Health & Wellbeing

Bradley Corp. stainless steel hand sanitizer dispenser stand

Hand Sanitizer Here to Stay

Helping to meet post-COVID hygiene needs, Bradley Corp. has introduced stainless steel hand sanitizer dispenser stands. The ADA-compliant unit can be placed anywhere outside the bathroom including lobbies, stairwells and cafeterias. Available in liquid or gel, foam or liquid mist, the battery-operated dispensers are easy to refill.


Glass Screen Solutions

Expanding its glassSCREENS>Shield collection to include frameless and benching variations, CARVART’s screen solutions are made from anti-porous, scratch-resistant glass. The system can be customized for any business set-up and has been in particularly demand in pharmacies, healthcare facilities, financial institutions, retail, fitness clubs, beauty salons, schools and multifamily housing. The screens are manufactured from non-porous, scratch-resistant and tempered glass, perfect for communal counters, front desks, cashiers, group work, health and leisure activities and other interactive spaces that requires protection in a cohesive environment.

Fabege WAW-Work Away from Work

New Way to Work?

Scandinavia is seen as a pioneer for good work culture, but given the impact of the COVID-19 virus, and the effectiveness of “work away from work,” Fabege, one of Sweden’s largest property companies, set out to develop an office concept beyond most models. Its reservable satellite offices are spatially detached from the main office, a new idea that reveals benefits for the individual and for social coexistence. Three locations, across Stockholm, were created and equipped with flexible downlights for a track. The concept moves away from traditional approaches. “I wanted to avoid carpets of light at all costs,” said Joaquim de Abreu, WAW’s lighting designer.


Wellness Divider

Integra Seating announces a new Wellness Divider. Designed to divide space between seated guests in waiting rooms, lounges and guest and lobby areas, it can assist in stopping the spread of airborne germs, including the novel coronavirus. Free-standing at an overall height of 52-in., the Wellness Divider combines a clean, minimalist aesthetic and practical functionality for designers and facility managers alike. The base and upright supports are solid steel with a silver powder coat finish. The divider comes in either a transparent polycarbonate or white HPDE material with eased edges, which brings a soft and unobtrusive appearance. 


Touchless Access

The coronavirus has drastically changed personal and professional views and expectations about cleanliness in buildings and high-traffic environments. Convenient, reliable and safe for both the properties and visitors, dormakaba’s Mobile Access Solutions and Touchless Access Solutions are excellent choices to reduce hand-to-door contact in high contact public areas. They offer contactless, barrier-free and user-friendly access that assure secure entry, minimize high frequency touchpoints and reduce the spread of germs. dormakaba’s Mobile Access Solutions are touchless, secure, end-to-end mobile credential applications utilizing Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), the preferred communicat


Keeping an Eye on Health

Keeping employees comfortable and healthy in an office is critical. Employee discomfort, ill health and reduced performance can be linked to a poor-quality office environment. Signify is launching its Philips IoT sensor bundles to collect and deliver data via its Interact Office connected lighting system and environmental monitoring APIs. The sensors enable businesses to monitor office environments and optimize conditions for employee health and wellbeing. Bluetooth enabled, they can provide indoor positioning and navigation capabilities. Bundling and delivering these sensing capabilities into one unit riding on lighting eliminates the need for multiple sensors, and is much more cost effecti


ASID HQ Goes Platinum with Health Focus

ASID’s Platinum designation illustrates the commitment and efforts of ASID and Perkins+Will to include advanced sustainable design practices in the creation of a workspace, says ASID CEO Randy Fiser. “Physical and mental health issues such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes, heart disease and stress, can all be influenced by the choices we make when designing the built environment. ASID is committed to advocate for the integration of health and wellness in all spaces, buildings and communities.” Fiser couldn’t be more pleased with the accomplishment, “We are immensely proud of the efforts of our project team that enabled ASID to achieve LEED Platinum.”Fise


Health + Wellness: Garden of Eden

The newest type of healthcare designation includes in-patient rehabilitation; and renovations and portions of new construction in the long-term care space are now being allocated to this new sub-set of patient designation. Hacienda at the River has embraced this model. It is the vision of award-winning senior-housing developer and operator David Freshwater and David Barnes of Tucson-based Watermark Retirement Communities. After a transformative experience attempting to advocate for a loved one in a conventional healthcare setting, Freshwater envisioned a facility that would treat patients and their families in a holistic manner. “When my mom had back surgery and didn’t respond to pain medici