Health & Wellbeing


Health-Improving HVLS

What if a company’s workforce complains of headaches, dry cough, dizziness, nausea and fatigue but then returns with COVID-negative test results? It might be time to investigate “sick-building syndrome.” If so, the final remedy will depend on finding the root cause, but that takes time. Hunter’s line of HVLS TRAK fans boast easy one-person installation with plug-and-play wiring. This allows for fast action with a minimal outlay of cash.

Hand Sanitizing Fixture

Hand Sanitizing In Style

Now that hand sanitizers have made the jump from a COVID necessity to a more established best practice, Vaask has introduced a permanent, touchless hand sanitizing fixture. Designed to be recessed into the wall and ADA compliant, the dispenser features precision pump control, programmable multi-colored LEDs, premium finishes and a great aesthetic. The low maintenance unit is durable and offers a large 2-liter capacity.

Ray-Air UV-C

Ceiling Tile Fan

Go Fan Yourself (GFY) is proud of the patented technology utilized in the Ray-Air UV-C. These fans (resembling a ceiling tile) make spaces safer, more energy efficient, healthier and more comfortable, according to a representative for the company. Testing indicates that “Ray-Air UV-C sterilized over 99% of MS2 (Covid-19 & Influenza family of viruses) in only 90 minutes,” plus, it is UL certified safe to use while the space is occupied.

Big Ass Fans Powerfoil x3.0 With Ion Technology

Large Diameter

Mitigating the spread of COVID-19 and other airborne viruses can be achieved, at least in part, with large-diameter ceiling fans, aka, Big Ass Fans. Equipped with bipolar ionization, Powerfoil x3.0 With Ion Technology air moving behemoths aim to create and distribute massive amounts of ions without producing harmful ozone. The large air flow apparatuses measure 12 ft. to 24 ft., and, according to the company, the energy-efficient fans can kill 99.9% of viruses in the air in 20 minutes.

Greenheck’s AMPLIFY DC-5 Overhead Fan With Northern Light Technology


Combining the air cleaning benefit of upper-room UV lighting with the air circulation capabilities of powerful overhead HVLS fans, Greenheck’s AMPLIFY DC-5 Overhead Fan With Northern Light Technology offers a unique spin on using ultraviolet light. In large-scale testing, this combo “has shown increased inactivation of airborne pathogens,” according to the company. The fans situates “non-ozone generating UV-C bulbs” inside the fan blades toward the tips where the majority of air movement occurs. The uplight design directs UV-C light away from occupants.


Classy Glass

As businesses look to create safer spaces in shared settings and workplaces, many are looking at materials like glass to help create social distancing pods. Arden Studio glass won’t easily scratch or discolor over time, but is easy to clean, disinfect and move as needs change. Offering infinite combinations of colors, sizes and printing options, buyers can customize the glass with logos, custom colors, patterns, artwork and company branding, elevating the glass surface from functional to an integrated element of the interior design.In an age of social distancing, glass panels are designed and engineered to enhance working, support learning and help create safer work environments.

Steelcase Pod Tent

Camp Out at the Office

Looking for ways to create a compelling work experience to welcome people back, Steelcase turned to an outdoor gear designer to draw up ideas for a new, post-COVID working environment. The Pod Tent is a freestanding pod that limits distractions in the open office by providing individuals with a comfortable and private space to do their best work. The tent is lightweight, easy to move, and ventilated via a standard open-air roof and door.

Bradley Corp. stainless steel hand sanitizer dispenser stand

Hand Sanitizer Here to Stay

Helping to meet post-COVID hygiene needs, Bradley Corp. has introduced stainless steel hand sanitizer dispenser stands. The ADA-compliant unit can be placed anywhere outside the bathroom including lobbies, stairwells and cafeterias. Available in liquid or gel, foam or liquid mist, the battery-operated dispensers are easy to refill.


Glass Screen Solutions

Expanding its glassSCREENS>Shield collection to include frameless and benching variations, CARVART’s screen solutions are made from anti-porous, scratch-resistant glass. The system can be customized for any business set-up and has been in particularly demand in pharmacies, healthcare facilities, financial institutions, retail, fitness clubs, beauty salons, schools and multifamily housing. The screens are manufactured from non-porous, scratch-resistant and tempered glass, perfect for communal counters, front desks, cashiers, group work, health and leisure activities and other interactive spaces that requires protection in a cohesive environment.

Fabege WAW-Work Away from Work

New Way to Work?

Scandinavia is seen as a pioneer for good work culture, but given the impact of the COVID-19 virus, and the effectiveness of “work away from work,” Fabege, one of Sweden’s largest property companies, set out to develop an office concept beyond most models. Its reservable satellite offices are spatially detached from the main office, a new idea that reveals benefits for the individual and for social coexistence. Three locations, across Stockholm, were created and equipped with flexible downlights for a track. The concept moves away from traditional approaches. “I wanted to avoid carpets of light at all costs,” said Joaquim de Abreu, WAW’s lighting designer.