attacks, the shooter attempts to enter a locked classroom by shooting through the glass or lock area and then trying to f

Bifold Liftstrap Doors

Bifold Doors Give University of Illinois Renovation Project a View from the Top

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign finished building its new 107,650-sq.-ft. world-class football performance center, which included access to a rooftop terrace. The Henry Dale and Betty Smith Football Performance Center is a $79.2 million facility that serves as a world-class home for the Fighting Illini football program. A standard of excellence permeates every square foot—from the state-of-art sports medicine suite to the strength and conditioning complex and the player’s lounge, complete with a bowling alley, game room and barber shop.On the third floor, the rooftop terrace required an incredible level of consideration to maintain this carefully curated, high

SAFTI FIRST’s SuperClear

Fire-Rated Glazing Supports

With one of the industry’s highest Visible Light Transmittance levels for fire-rated glass at 90%, SAFTI FIRST’s SuperClear, low-iron solution was an ideal solution for the Quad at the University of Houston’s goals for transparency and safety. Architect EYP specified large amounts of 45-minute fire rated glass to support daylighting and connectivity for the Quad’s landscaped courtyards. Due to the product’s superior aesthetic, performance and documented testing from UL and Intertek, SuperClear 45-HS-LI received quick approval for use on the project.

Tubelite will supply architectural aluminum products for the fast-food chain’s “Smart 2.0” U.S. prototype restaurants.

Storefronts with a Side of Fries

Partnering with Wendy’s Quality Supply Chain Cooperative, Tubelite will supply architectural aluminum products for the fast-food chain’s “Smart 2.0” U.S. prototype restaurants. To simplify the construction process, reduce building costs and support good environmental stewardship, select restaurants will install Tubelite storefront and entrance systems. Kent Baumann, Tubelite’s business development manager, stated, “This partnership facilitates a predefined product solution to streamline bidding and installation of Wendy’s restaurants. With approved finish and hardware options, Tubelite’s partnership with Wendy’ will ensure a consistent bu